Carnival Monster: A Dark Serial Killer Romance de Selena Winters

de Selena Winters - Género: English
libro gratis Carnival Monster: A Dark Serial Killer Romance


Selena Winters Year: 2024

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I wanted to love this - the premise is so cool! A masked carnival worker with dark side and a troubled female lead? What's not to love?

A lot apparently.

Aurora is supposedly some wild child who's "all f'd up" and been through a lot, but I don't see that at all. She comes across as a little insecure, TSTL and basic ( ok she's got dark fantasies about the guy stalking her but that's it) and Gage... Oh boy.


He's if you asked a teenager to write fanfiction of an edgy "bad boy" murderer lead. He's sadistic, kills without remorse, cares for no one and is totally obsessed with and is stalking Aurora after running into her one time. He talks in the worst cringe-inducing way, often referencing the "voices" or "the darkness within him" and "the monster within" for why he does what he does. There's a lot of "howling darkness", growling, "dark sides" and inner monologues and course he's stunningly handsome, tall and has blue eyes. *Of course*.

The only reason I'm not giving this one star is that some of the spicy bits are ok but that's all I can say.


- Dan and Charlotte are basically stereotype cardboard cutouts of friends with no personality

- Gage being misogynistic is low key gross

- Why is everyone scared of Gage, bro just wears a mask and has intense blue eyes. My guy, stop telling me how scared ppl are of you, I get it

- Aurora is supposed to be some super messed up troubled girl but so far she's worn ripped jeans one time bc Charlotte told her so and she's a virgin? How exactly is she a wild child? She self harmed a few times? That's it?

- Aurora creeping on a guy she just met who copped a feel because ~he's hot~ is *sigh* basic? IDK

- Gauge killing a homeless person because he's"so bad and tortured and the voices told him too" is soooo standard "dark romance" cringe

- Gage stalking her and doing his annoying monologue thing constantly gets old SO FAST.

- I GET IT. You have an inner monster, you're so messed up, you hear voices!? How many times am I going to hear about it? 5 times a chapter?!

- Aurora is TSTL. Girlie! This man wired cameras all over your apartment, stalked you and beat your friend almost to death and you come right home and give him a show / get yourself off while he watches? Wtf? Friend of the year over here.

- Aurora goes to the carnival after all that? And dresses up to proposition him? Does she have NO self preservation?

- “You’re telling the truth,” I murmur, my voice rough. “A virgin, untouched by any man.” - barf!

- Aurora begging him to fuck her in the dirt for her first time? Girl are u ok?

- Gage calling her "little one" constantly gives me the ick

- gun sex.... Ok? We've seen this before in the genre but it's so eh? Who is that for?

- Why is this SO boring? Aurora has zero personality. I get it, you want to be roughed up in a shed by a murderer, but can I get a crumb of character development? Some sense of connection? aside from the fact she's not afraid of him and s what he does it's not much of a romance, definitely some lust but other than that they barely know each other.

FINAL VERDICT: DNF @ 90% This is not my thing and I got tired of cringing and rolling my eyes.This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.Show full review "They Did What?"66

Gage and Aurora have both been broken as children. Gage has allowed this to control his life as a monster in the darkness without a moral compass. Aurora is more able to hide the darkness within, but it is still a deep dark part of her. An encounter at the carnival has put them both on each other’s radar. The raw emotions, obsession, and fear will take a hold of you and keep you turning page after page. Then the lust, acceptance, gratification, and love will take you to the end as the two discover that the other is the missing piece that makes them whole. This story holds nothing back, it shows you there are monsters in the dark. Glenna Doss-Etzwiler28

I would give this a 4.5 star rating. I definitely enjoyed it, even more so than Carnival Nightmare. I felt there was more of a plot to this book and more depth to the characters. There was definitely more of a connection between the main characters as well. Me liking It could also have something to do with the fact that I have a thing for serial killers. I don’t know.
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