Murder In... Ghostly Hitchhiker Series 1-3 de Rodney Strong

de Rodney Strong - Género: English
libro gratis Murder In... Ghostly Hitchhiker Series 1-3


Oliver Atkinson doesn't believe in ghosts. That's alright, they don't really believe in him anyway. Oliver has a gift or a curse or ability. Call it what you will, he’s not happy about it. He picks up spirits. Only he can hear them as they’re hitching a ride around in his head. And they’re not going anywhere until he helps them. Unfortunately that usually involves getting caught up in a murder investigation.

Murder in Paint: Oliver Atkinson always thought he was a normal stay at home father wanting to be a best selling author. Until Violet, his first Ghostly Hitchhiker shows up. Someone has stolen her name and she wants it back. Things quickly go wrong and suddenly Oliver is thrust into a murder investigation. "Really enjoyed this book! The plot/story was unique" Amazon Reviewer

Murder in Mud: Oliver thought Violet was a one off occurrence, until Angus, the next hitchhiker turns up wanting Oliver to help teach his great grandson a lesson. Unfortunately said great grandson is now a prime suspect in his girlfriend’s murder and once more Oliver is involved in the search for a murderer."Tremendous. Great fun and the characters are just getting better and better." Amazon Reviewer

Murder in Doubt: And no sooner does Angus leave than the next spirit arrives, this time an eight year old girl who has a loose relationship with the truth and a desire to find out what happened to her friend 40 years earlier. Oliver is relieved that at least this time there is no murder. Little does he know this could be his most complex case yet. "Best Hitchhiker so far. Can hardly wait for the next one in this series" Amazon ReviewerCheck out the first three books in the Ghostly Hitchhiker series of cozy mysteries and read what one reviewer said "just keeps getting better."