The Minotaur's Valentine: A Monstrous Love Story (Pine Ridge Universe) de S.C. Principale

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libro gratis The Minotaur's Valentine: A Monstrous Love Story (Pine Ridge Universe)


Milo has finally met the girl of his dreams. She's funny, into 80's metal, loves animals, and wants to be a vet.

And that might come in handy since he's half-bull—a minotaur, to be exact.


But Libby is 100% human and not even aware of the monsters and magic that exist in her new town of Pine Ridge, New York. Everyone tells Milo to be patient and stay in the shadows. Libby's smart and she'll eventually figure out that something's different about this innocent-looking suburb…


Libby Ingersol loves Pine Ridge, but it's lonely being the new girl in town. As another Valentine's Day looms, single Libby is desperate to get out and mingle. When she tries the Pine Ridge club scene, things go wildly wrong.


Can a shy minotaur who wears his heart on his hoof make things go right and salvage Libby's Valentine's night?


The Minotaur's Valentine is a feel-good monster romance with a cinnamon roll hero. Just a warning… cinnamon isn't the only spice you'll find in this happily-ever-after tale of monster love!


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I started reading this for Valentine's Day and if you're wondering why it took me until now to finish it - it's because I read through most of it and then struggled to slog through the last 30%. Sidenote - there were 30-40 pages of extras at the back of the digital edition that just took up a ton of space.

Anyway - first off, if you check Amazon you can see there's a much cuter illustrated cover there that I think represents the story much better than the photoshop one.

Secondly - this was soooooo much fluff. Too much fluff, I would argue. I cozy stuff! I do! I promise! But this had no tension or conflict at all. There was nothing moving anything forward, especially after the two characters get together a third of the way through the book. Any time there could have been a source of tension, it's immediately resolved or smoothed out. You don't need some big crazy conflict to write a good story but there does need to be some kind of driving force and it didn't feel there was one. There were genuinely sweet moments but they fell flatter than they would have if there'd been more buildup for that sweet payoff.

The two characters get together, the human learns about the supernatural world and is immediately accepting of it, and then the two enjoy a lot of sex and rapidly progress their relationship at lightning speed. The end.

The human female character Libby was alright. Her character had some background and development. I genuinely d her relationship with her supervisor and mentor and the way the two kind of become family. I would have loved to have seen that woven in a bit more.

Milo, our male minotaur, is ...less alright? In terms of establishing a character he was fine. My issue was with his instalove that happens before he even meets Libby. Yes, I said that right. He spots her from afar and because he's so "observant" (verbatim how he describes himself while watching her from a distance for a couple hours when she visits the market), he learns sooo much about her and falls in love with her. Has literally never spoken to her but he's in love with her. Oooookay. Libby was also, wildly, accepting of that (true to the pattern in this book, she panics for .02 seconds before being OK with it) instead of being creeped the fuck out.

ALSO? The two characters hookup within minutes of finally talking to each other for the first time - RIGHT AFTER she was just "rescued" from being sexually assaulted. what???

There were also some minor things I found kind of annoying or eye-roll worthy but they're kind of petty. The characters go on and on about how they're metalheads, it's a big part of their identity & shared interests, etc. but only list popular stuff. They both fantasize about sex to the same corny song. The minotaur hooves kept getting compared to hubcaps but that makes no sense physically - how would they get their pants on? The use of the tail in the spicy scenes was kind of weird to me because it's furry??

Anyway, if you want 100% fluff - here you go. This is for you.0-monster-romance holiday-valentine1 Emily215 25

While this book had a slow burn start, it was worth it when the burn finally burned. I’m a suck for slow burn monster romances and this one didn’t disappoint! I loved how the first part introduced us to each character and their personality, so that we could see how well that they would work together. And I loved how all of the drama was wrapped up about half way through the book, so we ended with a little slice-of-life, warm and cozy vibes. This is a great monster romance. I can’t wait to read more in this series.

The author did request that I read this book and I downloaded it on NetGalley. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. 1 Nikki132 1 follower

I enjoyed the first half of this book. It built the world, introduced the characters, established the potential plot lines, and set out for a decent read. Even the nonsense with the other man was fine for me because you could see how it was going to link a human who knows nothing about the supernatural world around her and the Minotaur that’s been pining after her for half the book.

And then they get together and the plot ends. Half way through the book.

He’s already in love with her by the end of their first night together. She’s falling in love with him. The only “struggle” is her warring with herself that it’s “too soon”. They bang half a dozen times, they constantly want each other, she meets his parents, and that’s…50% of the book. Literally every plot line to carry things through was wrapped up and resolved by 55% and the rest of the book was the slow, dragging procession of them speed-running to engagement.

Also minus infinite points for “girl juice”.

I really enjoyed the first half of the book. I was interested in the story lines, I enjoyed learning the small town and the characters, I just flat out had a great time. In the first half. The second half fell so flat, I was wondering if I was actually reading the same book. ebooks fantasy monster-fucking ...more Violet84 4

"My heart melts—again. At this rate, my heart has melted more often than cheap popsicles in August, and I don’t think it’s going to stop happening."


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