The Shatterplate War: The Splintered Five Saga: A LitRPG Isekai Adventure (Outworlder's Blood Book 4) de WillPowah

de WillPowah - Género: English
libro gratis The Shatterplate War: The Splintered Five Saga: A LitRPG Isekai Adventure (Outworlder's Blood Book 4)


WillPowah Publisher: Shadow Alley Press, Year: 2024

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Decent but tone down the impossibilty eldritch

The book was decent enough. I enjoyed it the others. I did feel there was filler there that's soul purpose was to put off the grand finale. the dungeons. It would be one thing if the battle ended the book. But we got a boatload of wierd that made the dungeon wierdness seem too much and not enough. Too much in addition to the eldritch and not wierd enough to matter.

The eldritch encounter... there were pages, multiple pages of literal nonsense to communicate the impossibity of it all. Setting aside how it ignored almost every insight I know of possible higher dimensions and such a being should be as disoriented as we might be. Paragraph after pargraph and page after page of self contradocting giberish was excessive.

A couple paragraphs here and there. Maybe a page of it for the most intense moment, but then cut it off. At least two entire pages of that was just annoying, though I would agrue more. Don't torture us readers. Get your point accross and move on. His references back to it after the fact reinforced it enough. It almost made me burst when it looked he might describe it more.

Unless me litteraly filling an entire book with random words would help to depict an exostential understanding of an impossible eldritch reality. In which case, how much do you think I could charge?

Beyond that, the fights were cool and his class development was great. Maybe next time we can spend some real time developing his classes more. Lana2,428 50

Lord Kay the outworlder, class line progenitor, leader of the town of Avalon and now a tier five vampire has been telling everyone he is different to the ancient vampyrs who were considered evil and have been hounded by groups such as the shatterplate order who consider these to be their ancient enemies. Of course he is not believed by the vampyr hunters, but his friends and allies know who he really is and what he is, is very powerful. So as the order prepare to hunt him down and call out for their own supporters from outlying towns it seems a war is looming on Kay's horizon. King Glowl of Nelam, a slave owning town run by this tyrant, also join forces with the hunters, but Kay is not without his own allies and forces and they are preparing big time to protect their up and coming developing town, and it's citizens with their lives. Prepare yourselves for yet another massive adventure as Kay and his friends tackle their enemies who are underestimating them big time! Alex160 1 follower

aaaah I want more!

These books are large, yet at the same time they are always over too soon! Kay once again had to fight, but he is no push over any more, and gives as good as he gets. Ray Ritchey891 6


A recap at the beginning would be nice. Once I remembered and got up to speed, the story just flew past at a super fast pace. Mike Goodman1,295 8

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