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Sherry Sinclair Series: For the Love of Austen 02 Publisher: Ever After Ink, Year: 2024

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This one was adorable, and the cover is just as cute!

Paris is me, she only reads romance…Until Dax comes along. And he convinces her to try reading some horror stories. I won’t be following in her footsteps. But I did enjoy this story! Paris runs a bookstore in a small town, where both she and her bookstore are unique.

I love the little dates that they had at the end of each book, to help them experience the book! What a genius idea.

I loved watching Dax pull Paris out of her shell, and help her learn to love and trust again! I did feel the ending moved really fast, but I’m so glad that Paris finally gave Dax a chance!

For those that prefer no language, this one for does contain multiple uses of d**n.

Thank you for the early copy, Sherry! I really enjoyed it.

1 Daniella Ivette41 1 follower

Great book for Jane Austen's fans!

After finishing The Sweetest Ingredient, which was Ms. Sinclair's modern take on Pride and Prejudice , I could hardly wait to read the sequel - so when an ARC copy came my way (courtesy of Ms. Sinclair), I happily took up on that offer. I'll try not to spoil too much.

First off, the setting. The quaint town of Bluebell Bend is a great environment for the stories that will unfold for our FMC and her friends, and her library (whose name is a lovely homage to Austen!) is a place I, as a booklover, would love to live in - a bookstore where the owner matches you with your ideal books, what's not to ?

Secondly, the FMC. Paris Novak, with her purple hair, quirkyness, fondness for cats (and cat hair in her clothing) is an endearing character. Me having fond memories of my librarians/bookstore clerks, I adored her eagerness to help her customers find the right book. Also her love for romance novels, especially Emma (which is referenced plenty of times in this book!). She's a relatable heroine, not too perfect, she has had bad luck with guys and is afraid of loving again. Also, the cat (I'm a cat lover).

Thirdly, MMC. Dax got on my nerves at first (well, he was supposed to, I was with Paris on that one!) - rude, entitled, prejudiced with romance (him being a gym-rat and self professed horror junkie) but I did warm up to him as the story progressed.

The book challenge was a welcome addition to the plot, as we get to see how they warm up to one another, and discover each other's point of view from their literary tastes. And dare I quote a phrase I adored here, "romance and horror aren't so different (...) they can evoke strong emotions and keep you turning the pages". Also, the banter between them as they got to know each other was lovely (and the movie-related outings which are an awesome idea for dates-non-dates to drive the story along)

They do find their HEA somehow (won't spoil how), but the road there is okay and understandable, especially Paris's fears. I also loved the fake movie titles, and it was fun to get the references to the real ones.

There's another book from Ms. Sinclair "For the Love of Austen" series. Can't wait. And honestly, with the right screenwriter, I can see them as a trilogy of TV movies in Lifetime or similar ( they did with Nora Roberts plenty of times)

If you your Austen books, sweet clean romances, quirky yet easy to root for heroines, and slow-burn loves - you might enjoy this book.

P.S: As mentioned, I did receive an ARC via Bookfunnel in exchange for an honest review. Denice392 3

Smitten in the Stacks is such a fun, sweet story. Paris is a bookstore owner who loves romance. Dax is a gym owner and s to read but the opposite, he s horror. Paris holds a book club and when Dax goes, the banter begins with their different opinions. I loved the banter between Dax and Paris, the challenge they gave each other was fun and the dates that Dax prepared after reading the books were so creative. I loved the chemistry and laughter that they had. This is a unique story line that I really enjoyed, a great book! LaRae151 1 follower

This was one of my favorite sweet, funny romances ever! The banter and sweet chemistry were just awesome! Even just the idea of the story to swap genres was great and Dax suggesting the activities to make the stories come alive was fantastic! Loved this book! Krista C28 1 follower

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