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It was just supposed to be good sport, a bit of a shoot out in the forest with some mates. But when the man putting it together is the one who winds up shot by a mystery assailant, it's up to Thatcher and Mills to make sense of the murder. It seems as if there are no suspects and plenty of alibis, but when they dig deeper, they soon discover that there may be another victim our killer's sights. Now, it's up to Thatcher and Mills to discover the truth before the killer manages to hit his moving target.

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First of all, I'm actually reviewing the first six books of the series. I've enjoyed each and every one of them, so you may be thinking "Why just four stars?" So, to get that out of the way, here goes.

There's an awful lot of missing words within the stories, which means you have to backtrack and insert what's missing to make sense of what you are actually reading. This wasn't just a one-off. It happened rather a lot, through all six books and to say it was annoying would be an understatement. Some of the spelling and punctuation was atrocious too. I don't know if the manuscripts are being typed straight to screen or, as I suspect, via audio because SURELY you're going to spot those types of errors if they are right in front of you? There was an absolute GLARER in one book - "CANOPIES" for "CANAPES". To be honest, I fell about laughing at that one but it's still incredibly annoying. Another thing was using an inverted comma to denote possession i.e. Mills".

In saying all of the above, I thoroughly enjoyed the story-lines in each book and don't think I managed to suss out any of the culprits before the end. In fact, I enjoyed the books so much I binge read them and put everything else aside. DCI Thatcher is a good, strong character very ably supported by Mills, Crowe and Sharp. Oh, and can't forget Thatcher's Auntie Elsie.

Belinda Bentley19

The proof reader needs sacking!

Ive read all 6 of the current series featuring DI Thatcher and his sidekick Sergeant Mills.
I enjoyed the stories and the relationships of the characters is interesting. There are very few red herrings so the reader has to follow the details carefully.
Once again i have to mention about the mistakes throughout the series that should have been picked up by any half decent proof reader. There can be no excuse for printing and marketing a book, let alone a series of 6 books, that havent been corrected. I H Patterson1 review

The author and editor should get their facts correct. Pheasants are shot with shotguns NOT rifles and especially not air rifles which are not firearms. Shotguns are smooth bored so are not able to be matched to the ammunition which is a number of small pellets. The detectives found a "Shell" which would be a cartridge case as a shell is an explosive projectile shot by an artillery piece.
Lack of research about a major element in the story. David Smith64 1 follower

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