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The death of a legendary actress reveals a wealth of Hollywood secrets in a breathtaking novel about betrayal, rivalry, and the punishing brutality of fame.
One of the brightest stars of Hollywood’s golden age was Lily Adams, the beloved picture of all-American innocence. Why she suddenly vanished from the spotlight was a mystery even to those closest to her.
Upon Lily’s death seventy years later, her granddaughter, Carolyn Prior, struggles to understand a woman she loved but never really knew. Then, sifting through the memorabilia of a once-glamorous career, Carolyn comes across a letter from her grandmother. It’s the trembling admission of a secret life and a story that begins and ends with superstar Stella Lane, Lily’s archrival of the silver screen—a bombshell who was brutally murdered.
As Carolyn unearths her grandmother’s connection to the notorious unsolved slaying, her life collides with Lily’s in the most shocking ways. And with each stunning new revelation, Carolyn must decide how much she is willing to risk to unlock the truth...M.F

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4 stars

Content warnings: eating disorders, drug abuse, sexual assault/harassment, physical violence, sexism, murder

A fascinating read about multiple generations of women as they deal with careers, romance, fame, fortune, family – and the obstacles in their way.

This was an excellent read. I found that it wasn't super predictable, and it took me until almost the end to guess what the twist was. The dual pov was implemented well. That's something that can be tricky at times. I found that I cared about both Lily's story in the past and Carolyn and Em's story in the present day.

Women are the focus of this novel, and I felt that they were written well. They were relatable characters who had their own distinct personalities and struggles. In the present day teenage Em has developed a cold shoulder toward Carolyn, her mother, as they navigate a divorce and the death of Lily, Carolyn's grandmother. In the past, Lily struggles to make it in Hollywood after losing both her parents and leaving her old life behind. Her story will collide with Stella Lane's, the greatest star of their generation.

I find myself hesitant to award 5 stars, although I can't quite articulate why I feel that way. Maybe it was the writing style? It wasn't bad, but it didn't quite stand out to me stylistically.

ARC provided by NetGalley 2024 arcs historical ...more11 s Jenny168 266

Sara Blaydes has woven together this incredible tale that's part mystery, part family drama, and all-around amazing book! If you're into mysteries, historical fiction, and a sprinkle of old Hollywood glamour, this book is an absolute must-read!

Lily Adams, a shining star of Hollywood's golden age, mysteriously vanished from the spotlight, leaving behind unanswered questions. Seventy years later, her granddaughter Carolyn Prior discovers a letter revealing Lily's secret life intertwined with the murder of her rival, Stella Lane. As Carolyn delves deeper into her grandmother's past, her own life becomes entangled in shocking ways, forcing her to confront the truth at any cost.

I love books with dual timeline and it was managed perfectly in this book, One minute, you're chilling with Lily Adams, the Hollywood starlet from the 1940s, and the next, you're hanging out with her granddaughter, Carolyn, in present-day. And let me tell you, it's getting sucked into this whirlwind of intrigue and secrets!

And speaking of secrets, I have to mention how this book tackles some serious issue. It shines a light on how women have been undervalued in, , every industry, and it's impossible not to draw parallels to the whole Weinstein scandal. But through it all, you see these strong, resilient female characters who are just slaying!

I mean, Carolyn? She's this total boss babe who's trying to piece together her grandma's past while dealing with her own struggles. And then there's Lily, leaving clues behind some kind of mystery-solving queen! It's a treasure hunt mixed with a Hollywood blockbuster, and I am here for it!

The Last Secret of Lily Adams is the page-turner. It's got murder, mystery, old Hollywood glamour, family secrets, and just a touch of romance to keep things spicy. If you're looking for a book that'll make you think, feel, and maybe even gasp out loud a few times, then seriously, do yourself a favor and grab a copy ASAP!netgalley uno-202415 s Holly in Bookland1,205 576

Enjoyable book about Old Hollywood, motherhood, friendship, & moving on. Carolyn is cleaning out her grandmother’s house when she stumbles upon items that suggest she had a secret. Told in dual timeline, Carolyn & her grandmother, Lily Adams. She was once a Hollywood “It Girl”, so what made her walk away from it all? I enjoyed Lily’s pov the best, but I’m a fan of the glamour of Old Hollywood. Writing was good, so I would check out this author’s next book.2024 netgalley8 s Shannon5,643 319

A moving, multi-generational, dual timeline historical fiction novel set in the glamorous world of early Hollywood and follows the journey of a rising star. In the present, Lily Adams's granddaughter and great-granddaughter are helping sort through her things for a museum exhibit after she's passed and discover a number of dark secrets she's been keeping for years. I loved the Hollywood setting, the Harvey Weinstein esque storyline and the strong friendship bonds in this book. Good on audio and perfect for fans of books The seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo. Many thanks to NetGalley and Brilliance Audio for an ALC in exchange for my honest review!

CW: domestic abuse, drug addictionhistorical-fiction netgalley-arc6 s2 comments red135 32

The seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo lite with a touch of mystery.
this actually might be one of the best books I've read this entire year and i'm just so glad I picked this up. One of the reasons for that is tshoeh is one my favorite stories ever and I haven't read anything even remotely similar to that which was very disappointing ngl. now that I found this i was excited albeit a little skeptical. And while neither Stella nor lily are as remarkable and iconic as Evelyn Hugo, diving into their lives was really interesting. both the women were so similar in their roots yet so different after they branched out. women-centric books are charming in a way men-centric can never be, no offense. and what can I say about my guy jack, he was honestly the best, the only kinda of guy I'll ever settle for. the present day characters were also interesting and nuanced. while the teen daughter might come off as too dramatic but given her age it was understandable and sympathetic even. all in all the characterization was not complex but not dull either and the plot was a page turner too. for more than 2/3rd of the book I did not see the twist coming and even after that I was second guessing myself till the last page. A true on-the-edge-your-seat read.


I was sucked into this one right away! I loved both storylines from past and present. Carolyn is going to clean out her grandmother’s home who had recently passed and find pieces to display in a museum to showcase her grandma’s fabulous life as a movie star. Carolyn learns there was more to her grandma, Lily, that she could have ever expected, and in doing so, mends the bond with her daughter Em.

Lily’s plot was my favorite! I absolutely enjoyed learning about her life as a star! The behind the scenes antics of directors and actors are what I imagined but still fascinating and infuriating.

This is the type of historical fiction that I adore. A hint of mystery, nothing to do with war, all the while mixing facts into the fiction to learn a bit of history.

This one is out JUNE 4! Make sure to preorder your copy STAT!8 s Tammy Buchli660 11

This dual timeline story had a fairly engaging mystery and one fairly engaging protagonist (I found Lily a much more likable character than Carolyn). What it didn’t have was any real sense of the 1940s. A number of anachronisms pulled me out of the story. The most egregious was the author’s insistence on using Ms. for all the female characters in the ‘40s timeline. While a picky person might claim accurately that Ms. is an old title, short for Mistress, which was reclaimed by feminists, it was certainly NOT in common usage in the 1940s. All of these women would have been called Miss, and every time Ms. popped up it was nails on my mental chalkboard. And I can’t see how a story could possibly be set between 1946-1951 without even a tangential mention of WWII.4 s Emily | bookwhispererem120 7

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