The Keeper de Nathan Burrows

de Nathan Burrows - Género: English
libro gratis The Keeper


Where the lines between faith and science blur, a sinister conspiracy threatens to plunge humanity into an age of darkness.
When Anita Delgado, a young woman desperate to escape the clutches of a fanatical religious cult known as the Adelphoi, steals vital information that could expose their terrifying plot, she becomes a target for powerful and ruthless enemies.
On the run and fearing for her life, Anita crosses paths with Caleb, a mysterious wandering preacher with a hidden past.
As they delve deeper into the conspiracy, Anita and Caleb discover that the key to stopping the impending apocalypse lies in the hands of a vulnerable young woman named Maddy, chosen by the Adelphoi for a terrifying purpose. With time running out and danger closing in from every side, Anita and Caleb must risk everything to protect Maddy and prevent the world from plunging into an abyss of suffering and despair.
In a race against time, can Anita and Caleb outmaneuver the forces of darkness and save humanity from an unthinkable fate?
Or will they succumb to the malevolent entities that threaten to engulf them all?..M.F

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Hellbent Struggle

The preacher, Caleb, is embroiled in a new story involving an evil plot, a precious relic, and two cultish organizations. He encounters Anita, a woman on the run who has some vital information downloaded from a cult computer.

Written in his usual well-paced style, this book four in The Preacher series continues the author’s compelling thriller tales.1 Lesley Hewitt780 5


Excellent, that's all I can say. I really enjoyed reading this book. Caleb is not a typical preacher even though he quotes from the bible. I can't wait to read the next book. Paul Stern5

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