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libro gratis Dellia (The Ever-Branching Tree Book 1)


Scidmore, David Publisher: Meerdon Publishing, Year: 2019 ISBN: 9781645710028,9781645710004,9781645710011,9781645710059

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Jon is a physicist trying to create a black hole in a lab, Megan is a coworker who Jon has the hots for. While working on his experiment Magan walks in and a vortex of some kind opens up and sucks them into another realm. A world called Meerdom.

Immediately Megan is taken by some men, and Jon left alone, without food or supplies in woods, he has no idea where he is, but Megan has been accosted and he must find her, but how? He is found by Dellia ( Dellyah ) the protector of the land.

There is a prophecy that an outworlder will come and destroy mankind , the ruling council thinks it's Jon, so Dellia has been ordered to bring him in. Along the way they meet Garris who is banished from the kingdom, a wanted fugitive, but because he has helped them, Dellia doesn't arrest him. Which is her duty.

Kayleen is head of council and Dellia's orders come directly from Kayleen. The council is this worlds ruling class, they make all the decisions for 3 kingdoms, and they lie to everyone to suit their own needs.

Isla is a Dragon, she gives Jon a charm necklace, that has 3 missing stones. She tells Jon where these stones are and all he has to do to get home is retrieve the pieces and bring them to her. This is the beginning of Jon's quest, he is accompanied along the way by Garris, sort of an outlaw but a good guy, and Dellia, Jon, and Garris see through the corruption of the council. There are soldiers and assassins sent to stop Jon but he proves to be more evasive and cunning then they imagines.

I thought this story was very imaginative, the magic was unique , my favorite character was not however Dellia, but Jon followed by Garris. Pretty much a non stop action adventure.

I received this book for a fair honest review, all opinions are solely my own and no ill intent are meant towards the author or publisher.best-of-20194 s Larissa484 12

I have to start my review by saying that I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway (my first win ever so that was super exciting!) but I'm going to give an honest review because I'm bad at lying about my opinions on things. It was a lot more high fantasy than I had an originally anticipated, which doesn't make it bad, it just made it a lot harder for me to get though - also why it took me four months to get my review up which I'm very sorry about but I wanted to do it right. Jon is a physicist who accidentally gets transported to Dellia's realm, one with magic and dragons and things that Jon is truly unable to comprehend.The stream of events was what really got me in this book. I know that this is a debut so I think that it was a great start, but I think that it had a weird flow to it. That's mostly why I couldn't get into the romance or the magic as much, it all felt weirdly convenient and not as deep as it was supposed to be. An otherworlder? Good thing we have a prophecy against one of them, but good thing Dellia has the morals for it, and good thing they're falling in love with each other and that they never get injured during such major fight scenes. It was just not complex enough for that sequence of events.Overall though, I d it, I think that the rest of the series has potential and I'll definitely be on the lookout for it. Thank you for the opportunity to read and for sharing your characters and their journeys.
This review and all my others can be found at: https://aworldshapedbybooks.blogspot....fantasy fantasy-romance2 s Sara19 2

Starts slow, ends fast

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from Goodreads giveaways.

The first chapter is incredibly slow, but it picks up when the main character is transported to another world. The side characters are almost more interesting than the main character. Then the final battle scene, what's supposed to be the most dangerous challenge yet, lasts about two paragraphs wherein our heroes suffer no injuries except getting tired afterward, but not so tired they can't travel back across the realm and wrap up some political bureaucracy first.
Honestly, the middle was very good, though, and I enjoyed the characters Dellia and Garris.2 s Nancy BradyAuthor 6 books42

Full disclosure: I received this novel through a First Reads Goodreads giveaway, but that in no way affects this review.

To begin, thanks to David Scidmore for the personalized, signed copy of the book. Added to that, this book was packaged well and beautifully with a tissue paper covering with a special seal (that replicated the book jacket). Then the cover itself was well done with fantastic artwork. I admit it; I was impressed.

Now, about the book itself: it is a fantasy that combines our world (briefly) with a fully developed fantasy world called Meerdon divided into three different realms (Talus, Elore, and Erden) within the confines of Meerdon. In fact, there is a well-drawn map prior to the story itself (a frontispiece??)

This fantasy novel has a little bit of everything that fantasy readers love: dragons, wolves, magic (that is, specialized gifts), prophecy, and different factions of people. There is betrayal, love, and redemption.

The main protagonists, Dellia (pronounced Dell-yuh) and Jon, a physicist, meet when a horrible accident in his lab causes a ripping of our world into theirs. He and Megan, a woman he is interested in, are pulled into the world of Meerdon, one in which it is a more primitive time when horses were transportation. Thus, the adventure begins.

While Megan is mainly off-screen for most of the story, she is not the focus of this tale. The focus lies with two characters: Dellia, a warrior/protector working for the ruling Council, and Jon, the Otherworlder, as he is referred to throughout the novel. She is there to find out if Jon is the one about whom the prophecy speaks, and if so, will she need to stop him?

This story is an epic, both for the story itself as well as the length. It is a mighty tome, and while it is complete as is, there are some unanswered questions the reader will have in the end, all leading to another story as it indicates that this is episode one of The Ever-Branching Tree.

Still, there is so much to this fantasy world that this readers suspects the author could have several other of story lines forthcoming.

Rather than spoil other readers' enjoyment, this reader will only comment that the character list is long, and they come and go throughout the book. Although this reader didn't make a list of the characters, it would be a good idea to keep them identified. Because of the protracted way it was read, sometimes this reader's focus was lost and had to go leafing back (it is an ever-branching tree) to figure out who is who and how they connect to the story.

Overall, it was a bit lengthy, but otherwise, this was definitely an adventure with some moments of
humor, lightness, magic, and angst.

first-read goodreads-giveaway1 Erica818 32

Dnf 50% through the book. I won this kindle version in a giveaway so set off to read it right away for an honest review. Dellia and Jon's relationship didn't seem real to me there was just no chemistry. I just felt he was strange and new and so was she if any other person would have met them first the outcome would be the same. They rarely talked which I d and found interesting but without any glances, touches, or even talking all of the sudden they have feelings for each other. I couldn't make myself believe it. Garris was by far my favorite character very smug and a know-it-all. I felt Garris had more chemistry with Jon and Dellia than they did together. Also the plot gave me too little crumbs to work with. I found myself not caring if Jon got home or not. I couldn't connect with the characters or their story I just didn't care. I trudged on long enough to find out about the proficiency. It was easy to read and flowed very well but couldn't get my heart into it.giveaway-prize-books1 Amy Swift6

This is a very large book it’s almost the size of a house brick so due to limited time it did take me a while to read but I loved it so well worth the time. It was written in an easy read format no silly lingo to contend with, it started off in the present and jumped to a different reality/timeline which gave it that immediate edge! The book throughout kept me wondering as it gave you possible answers to what had happened but never confirmed anything either until nearer the end. I would class it as a love story with a twist, it does follow two people, one from through the portal and one from the fantasy works, and looks at how their relationship develops but it’s not overpowering luvey dovey! If your looking for an easy read but that will take time definitely read this one!! 1 Samantha Maria63

I loved this! an Epic fantasy adventure / romance with plenty of twists to keep you guessing, and although written recently in 2019 (it starts out in present time in our world), this reads more a classic Fantasy instead, which I thought was so refreshing! no F-bombs or OTT hot scenes to fill out the pages instead of plot, this was all good writing, excellent world building, interesting characters, action, adventure, mystery, humor - a bit of everything without anything unnecessary to the story, it's really well balanced. John and Megan are work colleagues and friends who get transported to a different world by accident when he opens a portal in his lab. Having just been turned down by Megan, and then meeting Dellia early on, I was thinking/dreading that this was going to be centered on one of my least favourite tropes, a love triangle involving Jon and these two ladies, so I was again pleasantly surprised at how the story played out - but I'm not going to tell any spoilers!!. Jon and Dellia are the main characters, with Garris, Kayleen, Sirra and others having important roles from near the beginning, and there are plenty of other characters (all of them interesting) that you get to meet as the story goes on. Megan, who initially arrives in the new world with Jon is the focus of book 2 although of course she is in this book as well. It might be a big book for the first in a series at over 600 pages but I was enjoying the story so much that to me it didn't feel long at all. The ending was everything I wanted it to be and more too. I think David did an amazing job with this book, and for it to be his debut book makes it even more impressive in my opinion. I just wish I'd found it sooner and I'm really looking forward to the second book - can't wait to see what happens next! bring it on!!! Joy51 3

Excellent Adventure

This was a great adventure story from beginning to end and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to see what the author does with another book. Jason Mark51

If you love Piers Anthony you'll probably enjoy this book. I really *want* to this book, but I'm struggling with how cartoonish everyone is. Every character is also so catty with each other that it's hard to think kindly of anyone. Couldn't make it through. Csimplot Simplot2,662 91

Excellent book!!! Lewis Szymanski352 30

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