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I was the youngest and last of my brothers to find love. It wasn't that I didn't want it — in fact I wanted it more than any of them did when it fell into their lap, and now it's finally my turn.
They called me a romantic, a dreamer, a boy with rose-colored glasses who couldn't see the world for what it was. Maybe they were right… or maybe I'd find a man who'd embrace how I was, a man who would polish those glasses and shield me from anything that wasn't pure light.
Maybe… just maybe… I was exactly the boy I needed to be.

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Book safety, content warnings, and tropes down below.

“Those rose-colored glasses?” he asked, kissing my nose. “Don’t ever take them off. Stay this optimistic and loving forever. I’ll protect you from everything else.”

This book is mostly fluff with a big helping of sugary sweet mid-coitus love-declarations, a surprising amount of borderline cringe dialogue because of the aforementioned, and yet, there’s just something about this book I really freaking enjoy.

If you’re me and started reading MM after M/F and reverse harem books and feel you’re missing that ‘big family of protective older brothers’ vibe you sometimes get with those, then look no further. Archer is the baby in the family, he has more brothers than I can remember, and he’s physically the smallest, even though he’s still 6 feet tall. He’s a sweetheart golden retriever and the entire world kinda collectively decided he needed to be protected, lol. I know that’s not everyones jam, but it’s certainly mine.

Also, there are not enough books with pleasure Dom’s out there. It just gives me all the tingly warm and fuzzies. Bram (I’m surprised there weren’t more vamp jokes) is 100% focused on pleasing Archer in any and every way, and it’s so hot. I am also a sucker for books where daddy kink happens because one character happens to blurt it out while getting railed. As good a time as any.

I’m not one to often add spicy quotes, but this one deserves a mention:

“Want me, Daddy? Want my mouth?” “Yes. God, yes.” His full lips trailed down my jaw to my neck. “On your knees, baby boy.”

⬇️ Blanket spoiler warning ⬇️

⚠️ Tropes & tags ⚠️
Pleasure dom
Daddy kink
Age gap
Size difference
Auction date
BIPOC character
Fast burn
Public shenanigans (car with driver, sexting during meeting)
Multiple orgasms

⚠️ Content warning ⚠️
Explicit sexual content
Mentions of parent cheating (past)
Pregnant side character
Side characters going through adoption process (few details)
Blindfold and restraints (sexual, brief)
Sexting in public

⚠️Book safety ⚠️
Cheating: No
Other person drama: No
Breakup: No
POV: 1st person, dual
Genre: Contemporary romance
Pairing: M/M
Strict roles or versatile: Versatile, no switching on page
Main characters’ age: 26 and 37
Series: Interconnected standalone
Kindle Unlimited: Yes
Pages: 145

“I spent a hundred and fifty thousand dollars for a chance to spend two hours with you, Archer. You don’t need to be the one embarrassed here, okay? Tell me you understand that.”

“[…] I just need to live for myself. I need to feel it all: happiness, sadness, anger... pain. It’s all part of life. I’ve watched all of you go through those things and as hard as it was to see, I also knew it was a part of living. I have a good feeling about Bram, and if I’m wrong, I’ll make it through that too.”

“Have you heard of a pleasure Dom?” Every part of him relaxed. “Is that what he is? Yes, I’ve ... heard of them,” he said slowly, trying not to smile. “Yes.” I blushed, but I was happy to see him this. “I’m... really happy, Brenn.” He snorted, then tried to hide it. “I’m not surprised to hear that. […]”

“Is it too soon to propose?” I asked, only half exaggerating. “I hear Vegas is open late.” Archer laughed, spinning around for me with his bottom lip between his teeth. “Nope. But I kind of want ice cream first,” he joked, yet I took it quite seriously. Five minutes later, he had a bowl full of strawberry ice cream in his hand, a heating pad behind his lower back, his feet in my lap and a smile on his face as I rubbed them.

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7 s Kirsten1,586 74

So dumb and dirty.
I’m not sure about BIPOC rep
from white authors, y’all. check-ku under-2252 s Sarah Elyse | Retro Girl Reads1,330 78

Oh my gosh, this was the sweetest story ever, and I’m so glad that Archie was able to find his happily ever after! Archie is a very special character because of the way he’s always hopeful, and his love interest, Bram, not only acknowledges that, but embraces. Bram and Archie’s relationship was well developed and oh so sweet, with a good amount of spice too!!! I highly recommend!!! 1 Nikki Reads Smut62 66

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