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Sometimes the safest place is in the midst of danger.

Darkmages die.

Everyone knew this.

Everyone accepted it...except her.

Meet Valentina, the last member of the Forza bloodline, a darkmage and granddaughter of Alfonse Forza—one of the most powerful and infamous Darkmages to walk the earth.

Until he disappeared without a trace.

The last known location of the Eclipse was inside the Mage Directorate Headquarters. She must now infiltrate the Directorate, locate the missing Eclipse, and somehow escape with her life.

Everything was going as planned, until her plan ran into Xander Ashford—Enforcer Xander Ashford, who has sworn to kill darkmages.

Now, Valentina must unleash her dormant darkmage powers, find and recover the Eclipse all while evading the Directorate and Inquisitor Emery, the lead mage who controls a relentless group of mage...

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Fated Fury

Orlando Sanchez bring to life a whole new group, the Darkmages. In his other books they are just portrayed as evil mages. Now we see evil isn’t necessarily associated with them. He introduces new characters well, and plants the seed for more book. Orlando writes so you actually feel you are in the story. I call this my escape from reality, and he lets me escape.1 Diane568 4

This book is the start of a new urban fantasy series by Orlando Sanchez and has all indications of being a very good one. I was hooked from the scene set on the very first page; an unnamed man trying to save an innocent child from being destroyed just because of an accident of birth (also a good societal issue . . .) We get all of the action, snappy dialog, and interesting characters and situations that I've come to expect from this author, along with a healthier dose of mystery than normal, which really drew me in. When I realized that I'd reached the last page, I wanted to throw my kindle across the room in frustration - I want the next book NOW! If you urban fantasy, with interesting and mysterious characters and organizations, fast-paced action, and an original and unusual story, grab this book and dive into the world of Val, Fen, and the persecution of darkmages! Donna Hatridge526 34

I think this is an exciting start to this new series. Valentina is an ice mage and a Darkmage, with a lineage that makes her a great threat to the Doctorate. I enjoyed being introduced to Val, Fen, Melvichor, and the time traveler. We get to see a different side of a Darkmage in Val. There is also a little romantic interest between Val and one of the characters, we'll see how that may develop. What an adventure we are embarking on with this series! Audrey Cienki620 12

Fated Fury (Fate of the Darkmages Book 1) by Orlando A Sanchez is a great start to his new series.
What can you do when your grandfather is one of the most infamous and scary Darkmages to ever live and there is an organization intent on killing every Darkmage?
How do you hide your abilities? How can Valentina ever live her life to the fullest?
I loved this new series and am really looking forward to more! Chris ChristmanAuthor 3 books6

Icy Beginnings
The author really delivers in his new 'paranormal romance' first in series book. The action is almost non stop and filled with the details we've come to expect from his writing. The fight scenes are clearly written by an expert in martial arts. We are introduced to the two love interests in private moments of introspection that reflect how real life love begins. I'm looking forward to reading what happens next. Wendy Schindler307


This new series from Orlando is set at an incredibly breakneck speed! The Directorate is established, in my mind, as a WWII Nazi Germany type entity, with the loosely organized Darkmages being both Freedom Fighters and seriously persecuted hunted!
Enter our potential heroine, surrounded by a ragtag bunch of misfits, shifters, changelings, and so on!
Read the book to find out more! Joy Ki`Ili2,226 4

Hidden in plain sight

New story & New world but all part of the multiverse, Sid's a dead giveaway for that. Great world building with lot's left to discover. Lot's of action, mahem & destruction. We definitely need the next book already to discover what's ahead for our heroine and hopefully find out what happened to her 1st guardian. Crystal H24 2


Good job. I am incredibly interested in where this story takes you. Looking forward to the next installment. Loved the relationship between Kit and Fen. Hope to see more of Fen in the future. Mel and Val will be an interesting duo and I'm excited to see where that goes. Thanks for writing another book. I enjoy reading them. Carrie O’LearyAuthor 7 books59

Really enjoyed this first book in a brand new series. I believe Mr Sanchez is delving into the ‘romantasy’ genre with this book, and though this one is a little light on the romance there is a definite ‘spark’. An explosive series starter. Cindy Deporter175 1 follower

Orlando is fabulous building new worlds. His other worlds continue to grow develop and encompass. I can’t wait to continue to follow Vak and Mel. A darkmage and her guardian. I always wanted to know about darkmarges so can’t wait to read this series and follow along what fun! Paige Guido168 5

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