Snatched Up By A Prison Bae For The Summer (A Snatched Up Summer Book 8) de Teshera

de Teshera - Género: English
libro gratis Snatched Up By A Prison Bae For The Summer (A Snatched Up Summer Book 8)


Teshera Publisher: S.Yvonne Presents, Year: 2023

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Prison Bae

An unexpected storyline and characters.
When two lost souls come together born out of tragedy. So many twists, with secrets being held. Figured it out at about 58% in, but editing was an Achilles heal. Mental health issues are real and so much tragedy could have avoided. Best storyline in this series. Give it a read, despite the editing, readers are used to by now for most of the genre. 1 Ebony Pollard98 2

Interesting start

This is one I had to push through but I made it. I was wondering how it was all going to come together. I just knew Mrs. Stringfellow was going to end up being who she was. 1 JazzReads 418 18

Listen I enjoyed reading this book. The crazy turns in the book. I love it so much. 1 Angela Taylor918 2

Nice very nice

This standalone is lit. I would love to get an update on my new babies. Grim went through so much, and for an older woman who became his baby mother. Tara was strange to read about, and I felt for them babies she had. They needed to charge her mom with the same charges cause she could have stopped it. Then it made me think did her mom work at the same hospital as the one that did the baby autopsy. Grim and my girl is gonna boom up in their world. U did good on this book and I'm looking forward to reading more of them. Sitting here patting my feet while sipping on Pepsi and while eating popcorn while waiting on the next book to read. T K Vaugh701 4

Talking about a Rollercoaster

Grim and grey definitely brought that light and life to each other after all the darkness!!!...Bizzee was definitely handed the same cup of tea she was trying to serve except Grey served here a tad bit hotter!!!...This was definitely a roller coaster of emotions band covered a lot of issues many of us are dealing with, have dealt with or know someone!!!... erica johnson116


Grey was definitely snatched up by her prison bae I’m so happy them and grim finally told grey his stores and how Gia died it is a shame how she died she did not deserve the way she died… grey sister I’m so happy for her a baby and engaged.. Tara deserves jail time to kill her own child I hope grim are the police catch with her and her mom for hiding secrets killed all her kids and her mother helped cover it up dang I wish there was a part 2 I really enjoyed this book LITeraryQueenNika550 9


This book was something else. I say the tend to bring ppl into ya life for a reason and these two was very blessed and needed to be in one anothers life. It's sad what happened to his daughter though no child should ever be abused to the point their lives are lost. Tara deserves everything that will come to her. Renee958 2

Ain't nothing a prison bae

Just when you think you are down and out GOD steps in . Who would've thought that you would meet the INE to show you now to be loved. To show yoh what yoh are worth and that yoh wasn't made to settle. Mattie754

Prison Bae got her.

Tara was sick most definitely. Poor thing was how she hurt those babies. I can’t even imagine. Mental disorder is real. If there is any one you know needs so help, please help. dominique weaver38

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