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Exploring themes of love, loss and redemption, Fire Horse is the story of Don and Julia's quest for peace and meaning in a chaotic and unfair world.

Don is a man adrift. Since his separation from Julia, he spends his days puttering around his isolated cabin and his evenings drinking alone on the porch, staring into the woods of western Michigan.

Julia, meanwhile, is living a life of comfort in London together with her boyfriend, Gerrard. She goes through the motions of life oblivious to the beauty of the city around her.

Their son, Charlie, has been missing for four years. Don and Julia remain trapped - unable to move forward in their lives and unable to forget the past.

Then, new information is revealed concerning Charlie's disappearance setting Don and Julia on a course for reunion, for which, neither feels fully prepared. As they brace themselves for their imminent meeting, they separately recall the early days of their romance...

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At its core, Fire Horse by Pat Olney is about two parents grappling with the grief of losing their only son. It is a deeply emotional novel that dives into the complexities of loss in a poignant and realistic way.

While my experience with the book was mixed, there is no denying the strength of Olney’s writing and the vividness of the story’s depiction.

Olney does an excellent job of illustrating how differently people can process and manage grief. There is no correct way of dealing with loss. Some become consumed by their grief; others may run from it. The multiple depictions of this in Fire Horse add depth and provide a nuanced look at an often oversimplified topic.

Moreover, as I read, I pictured the scenes as if they were playing out in a movie. The book’s cinematic quality is one of its strengths. I believe Fire Horse could translate beautifully to film, where the visual and emotional elements might resonate even more powerfully.

However, my reading experience wasn't without its challenges. I often found myself feeling bored while reading Fire Horse, as the book failed to fully engage me. I wasn't a fan of the narrative structure. The back and forth through time, combined with the shifts between different characters, made it difficult for me to stay invested in the story.

With that being said, it's important to acknowledge that Fire Horse is very well-written. Pat Olney's descriptive prowess is evident throughout the book. Unfortunately, this prowess often went a little too far. There were moments when the level of detail seemed excessive and detracted from the story instead of enhancing it.

In conclusion, while Fire Horse failed to capture my full interest, it is a well-crafted novel that would resonate perfectly with readers who appreciate intricate descriptions and non-linear storytelling.

I received an E-ARC of Fire Horse from Hidden Gems. All thoughts and opinions featured in this review are my own.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 4/5arc-hiddengems read-20241 Becky169 4

This story revolves around loss and grief but I oddly found It to be as comfortable as an old pair of slippers. The topic is somber but the writing pulled me into the dynamics of this family and the reality of struggling with grief. Told from different points of view and moving from the present to glimpses of the past was a smooth transition. Each character is well developed and enjoyable in their own way. I can easily see this becoming a movie.
A special thank you to Voracious Readers Only for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review. 1 Renee Hughes272 7

Wow! This is a brilliantly written and incredibly moving story. Without a doubt, it should be made into a movie. The changing points of view, and the moves back and forth in time were smooth and easy to follow. The topic of grief was handled with respect and eloquence. Stunning interactions were both touching and heartbreaking. All of the characters are people we have known and mourned with at some point in our life. The ending was beautiful. I was so impressed by this writers talent. Just a stunning story.1 Peter1 review1 follower

My first thought is that the novel is a movie waiting to happen. It has the same sort of feel as Ordinary People. And if you are from Michigan you'll enjoy the description of places around the state that you recognize. Olney seems to have taken pains to insure his accuracy.

The plot is one thing but the real pleasure comes in the the development of the characters. Life wears on them and sometimes they end making the best of circumstance. But not always. There's the tragedy in the story--the not always part.

The writing is clever. You will enjoy the dénouement. 1 Linda760089 1 follower

This is definitely a must read page turner. Fire Horse brings out all the feels as the story of Don and Julia’s life unfolds. These characters along with their son and in laws is truly heart wrenching and yet you keep the hope going as a reader for that happily ever after. This story gives you detailed meets, education, love interests and loss. Don and Julia navigate the loss of their son, try to move forward in life while seeking the answers and why of their son’s decision. What a journey is in the pages of this story. This book deserves high praises and definite recommendations.1 Daisyreads___1 review

Fantastic book!

For the past years, Don has spent his days drinking booze, isolated in his cabin away from everyone. Meanwhile, Julia lives in London with her boyfriend Gerard. Don and Julia set on a course for a final reunion. The recollection of the early days of their romance and choices led to unheard answers. Answers, they need to start anew.

The theme of loss, grief, and acceptance is shown throughout this book. From start to finish, the book makes us go through their journey together. Both live by rinse and repeating their daily tasks, trying to move on from the tragic loss of their child. Love the timeline where we can go back to the beginning. When everyone was happy. But ultimately, the choices we make in life lead to consequences. And no matter how much you hate the result, you can never travel back in time.1 Tanya14.1k 76

Their son disappeared without a trace and they broke up. He spends his life alone at his father cabin. She has found someone but things are about to change again for them. Clues to what happens finally appear and they will be brought together again. Can they find out what happened to their son? Will their lives get better? See where they will take you
I received an advance copy from hidden gems and I want to review 1 Bookish.Helen160 10

Fire Horse, Pat Olney’s debut novel, is an immersive examination of love, loss, and redemption. It gives us an emotional portrayal of characters trying to live with every parent’s worst nightmare, the loss of a child, and the often-crippling grief that follows in its wake. This character-driven story is told through present and past timelines and shows the painful rift that separates parents Don and Julia as they each cope with their grief in their own ways. At the same time, we get to see the journey that leads them to a particular place in time and see the contrast between their past and the present relationship. The highly visual setting provides the perfect backdrop for this layered character study.

Fire Horse is a stunning debut that leads the reader through an emotionally gripping story. The strength of the writing and the unflinching look at difficult subjects makes for a compelling read. Although this book is suffused with the sorrow of loss, it also offers beauty in examining the unbreakable human spirit and the things that make us uniquely human.
1 Christine Choptovy10

I received a copy of this book from Voracious Readers Only. Before reading the book, please be aware that the story revolves around the loss of a teenaged boy who may have lost his life due to an overdose or suicide. The story follows the POV from both of the parents and surviving family members. Regardless, the book is very well written and explores the issues in a poignant manner. If you’re able to deal with the storyline, it’s worth the read.1 Debbie Pyette61 2

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