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de Sherryl Jordan - Género: English
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Rafferty is an orphan, raised by monks. Misfortune strikes and he is outcast, and must fend for himself. He uses his cunning and charm to develop a trade for himself as the town's ratcatcher... and rat liberator.

Sherryl Jordan is a New Zealand writer of junior and young adult fiction. Her books are published widely overseas and have either won or been shortlisted for numerous awards in NZ, Belgium and Germany. She is the recipient of the Gaelyn Gordon Award and in 2001 she was awarded the Margaret Mahy medal for her contribution to children's literature, publishing and literacy.

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Found abandoned in the snow at a monastery as a baby, Rafferty was raised by monks until a new abbot took over. An accident with an illuminated manuscript saw him whipped and thrown out of the only home he has ever known. Homeless and penniless, he is looking for a way to make a living before he starves to death. When he is caught in a Leper Hole, Rafferty hits upon his future career as a rat catcher. Soon he becomes famous throughout the medieval village for his abilities, but what to do with the rats once they have been captured? A catch and release programme will keep him in business! He soon partners with a boy called Wyll who has a terrible cough. Rafferty has a lovely nature, but is suffering from guilt over some of the tricky things he has to do in order for Wyll and himself to survive. When Wyll is in dire straits with a fever and coughing up blood, Rafferty knows he must take him to a place where he can get help and risk another whipping. Another wonderful historical children’s fiction title from our very talented and much loved Tauranga author Sherryl Jordan.

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