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Gutsy new PI Lou Alcott takes charge in this brilliantly crafted thriller. Twisty, gritty and unputdownable, in this story the underdog is fighting back. Perfect for readers of Sarah Bailey and Jane Caro's The Mother.
She's the one to turn to when you need saving. But first she has to save herself...
Lou Alcott is turning over a new leaf as a private investigator. Formerly police, she was forced to resign when she attacked a domestic violence perpetrator. She's always vowed to be nothing like her grandfather Hamish, Melbourne's biggest crime boss, delivering an eye for an eye, but this guy had it coming.
On her first day she draws two cases helping at-risk women. First there's Diane Paterson, who has apparently left her husband without a word. Who should Lou believe? The charmingly distraught husband, Diane's suspicious parents, or the freezer full of lovingly prepared food left behind?
Then a house security check for an isolated...M.F

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The introduction of a tough and determined private investigator is always welcome in my book and when they come with the complicated background that Lou Alcott has it’s even more intriguing. Sherryl Clark has not only produced an interesting main character but also has her running a couple of highly topical investigations.

Lou Alcott is a Melbourne-based private investigator who has just taken up her new role with PMI. She previously worked as a police officer but became disillusioned with the job. She also has an interesting family situation, one that could either be very useful or extremely dangerous in her job.

Her grandfather is one of Melbourne’s most notorious figures in organised crime while her father, whom she despises, is a high-ranking cop. Definitely not your run of the mill family unit.

She’s assigned a case where a young woman has disappeared. The husband tells her his wife, Diane, left without a word. Diane’s parents aren’t convinced and have hired the company to look for her, for her to be brought back to the family home.

The second case also revolves around an at-risk woman. In this case, Melinda has requested a security check on her home. She has recently moved to Melbourne from Sydney, fleeing an abusive relationship. She wants to ensure the security measures she’s installed in the home are enough to keep her safe should her ex-husband track her down.

Lou meets with Melinda one time to conduct the check and organises a second meeting as a follow-up but when it comes time to meet Melinda has disappeared.

Her investigation takes her into the murky world of the online dating scene. With the help of the company’s tech expert who has a little experience with the various sites, she sets about tracking down where Melinda might have gone and who she might have met.

Just to give her life a little more edge, Lou’s grandfather’s criminal past is starting to catch up with him. Someone’s trying to kill him and, by association, Lou’s life is in danger too. Just getting out and doing her job means taking her life into her hands which kinda ramps the tension up a tad.

This is a story that is extremely relevant to the mood in Australia today, particularly in the fight against violence on women by men. Lou Alcott’s character personifies the frustration with the police and the laws that hamper meaningful change. She’s a strong and capable character, prepared to put her body on the line if the situation calls for it.

The story moves along at a solid pace and the investigative work is solid and believable. The crimes discussed, domestic violence along with the use (and misuse) of online dating sites, will speak to many people in today’s society who have been touched by these issues. They’re handled with appropriate consideration to the victims while also pointing out the difficulties in policing them.

Woman, Missing is a terrific introduction to a new Australian private investigator with significant points of difference that sets it apart from anything that’s come before. Lou Alcott (plus family) is definitely a protagonist worth following and I’m looking forward to meeting her again in further cases.

My thanks to Harlequin Australia HQ and NetGalley for providing me with a digital ARC that has allowed me to read, enjoy and review this book.
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Thankyou HQ for a copy to review.

I read the story of Lou a former cop turned PI who is the granddaughter of a crime boss.

I found the story to take awhile to get into the plot, overlapping two different cases together, it was fast and easy read, once the action started and it got into the plot and the missing women, (as the title states) I found it to be more enjoyable and flew through the second half the book.

It took me about 6.5hrs to get through this book!

I would rate it 4 ⭐️ I would recommend this to other crime buffs. 5 s Savannah43 2

Lou Alcott left the police force under less than desirable circumstances. As the granddaughter of an infamous crime lord that was probably for the best.
She’s signed on as a P.I. and is prepared to sit behind a desk and comb through background checks and bank statements for white collar companies, however her first day on the job, a timid woman who escaped a domestic violence relationship requests a female to do a security check on her residence. The next day, she is missing.
Can Lou uncover the trail to find her in time or is her first case on the job doomed to fail?
Oh, and someone’s trying to kill her… all in a days work right?

First of all, thank you to netgalley and the publishers for allowing me to access this early.
I LOVED this book. This is an amazing work full of feminine rage that encompasses the themes that women experience every day. It feels incredibly on point for Australia even today.

There is a lot of information and plot lines that are running simultaneously throughout the work however it doesn’t feel convoluted.

The representation of women is phenomenal. It values all personality types and strengths. It doesn’t judge or shame the victims. It is written from a place of understanding that adds depth to the characters.

The attention to detail is next level, I love trying to guess who done to and I was pleasantly surprised with the twist at the end of this.

I highly recommend this to lovers of crime fiction, lovers of Australian dramas and all women everywhere. 2 s Bec Condran67 6

This was such an interesting read and had me hooked.

Being set in Australia it’s following the FMC Lou who is an ex cop gone PI. Lou is set on 2 cases trying to find missing woman can she find them alive?

While investigation the cases something also happens to Lou.

While this was a slower pace book it was enough to keep me hooked. The twists at the end had me speeding through not wanting to put the book down. 1 Melissa213 1 follower

A non stop, page turner. The whole story was full of suspense and was a Very quick read.
Some sections I would have loved more details, but also love it how it was.1 Julie Garner689 29

What a great introduction to a new female PI and how super relevant is it to the discussion about domestic violence that we see raging throughout the country right now.
Set in and around Melbourne, Lou Alcott starts her first day as a PI and gets stuck right in. Her instincts about situations prove invaluable to her clients and the police. Murder, broken bodies, gang wars and bombs under beds are just some of the situations she finds herself facing.
Lou is a woman on a mission and she will follow every breadcrumb, no matter what danger comes her way. She is a tough, no nonsense woman who has been through a lot and who absolutely adores her grandfather, even if he skirts the wrong side of the law.arc australian crime-thriller1 Em Keilar58 4

Based in Melbourne the story centres around Lou Alcott who, after being forced to leave the police force, is starting her first day as a private investigator. Her first two cases are to help at-risk women and Lou jumps at the chance to help these women.

The first is Diane Paterson who appears to have left her husband and children without a word, but not before leaving them with a fridge full of home cooked meals. Her husband is distraught and her parents are suspicious. Knowing what’s occurred is hard for Lou and the team to unravel.

The second is Melinda who has relocated from Sydney to escape an abusive ex who has been stalking her. Lou undertakes a security check of her home, but at their next arranged catch up she has vanished and left her personal belongings behind. Lou reports her missing to the police but is worried action won’t come quick enough given there are no signs of a struggle.

It’s worth noting this not a fast paced book to start with, but the overlapping cases being investigated, paired with Lou having quite the hectic personal life, keeps the storyline interesting and engaging. The last third of the book though…strap yourself in because it had me on the edge of my seat and I couldn’t put it down. It was brilliant!!

The main theme of this book focuses on violence against women. This is a very on point topic in Australia today and I felt the different types of women and their personalities represented were handled respectfully and from a place of deep understanding. It was really well done.

I also really hope we see Lou again. She is a strong and unconventional FMC who was able and relatable with how frustrated she was feeling. She also doesn’t apologise for trusting her instincts which I loved.

Thank you HarperCollins and HQ for a gifted copy in exchange for an honest review.arcs Jennifer (JC-S)3,187 248

‘I was alone, just the way I d it.’

Lou Alcott has left the police force, forced to resign after attacking a domestic violence perpetrator. She’s now working for Paul Marshall Investigations (PMI) as a private investigator. Probably a good move given that her grandfather is a well-known Melbourne crime boss.

‘The whole three years I’d been in the police force, I was nervous that someone I worked with would find out I was related to Hamish Campbell.’

On Lou’s first day with PMI, she is given two cases involving women at risk. The first case is Diane Paterson. According to her husband, she left without a word. Diane’s parents don’t believe this and have engaged PMI to investigate. Lou finds Diane’s husband upset, and he shows here a refrigerator full of food that Diane prepared before she left. The other case involves a security check for Melinda, a young woman who believes that her abusive ex is stalking her. Lou meets with Melinda. The next day, another meeting is arranged but Melinda does not turn up.

And, in the meantime, Lou’s grandfather encounters his own spot of bother which Lou is dragged into. How will Lou juggle all of those issues?

What a terrific novel! Lou is a driven, able character and the cases she is involved in have their own twists (and dangers). Lou’s grandfather may be a crime boss, but he’s quite an endearing character. There’s plenty of action but not at the cost of a coherent story.

Highly recommended. Please, Ms Clark, I want more!

Note: My thanks to NetGalley and Harlequin Australia HQ for providing me with a free electronic copy of this book for review purposes.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith

net-galley review-books4 s Nadine39 5

Woman Missing
Sherryl Clark

‘The burning question: Was Diane alive and hiding, or was she dead?’

This was a quick page turner and I adored how truly Aussie the vernacular was. In true Australian fashion it was also a story of the underdog fighting back. This was a great read; a fast paced and action packed thriller to kick start my July reading.

“You want me to tell him what we’re up to?” I could see that going down a lump of coal at a Greens rally.

Lou Alcott is gutsy and a super recogniser. She’s formerly Police but now a Private Investigator and wants nothing to do with her grandfather Hamish’s business dealings, being he’s Melbourne’s biggest crime boss who believes in old school retaliation, an eye for a eye.

On Lou’s first day she draws two cases helping at risk women. Firstly Diane Peterson who’s apparently left her husband without a word. And also a house security check for Melinda, an isolated young woman who is convinced her abusive ex is stalking her again. Things turn more worrisome when she fails to show for their meeting.

Lou digs into solving these cases and gets caught herself in a cat and mouse game where this case, her first, could also be her last.

‘This time it was all me. It was my fault. I’d walked right into it. And there was no way out.’

Woman Missing, is out today! Huge thank you to @harlequinaus @harpercollinsaustralia and @sherrylwriter.

“But to be honest, in my experience, a man who’s convinced that his girlfriend or wife belongs to him, and he can do whatever he s to keep her in line… the only thing that stops them is jail.”
1 Kasia Rybka39 3

"Woman, Missing" by Sherryl Clark is an absolute must-read! This gripping novel introduces us to Lou Alcott, an ex-cop turned private investigator who’s as tough as they come but deeply human at heart.

From the moment you dive into this book, you're hooked. Lou's first day on the job lands her in the middle of two intense cases. First, there's Diane Paterson, who vanishes without a trace, leaving her husband and family in turmoil. Then, Lou is called to check on a young woman being stalked by an ex, only for this woman to disappear as well. Talk about a nail-biter!

What makes this book stand out is Lou Alcott herself. She's a badass with a heart, navigating her new role while dealing with her own past traumas. Her journey is one of strength, resilience, and determination. You can't help but root for her as she digs deeper into the mysteries, uncovering shocking secrets that put her in serious danger.

Sherryl Clark's writing is sharp and engaging. The plot twists are perfectly timed, keeping you guessing until the very end. And the setting? The vivid descriptions of Melbourne’s gritty underbelly add an extra layer of tension and authenticity to the story.

If you're into crime fiction with strong female leads, "Woman, Missing" is definitely for you. It's a thrilling ride from start to finish, with just the right mix of suspense, action, and emotional depth. Trust me, you won't be able to put it down!

Grab your copy now and join Lou Alcott on her heart-pounding first case—you won't regret it! Caitslibraryy15 1 follower

If I didn’t have to go to work I would’ve finished this in one setting! Once you pick this one up you won’t want to put it down, it’s an aussie thriller with so much suspense, and unexpected twists and turns that’ll draw you in and will leave you needing to find out what happens!

I d the writing style and found it to be quite creative and enjoyed the premise and how there was two cases that our main character Lou was dealing with. There was a perfect amount of backstory of the characters and they are written so throughly you feel you know them. The pace of the book was good and the way it all came together at the end was perfect.

The characters are loveable especially Grandad, Emmanuel, Paul, and Gang! Main character Lou was a bit naive and makes some silly decisions but it all added to the plot and suspense in the story.

I loved everything about this book and will be recommending it to all the thriller lovers out there!

thankyou to HQ Aus for my copy
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