Who In The Hell Is Rudy Gleasson? de Victoria S. Hardy

de Victoria S. Hardy - Género: English
libro gratis Who In The Hell Is Rudy Gleasson?


The world loves to hate Lindsey Alcott. She's quite rich, and she's a popular social media influencer who is famous for her snarky videos about makeup and fashion. And she's a bitch.
During a photo shoot, someone murdered her photographer and tried to kill her. She survived, but with a few debilitating stab wounds that required extensive surgery and a long recovery ahead of her. To complicate matters, she lost all of her memory in the attack!
Jack Martin is a detective and was handpicked by the commissioner to investigate the murder and the attempted murder. Jack hates rich people, so he is not exactly thrilled about this case. Add in the amnesia, and Jack is downright cranky.
But then a mysterious and gifted person emerges unexpectedly who seems to be able to make the connections that no one else can see...M.F

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