Plague Saint de Rory North

de Rory North - Género: English
libro gratis Plague Saint


No one knows the true identity of the hospital's Plague Saint is seventeen-year-old Winter Pierce. No one knows she's a fraud. And no one knows she's a killer.

While floods and heat waves devastate the southern lands, the northern cities face blizzards and plagues. Up until two weeks ago, the Plague Saint of Devil's Pass was a real doctor. But when Winter learned he planned to let her mother die, she confronted him. And killed him.

The death was an accident, but taking his place to save lives was a choice.

Then, Winter's forced to kill again to save her brother. Her double life—already doomed to fail—is complicated further when her assistant insists on tracking down the murderer. All the while, people are getting sicker, and trying to find the cure leads Winter to an enemy far smarter and more dangerous than she is.

Powerful people want to see Winter fail. There's more to the plagues than meets...

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