Memories of Forgotten Waves de Niranjan

de Niranjan - Género: English
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He can choose to forgive, but can he ever trust again?

Aderin is the prince of the merpeople, the pampered only son of his parents and a beacon of hope for all magical creatures of the sea. When a group of humans calling themselves the Brotherhood of Mages starts abducting magical creatures and enslaving them, Aderin tries to investigate. Almost captured by the group, Aderin is rescued by a human mage called Ellwood who seems as determined as Aderin to end the group. As he gets to know Ellwood better, Aderin finds himself falling for his rescuer.

Just as Aderin whispers his words of love, he is captured by Ellwood who enslaves him. Forced into a human form and suffering unimaginable agony, Aderin struggles to understand his newfound status and Ellwood's goals. Even as other magical creatures are enslaved by Ellwood who uses their powers to defeat and destroy the mages of the Brotherhood, Aderin is unable to hate the man.

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