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Neil Gaiman's complete original scripts for the highly anticipated six-episode original series, adapted from the classic novel he wrote with Terry Pratchett.
First published nearly thirty years ago, the novel Good Omens has sold more than five million copies worldwide and is beloved by Gaiman and Pratchett fans alike. Collected here are Neil Gaiman's original scripts for the Good Omens television series, offering readers deeper insight into Gaiman's brilliant new adaptation of a masterwork.

A tale of good and evil and the end of the world, Good Omens stars Michael Sheen as the angel Aziraphale; David Tennant as the demon Crowley; and Jon Hamm as the archangel Gabriel, as well as Anna Maxwell Martin, Josie Lawrence, Adria Arjona, Michael McKean, Jack Whitehall, Miranda Richardson, and Nick Offerman.

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Gayscript272 s2 comments Nataliya864 14.4k

”I don’t suppose that anywhere in the nine circles of Hell there’s such a thing as a rubber duck?”

2019-reads146 s m i l o u ✨ (Grumpy Hobbit)464 35

“Don’t think of it as dying. Think of it as leaving before the rush.”

I mean this is the script of the Good Omens mini series which got released last month and this script is only going to make any sense if you've seen it. This is still one of my favorite books to this date and I loved the television adaptation of this, so it's no surprise that I gave into this.

It's still about armageddon.

And there is a hell hound!

This series focuses more on the relationship between Crowley and Aziraphale and you can see them growing closer throughout 6000 years of history. I most definitely preferred it this way. You can say whatever you want but Crowley and Aziraphale are in love.

So y'all need to give this show a chance if you haven't already, then read the book and then you can listen to the 2013 audio adaptation (it's a true gem), and when you're done with all that you can give this script a chance. It will be worth it. Armageddon is funnier than you think.

↠ Genre: Fantasy, Historical Fiction, LGTB
↠ Rating: 5 stars

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2019-fave authors-i-adore characters-i-love ...more64 s Rebekah24 2

I think I smiled while reading the whole thing.38 s Faye*331 97

Reading the script book for the Good Omens TV series has increased my respect for the whole team (especially the director and the actors), who created the series, even more.

*Goodreads Summer Reading Challenge prompt “Genre explorer: Read a book from a genre you've never read before.”


So… I did say I was obsessed, didn’t I?

Just when I thought I couldn’t get any more into Good Omens, Neil Gaiman goes ahead and publishes the script book for the TV series.

(Yeah, yeah, I know it's been out a while. I’m 30 years late to the Good Omens party anyway, so whatever.)

I will read this very soon and I actually have the perfect excuse for it: I have been struggling to find a new genre (that I actually want to read) for the Goodreads Summer Reading Challenge prompt “Genre explorer: Read a book from a genre you've never read before.” I have never read a TV or movie script before, so there you go! Works out perfectly.

33 s Helena Aeberli143 26

So yes, maybe its a bit pathetic that I can now quote whole swathes of this show. And that I spent a healthy portion of reading this collecting 'Crowley has anxiety' moments. And being bitter about how much of the Horsemen we lost out of. But also, this show and the book before it have improved my life a thousand times over, so I might as well let it bring me as much joy as it can!

Oh, and this direction... break my heart why don't you.
201931 s Dawn F525 83

I’ve always loved reading scripts, from screenplays to playscripts, I just love reading the actual, objective text.

Of course Neil Gaiman can’t stay completely neutral - this script book has a lot of little annotations and comments which are both hilarious and sweet and add to the atmosphere of the story. So many scenes make more sense when you read what the actual intend was. Also some parts where left out or cut from the series so it’s lovely to know whatelse was there.

However, keep in mind there are two editions of this book and only the one sold by Waterstones has the deleted scene where Crowley brings chocolate to Aziraphale for his opening of the bookshop a century ago and plays a ruse on Gabriel to avoid them bringing Aziraphale back to heaven. Why it’s not in the Amazon etc version of the book I have no idea, Neil even refers to the scene in the foreword so it seems an odd omission.

But nomatter, there’s the delete four other horsemen scene and a lovely foreword by Neil, and a lot of little extra info and gems that make this a thoroughly enjoyable reading experience.media-kindle media-physical24 s esther 132 1 follower

1. Neil Gaiman is so freaking funny
2. I definitely did not act out scenes as i read
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