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de Z.S. Diamanti - Género: English
libro gratis Stone & Sky Preludes Collection


Dive into the magical world of Finlestia in this epic collection of fantasy prelude stories about characters from the Stone & Sky series.

Fall in love with these fantastic characters as you join a huntsman and his falcon in the wild as they become the hunted. Sympathize with an elven knight who serves a gluttonous king. Investigate a series of mysterious disappearances with an orc mage of Calrok. Train with a member of the fabled Griffin Guard as she faces off against the man she loves. Run through Elderwood Forest and learn the key to a bear's heart with an elf mage. Travel the northern road with a joyful halfling who enjoys good company. Go on a mission with a dwarven glendon team to capture a dangerous predator in the mountains of Drelek.

Fly away to the world of Finlestia and discover what adventure awaits you!

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What an amazing fantasy adventure!

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This closely reminded me of the book Lord of the Rings because of the cast of characters and the adventures they go on. This book is told as a classic fantasy which isn't a typical read. (I am not going to lie, I struggled through The Two Towers) But the way that Z.S Diamanti told this story, I couldn't put it down.

This book is told in multiple POV of a vast array of characters. You see one of Orin our main Griffin rider and also an Orc Karnak. Karnak is my favorite in this story.

What is unique in this story is the POV of Karnak who is the Orc. Technically, he is the enemy of the Whitestone Guardians. Even though he was considered the enemy, he was shown to be a person (or Orc). A person who had a family and fought for what he believed in. Such a unique way of getting to know a character.

Love how this story was told and can't wait for the next book in this thrilling this series.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily. 24 s Marcos “MSMDragon”328 11

Stone & Sky by Z.S. Diamanti is a new fantasy series that takes place in the magical world of Finlestia. And it’s definitely a new favorite!

Finlestia has many fantastical creatures and beings. There are griffins, wyverns, orcs, elves, dwarves, mages, and more. Everything an epic fantasy adventure needs.

I thought this book was absolutely incredible. The world building is beautifully crafted and, through his writing, Diamanti has painted a wonderful picture of this world. The characters are all unique and well written. The author has done a great job of making you them all. It’s hard to choose a favorite.

The story itself is well paced and captivating. Diamanti has created a world that is fun and full of adventure, but also full of danger, mystery, and hardship. He has created an entertaining story that I did not want to put down. I’m excited to see where it goes next!

Stone & Sky is definitely a story that you are going to want to have on your shelf!9 s Devin RobertsAuthor 0 books8

Stone and Sky is a debut novel for a pillar of the Booktok community, not only a prolific writer, but also an awesome person.
Pick up this book if love high flying fantasy!8 s John KowalskiAuthor 2 books13

An amazing story

The characters were impressively real. I enjoyed the rotating cast. Even from the beginning those who you thought were the villains were likable. I loved the fact that there were good and bad among all of the nations and that the heroes overcame long running racial animosity to do what was right. Looking forward to Stone & Tide!5 s Joy E. RancatoreAuthor 6 books122

Stone & Sky follows the journeys of several character groups as they set out on various quests. The story spirals inward as each journey leads its adventurers toward an explosive connecting point. Who will survive and who will sacrifice themselves to save the peoples of Tarrine?

Lovers of epic fantasy full of adventure, mystery, intrigue and characters as large as life will fall for Stone & Sky.4 s Andrew MeredithAuthor 16 books131 Read

If you grew up on the old War Craft games (before World of Warcraft) this book is for you. It’s a multi-POV epic from all walks of live and across many cultures, and opens and ends with a bang.
The author has called this a “Clean Fantasy” and I agree. I have no problem secretly placing this book on my kids’ bookshelf, so they can happen upon it and enjoy a fun adventure in a fantasy world.
I’ll be watching Diamanti’s career with great interest.4 s Joshua WalkerAuthor 2 books34

This review was originally posted on SFF Insiders

Stone & Sky may have set the record for the fastest I’ve devoured an epic fantasy novel in a long time. It is day two of reading and loving this story, and yet here I am, writing a review, finished and hungry for more in this world.

Stone & Sky pitches itself very smartly in the epic fantasy genre, but is also smart in many other ways, a testament to the marketing savvy of creator ZS Diamanti (seriously, if you haven’t seen Zac’s Tik-Tok shorts, where have you been?). The thing about Stone & Sky is that it very easily slots into many other places in the proverbial bookstore. At times it borders on the late middle-grade, early YA tone of The Chronicles of Prydain or The Belgariad, or even the darker parts of Wings of Fire. You might be confused as to why these titles come to mind for me, but rest assured, this book is still made of stiffer stuff. During its more mature and complex moments, the world of Finlestia reminded me a lot of Middle-Earth, as well as the Cosmere.

Following the multi-pov plots of Orin, Garron, Merrick, and Karnak the Orc, Stone & Sky does not shy away from its dark moments, or absolute breakneck-speed action scenes. In fact, the violence depicted in the battle scenes stands far above any of the previous titles I mentioned. But on the other hand, this book is exactly what the fantasy genre needs more of, dare I say it: feel-good, noblebright epic fantasy that is still centred around large-scale wars and politicking, but does not at all venture into the simple confines of ‘cosy’.

Stone & Sky was also the book that happened to break my bad luck streak with SFF audiobooks. Call me a sulk, but I’ve tried for many years, to no avail, to listen to SFF books. There have been a few exceptions: Travis Baldree’s narration, and Steven Pacey’s stunning First Law narration. Nowadays, I only listen to lit-fic, rom-coms (don’t judge!) and nonfiction that also acts as research for my own writing. But this book changed that, and the narration by Peter Leppard is incredibly refined and immersive. Not once did I get distracted or sucked back into the real-world while listening, and let me tell you, that’s one great way to pass the time when you’re folding laundry or mowing the lawn.

The story, as I mentioned, is told through several POV’s, each one a distinct and interesting character. My favourite was Merrick the hunter, who undergoes some fantastic challenges and equally rises up to meet them. There is also King Garron, who is suffering from a corruption that is not dissimilar to Taravangian and his ever-changing intellectualism from the Stormlight Archive. Karnak the Orc, (and wyvern-rider) is a deeply interesting character because he represents the enemy, but he is also an honourable and moral family man. It really gets you thinking about the importance of considering perspectives, as we see his and the other characters’ arcs all intertwine and come together in fantastic climactic scenes. The character who suffers the most here is, funnily enough, Orin, the Griffin-rider who is saved by Merrick’s sister Ellaria in the first scene of the book, (which, by the way, is utterly fantastic).

However, over the course of the story, I couldn’t help but feel a little disconnected from Orin, despite being the opposite in the first few chapters. As things progressed, he seemed to lack agency, and was more or less swept up by the plot without much of a say in anything that happened. Instead, the other POV’s became more central characters. Thankfully, the cast of characters around him were brilliant, diverse, and dynamic, from the magical gnome Ezel, to the dwarf Coal, and Ellaria the healer. Then there were the mysterious elves … and let me just say, Zac’s elves are some of the best I’ve read.

Despite this minor frustration I had with the story, the overall package is highly enjoyable and accessible. There is a sprawling world here I can’t wait to explore further. Not once did I feel as though worldbuilding was being thrown at me faster than I could keep track. Amazingly, there was also minimal infodumping, which meant the story was, on the whole, very readable. I highly recommend Stone & Sky to anyone who needs a bit of wholesome, adventure-y fun and positive, emotional redemption arcs. If you need a break from grimdark, or if you’re a first-time fantasy reader, I think Stone & Sky might become a new favourite for you. It definitely has for me.3 s Vickiec192136 7

Everything I wanted and a heck of a lot more! I had so many expectations for this book, and it absolutely obliterated them.
This is the first in an epic fantasy duo, and it is in a league of it's own.
I had read the prelude stories so I was already really invested in some of the main characters. Every time one of them turned up it was bumping into an old friend. The characters are so dynamic and I cared about what happened to all of them.
Stone & sky just does not stop giving, whether it be with the plot, the fantastical creatures (and there are some spectacular additions to the fantasy realm!) and especially within the dialogue.
I'd give this all the stars if I could. Everything about this was perfect for me. I cannot wait for Stone & Tide.addictive beautiful-characters beautiful-world-building ...more3 s Miranda Jo134

What a rush! This is one of the most creative, epic, and heartfelt books I've read in a while. Set in it's own world of Tamaria, all races must battle the forces of evil, pushing aside their own misgivings of each other and past differences. The character building is astounding! You will meet unique individuals from all aspects of life, mythical creatures and encounter magic as you've never seen. If you love epic stories and world building, this is one for you. Imagine if JRR Tolkien played Dungeons and Dragons and that's what I imagine Diamantis brain is , and I love it!3 s Missy18 1 follower

This book was so good! So much adventure and thrills in every chapter. The characters are well developed and it’s such a great fantasy world I could picture in my head while reading. I read the companion prelude book in order with the chapters (even though I was dying to read them before I got the book) and I loved how it introduced the characters! Highly recommend reading them that way, I felt it really added to the book! The only thing I am mad about is that I now have to wait for book two!!! 3 s Dustin2

This book has become an instant favorite of mine! The prelude stories were a great introduction to some of the characters and how they fit into the overall story. I was hooked from the beginning and I didn’t want to put it down. It was so easy to get lost in the story and enjoy the journey they took. I cannot wait for the sequel to come out!3 s Tim FacciolaAuthor 3 books43

Stone and Sky is exactly as advertised—a fun classic adventure fantasy! With a large cast of characters, magical artifacts, and several familiar races (humans, elves, orcs, goblins, dwarves) this hopeful epic fantasy trilogy is perfect for fans of Lord of the Rings. Honestly, if Tolkien could envision how his stories would impact the world, I imagine he would hope the future of fantasy would look a lot Z.S. Diamanti’s writing! This fun adventure feels a Dungeons and Dragons campaign (that everyone shows up for!) in the best of ways.

While the exposition in the beginning can feel cliche, and there are a lot of characters to juggle, the story only builds upon itself, growing tighter and tighter as it goes! The plot lines tend to skew more to the male protagonists than the female, and that might influence some readers’ tastes, but otherwise there are no reasons not to fall in love with this story!

With book 2 out and book 3 on the way, you better believe I’m jumping right into the next! 3 s Stephen Lochner2

As someone who is just getting back into reading, and this being my more or less debut into the world of fantasy, I could not have chosen a better book.
Following multiples POV’s, each chapter felt fresh, and the story was weaving together the lives of these characters to culminate in a satisfying third act.
I didn’t feel any characters were left out in the cold, so to speak, and each one was given the needed background to develop in future books.
A fun ride, and I’m excited to further explore the next book, Stone and Tide!3 s Aaron Wempe85 1 follower

The writing is clunky….almost George Lucas was asked to rewrite Eragon with amnesia, but instead of dragons he chose griffins. Orin is a complex character, but I couldn’t get past the dialogue. Each time I read any of the characters speaking, I inevitably rolled my eyes. I loved the authors cool campaign on TikTok, but I feel this one needs another run through from someone who can write dialogue that feels believable.
Thank you for your service Z.S., it states you served in the military and that is awesome.3 s Adam Antoon11

Best book so far in 2023. (September). Better than anything I read in 2022. Wholesome fantasy, for all ages. 3 s TreeFlower82 8


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