The Long November de Walt Gragg

de Walt Gragg - Género: English
libro gratis The Long November


In the tradition of Red Storm Rising and Red Metal, an American military force fights a desperate battle against an overwhelming enemy.
What started as a military coup in Pakistan has ignited South Asia and threatens to spread to the world's largest democracy in India. 
American and British allies struggle to rescue Western civilians who have been cut off in Islamabad. What starts as a desperate race turns into a grim siege. 
But the fate of a few innocents pales in comparison to one inescapable fact: Pakistan is a nuclear power and some of those weapons are unaccounted for.

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The details in the The Long November – physical environment, weapons, military tactics, politics and personalities – are frighteningly believable. So much so that I found myself reading straight through to make sure the good guys were okay. The various story lines are tight and well thought out. The novel is organized so that it is easy to track the various factions trying to either rescue or destroy thousands of civilians trapped in what has become a combat zone.
The month-end conclusion works so well that I found myself hoping the author brings some of the main characters into his next book. AMBTX1 review

I was one of the lucky people who had the opportunity to read this book prior to release. It was the first book that I had read from Walt and I will be checking out his others. He is an incredibly graphic author with the ability to describe a scene in such detail that you can really visualize what is happening. Given the world that we currently live in, it is easy and frightening to believe the plot. Jane A7

I changed my hair appointment because I had to finish this book. Read it in two days. Excellent military thriller with wonderful converging story lines. I am not usually a military fan but all of Walt’s books are written so well that I am a big fan. This would make an excellent movie.
Gale Fortner1 review

Walt’s descriptions of military actions blow me away! This book is scary because it rings true with the current world situation. Very good read! Ryan Hillis555 20

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