The Dignity of Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy de Valerie Lennox

de Valerie Lennox - Género: English
libro gratis The Dignity of Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy


Valerie Lennox Publisher: Punk Rawk Books, Year: 2024

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4.5* rounded up to 5. I enjoyed this book, although it isn't perfect. In spite of his anxiety and uncertainty, especially in the early parts of the book, I d this Darcy a lot. Perhaps the book should have been named The Anxiety of Fitzwilliam Darcy. Poor man, trying to do the right thing, against advice from his family. They had made all kinds of wrong assumptions about Elizabeth and what had happened in the early parts; they had decided she was a fortune-hunter and set up the whole carriage accident/bandit escapade to trap him, then sent her home with messages that ruined her and her family. But Darcy, once he is finally healed from a gunshot wound, steps up and marries her, and takes her to Pemberley.

I love how this author gets into people's heads and how they all are misunderstanding what others mean by their behavior. It is alternately sad, ironic, aggravating, and hilarious in places. The consummation of Darcy and Elizabeth's marriage was touching but also rather funny. In the middle of everything, Darcy is wondering about the etymology of a certain lady part, and I was cracking up. They both are worried about things they should not be worried about at all and it adds much humor as the story continues.

Georgiana was very clever and I loved how they all sneakily managed to use psychology (I know they didn't call it that then) to convince Wickham to marry Lydia by having him "save" her from being forced to marry someone who would be even worse than Wickham.

I do recommend the book. My only complaint would be that I wish that there had been an epilogue to see what went on with them and some of the other characters after a few years. It's not a big deal; I mainly just didn't want the book to end yet because I enjoyed it so much. I received a free copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.Show full review Katja2,617 37

This is a forced marriage of sorts.
Darcy accompanies Sir William, Maria and Elizabeth to Hunsford. There is a carriage accident, Elizabeth and Darcy wander into a murder scene afterwards, and end up compromised in a cabin scenario. Elizabeth gets blamed for the accident rather irrationally but Darcy is not entirely unwilling to marry her to save her reputation. However, he is a smart guy and has figured out by now that Elizabeth didn't him. So this makes the early months of the marriage somewhat awkward. By the time Wickham crops up again, Elizabeth has wised up about him.

I finished this in an afternoon so it was a quick and engaging story and there is something about the author's writing style that always entertains me. But if you are a reader who wants all your plot threads neatly knotted up you may end up wishing for a sequel because the story leaves things hanging. Darcy's relatives were quite vile to Elizabeth while he was unconscious and this was just let go with no follow-up or resolution. And if there was an investigation about the murders we hear nothing about it. Darcy was in a bad way for a while but Elizabeth could have given a description of the criminals. If anyone asked her. Back then they had fewer opportunities to investigate crimes and it was probably realistic that some criminals would be free to roam another day but I think if there were multiple corpses somebody ought to have at least made a nominal effort.

I received an ARC and this is a voluntary review.
Steam level: Delayed consummation. She d it and wonders if there's something wrong with her.arcs-from-the-author jaff1 Patty1,856 11

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