Carnival Nightmare de Winters, Selena

de Winters, Selena - Género: English
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Winters, Selena Year: 2024

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A twisted and Obsessive love story
Cade and Lily are complete opposites when they first discover each other. Cade is obsessed with Lily and knows that he only has a very short time to make her realize they are meant to be. He stalks her as well as breaks into her apartment many times as he works to make her his even though she fights it to the bitter end. The inner growth of Lily, and the calming of the beast in Cade gives the story a good depth of emotions, and twists which are well done, and I appreciate how this story evolved.
"This is my honest review of an advanced reader copy."
Jenni6,238 37

When the carnival comes to town it puts Lily in carni Cade's sights and hes not shy in letting her know exactly what he wants whether shes wants him or not. Cade invades her life as his obssesion and possesiveness only grows deeper. Will Lily give in to his dark cravings or run and let him enjoy the chase? Well written highly steamy, dark themes, CNC, forced, desires, stalking, obsessive, possesive, violence and more!.

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.1 Melissa Houpt176 4

Carnival/ circus is quickly becoming a favorite theme of mine in dark romance. Mix in a little stalker and you’ve got me hooked.
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SHEIN version of Haunting Adeline

SHEIN version of Haunting Adeline. Struggled through and got about half way before I decided to call it quits. No plot
4 s -A9 1 follower

Everything about this book gave me the ick. I wish I could take the wrench he used to deflower the poor little virgin and smack him upside the head with it. 4 s1 comment Alexandraa XX679 540

I want to love this book but sadly I can’t because there are many scenes that is sooo OFF. Way off!
I’m gonna make this a short review as well because how off it is with this book
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