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de William Norwich - Género: English
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A member of New York City's glitterati careens down memory lane in this debut novel by the gossip columnist and Vogue editor-at-large.

In 1980s New York City, Julian Orr has made himself into the ultimate insider—a journalist at a glossy fashion and gossip magazine and resident expert on contemporary urban living. But now, at the advanced age of thirty-seven, he's about to embark on a totally new venture: learning to drive. His ultimate goal is to drive himself out of the city to visit his parents' graves and the small Connecticut town where he grew up.

But confronting his difficult childhood will be a breeze compared to the trials he faces at the hand of his not-quite-hinged driving instructor. What begins as an innocent act of personal liberation escalates soon escalates into a fiasco of front page proportions in this funny, poignant and personal debut novel.

The e-book edition published in 2019 includes a new preface by the author.

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I found this book, which had been sitting for years on my library shelf, and I'm glad I did. It's both funny and sad, which seems an oxymoron but it's true. It's been around for decades and are easy to find, so I'll just tease you with a couple of sentences of Norwich's simple yet effective language. A metaphor: "Otherwise, and most days, the anthem of loneliness continued, silent and unabated, a favorite family song (p68)." And a simile: "Doors and windows closed. Mirrors were draped in black cloth. The confirmation of my father's death shook the house a bedspread beaten on a clothesline; we all wore black (p87)."

Do not confuse this novel with the film by the same title and whose main character is a middle-aged woman. The main character of the novel is a 36-year-old gay Jewish man, who is, indeed, learning to drive, and those facts are central to the humor and main events of the book. Furthermore, I kept thinking as I was reading that the main character with his snarky comments about the rich and fashionable very much resembled the author himself, a well-known New York columnist and fashion editor. Read and enjoy it.

An unusual novel about a 37 year old New Yorker (i.e., from NYC) who has decided to learn to drive. The story alternates, one chapter present day (novel written in 1996) when Julian Orr is a society writer for fashion magazine and for a newspaper, and the next his childhood in Connecticut. The description of 1950's-early '60's childhood (although the character's was dysfunctional) and the 1990's 'present day' (before newspapers and magazines were pretty much made irrelevant by the internet) was interesting. The climax of the story was a bizarre segment with a driving instructor. 2018 bob-s-books Cathy Corcoran6 3

Loved this!

The driving parts are a bit overdone, but the story of the author’s childhood is moving, sweet, funny, and wonderful. Beautifully written. Elia53

A sweet, sad, tragic, and hopeful story written in careful, rich prose. I really d this story and should probably rate it three stars but am just not quite sure....
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