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Beneath a Pale Sky collects eight stories of horror, including two original novellettes, that will take you from the high-security ward of a mental hospital to the top of a Ferris Wheel on an ocean pier. These stories will bury you in the rubble of an earthquake, pull back the veil on a soul's journey into the afterlife, and turn a small midwestern town into the secret domain of cross-dimensional gods. Combining old-school horror with the modern weird, Philip Fracassi will take you places you've never been before, and show you sights you won't soon forget.The supernatural intrudes upon a wedding; a pier becomes the site of tragedy; a collapsed building is only the start of the nightmare for those trapped in the ruins; a scientist who makes the discovery of a lifetime, only to find out that what he's unearthed has dire consequences not only for himself, but for all of mankind...M.F

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Beneath a Pale Sky. Every once in awhile a sky is revealed within these stories. I recall a pale blue at one point. At another, no color mentioned, and then there is black. As are those different colors of a sky, these stories diverse and eclectic. None were a for me, and I love a collection that displays such a wide range. But range is nothing if a story is not told well, and the best part of each is definitely in the telling. Eight stories in total, varied in length as they are in scope, from about 8 pages to 50. You'd think it'd take more than a few pages to provide a setting and open the reader's eyes to a character's world, but it's not so.

Here's a fun and unusual note to make about this collection: From beginning to end, each story was progressively better, almost anyway. The final two stories were the best for me because they were the most introspective from a character's point of view. Both are full of thoughts on a life (as well as death) – assessing time, regrets, relationships. The general population would categorize this collection within the horror genre, but it's only that in part, and I it more for that. Some stories here end without and ending, so to speak. Not always my favorite thing, but I realized doing so fits the story before it. life, we may know the ending, but what is after.
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Excellent collection of short stories by Philip Fracassi!

Thinking about this collection last night, I came to the idea that each short story involved death in some way.
Either through the physical act or emotional one.

I love that this collection plays around with this theme and gives different scenarios or ideas on the horror of dying.


Harvest – 4/4.5 stars
(Great concept and atmosphere.)

The Wheel – 5 stars

Soda Jerk – 4 stars
(Great concept and the ending still gives me the creeps.)

ID – 5 stars
(I loved this one! Definitely stays with you and the insanity of it all is perfection.)

Death, My Old Friend – 4 stars
(Not necessarily horror but really loved this one.)

Great but wanted more to the story:

Fragile Dreams – 4 stars
(It would have been a favorite if unanswered questions that I had were addressed.)

***s after the title on why it wasn’t a favorite.***

Symphony – 3 stars
(I didn’t the ending on this one. It didn’t feel true to the motivations of the characters.)

Ateuchus – 3.5 stars
(I need to take some acid and reread this again.
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