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Morgan Jane Mitchell Series: Hell on Heelz MC 02 Year: 2024

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3.75stars-BIKER BITCH is the second instalment in Morgan Jane Mitchell’s contemporary, adult HELL OF HEELZ MC erotic, MC romance series, a spin off from the author’s Asphalt Gods MC. This is Seville Slayers’ enforcer / former soldier, and single father Tom ‘Boiler’ Parker, and Hell of Heelz MC enforcer and pet shop supply owner Vanessa ‘Tank’ Monroe’s story line. BIKER BITCH can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story line is revealed where necessary.

Told from dual first person perspectives (Tank and Boiler) BIKER BITCH follows the building relationship between our story line couple. Several years earlier Vanessa ‘Tank’ Monroe saved the life of Tom ‘Boiler’ Parker but at the time their two clubs were at war, and all was forgotten in the aftermath. Fast forward to present day, The Slayers and the Hell on Heelz MCs have signed a tentative peace, and Boiler is determined to claim the woman that calls to his heart. Tank wants nothing to do with a relationship having suffered at the hands of every man in her life but something about Boiler draws Tank a moth to a flame, a flame that is going to burn. As Tank and Boiler’s relationship builds into something more Tank’s past returns demanding everything, including his right to destroy our story line heroine.

The world building focuses on the sins of the past: Tank’s ex refuses to let go, and Boiler’s past insists on returning time and time again but all is not well when Tank’s past demands more, and our heroine will pay the price.

The relationship between Tank and Boiler is an enemies to frenemies to lovers but Tank doesn’t do relationships, and in this, our heroine is afraid of getting hurt. Bearing the emotional scars of past abuse, Tank is willing to go it alone than have to face the pain over again. Boiler is determined to claim Tank as his own but first he must get past the ice that has frozen her heart. The $ex scenes are numerous and impassioned.

There is a large ensemble cast of colorful and over the top secondary and supporting characters including several members from the Seville Slayers, and the all women Hell on Heelz MCs. We are introduced to Tank’s ex Jeff, and Boiler’s son Max.

BIKER BITCH is a story of secrets and lies, betrayal and abuse, power and control, determination and damnation. The fast paced premise is dramatic and intriguing; the romance is provocative and intense; the characters are determined and dangerous.

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www.thereadingcafe.com E Loprete1,223 19

Biker Bitch (Hell on Heelz MC Book 2) by Morgan Jane Mitchell is another well written series by this author. This is Tank and Boiler's journey that is full of intense passionate moments, violence, drama, secrets, betrayals and a strong commitment between the all Women's MC Club and the Seville Slayers MC.

Tank has overcome much pain from her past and has found her family as the enforcer of the Hell on Heelz MC. She is a bad a$s biker bitch who is sassy, sexy and feisty. Boiler is the Enforcer for the Seville Slayers MC, ex military, and single dad . When he is injured and saved by Tank who is the enemy, this encounter will change the lives of both of them. Now years later the Seville Slayers form an alliance with Hell on Heelz MC and Tank finds he is determined to sway Tank as he could never forget her , he wants this ballsy, sexy biker who lives up to her name "Biker Bitch". Will he be able to break down her barriers as he can tell that the chemistry between them is raw, dirty and intense? Will Tank give Boiler a chance as she finds she is drawn to this alpha biker? Can Boiler show Tank that even though she is use to going it alone, together they would be able to face any obstacles headed towards them. The more they interact with each other, they take their relationship to another level as their interaction is smoking hot, sensual and consuming, but will a misunderstanding break them apart? Will her past seek her out? What happens when the Hell on Heelz con goes wrong placing Tank in danger? So many twists and turns in this story that will have you on edge from the first chapter as Boiler is torn apart by Tank ghosting him but his gut tells him she is in danger. Now Boiler will do all he can to save the woman he loves. Will he get to her in time? Will Tank finally let herself believe that she is worthy of being loved and have a family with Boiler by her side? Morgan Jane Mitchell has given her readers an outstanding MC series, "Hell of Heelz MC" made up of strong willed, fierce sexy female bikers who can hold their own with their male counterparts as they protect all that they love. Can't wait for the next book. Leah165 18

( ARC Review )

I kinda fell in love with this, it was so good. I was expecting it to just be a normal biker romance… I was pleasantly surprised.

Firstly, an MC that is females. I personally have never read a book with a biker MC that is as powerful as this. Secondly, and this one truly had me balling my eyes out. We have a FMC that is a tall QUEEN and unfortunately, because of society’s standards, we rarely see FMC’s that aren’t petite. A powerful female, who even through nasty comments made towards her, stands her own and is PROUD of who she is. All of the biker girls in Hell on Heelz are unique, brave, strong and so worthy.

Morgan Jane, you are a human worthy of so much praise. Thank you for giving us this.

The whole story had me in its grasp. I loved Tank and Boilers story. It was one of passion and growth. Found family’s and overcoming everything, for true happiness.

It definitely in my opinion has plenty more spice than plot, however it does fit, we understand the story and the ending was perfect.

Highly recommend. Queens of this world, this is for us. We’re all uniquely beautiful, and worthy of our own HEA’s. We get to thank Morgan Jane for this one!.

As always, check triggers before you read. If you are unsure, message me.

( I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. ) Barbara2,354 51

I loved this addition to the Hell on Heelz MC series. The women that make up the Heelz are all tough as nails on the outside but still all woman on the inside. That is especially true for Tank, aka Biker Bi+ch. She has overcome a lot since joining the Heelz MC. On the night she ran for her life from another abusive situation, she met Boiler for the first time. He was a part of an enemy MC but she still stopped and ended up saving his life. Years have passed and their clubs are now in a truce. What does that mean for the two of them? Are either of them what they appear to be on the outside? Can they overcome all that life has thrown at them in order to possibly have a shot at being together?

This is an exciting MC read that I highly recommend grabbing up and I personally can’t wait to see what happens next between the Heelz and the Slayer’s.

2 Thumbs Up and 5+ Stars
Wendy Livingstone17.6k 216

This is the second book in this impressive series, and this is Boiler and Tank’s journey.
This is the story of an all-female MC, who have a motto that they ride hard, and play harder, and the men who dare to love them.
Boiler and Tank are both enforcers in rival MC’s who have an uneasy truce. Tank has worked hard to rise above the emotional and physical abuse she endured in the past, and Boiler is determined to break through the walls surrounding her heart.
This is a well written story which is a gritty, action packed, emotionally charged story, with drama, loyalty, enemies / lovers, undeniable chemistry, and love, which leads to an entertaining, tragic, twisted, unpredictable, spicy, and powerful addictive page turner.
I look forward to reading more from this talented author whose work I highly recommend.
Lisa Parker3,469 20

The Hell on Heelz MC and the Seville Slayers MC have been rivals for some time. Tank comes across their enforcer, Boiler, him and another of his brothers were in motorcycle accident. Tank calls the paramedics, it would not be right leaving him on the road to bleed out.

When a truce brings the two clubs together, Boiler makes it known he wants her. This is only an one night stand, right? He has a little boy that wakes them the next day. This is just too much, does she really want to get involved with him? Boiler is determined that she will be his and sets out to win his girl.

Both individuals have been thru a lot in their life, will they be able to open up to the other? They cannot seem to be able to stay away from each other.

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review. GKP2460 2,694 52

Vanessa, "Tank" aka Biker Bitch, Enforcer of the Hell On Heelz MC and Boiler, single Dad, Enforcer for the Seville Slayers MC make one heckuva journey.

"A truce? Hell on Heelz and the Seville Slayers, sitting in the same room without trying to kill each other. Unheard of."

These two are completely combustible and they're both exactly what each other needs. Plenty of chaos, demons to slay, danger and surprises are found in the pages of their journey.

“We’re supposed to be in this together, Boiler. That means all of it. The good and the bad.”

It took a bit but when they did it they did it big, in true Biker fashion.

"Together, we could face anything. Together, we were unstoppable."

Definitely recommend their story! Mimirureviewbooks1,899

Biker Bitch is book 2 in the Hell on Heelz MC series written by the talented author Morgan Jane Mitchell. This is Tom ‘Boiler’ Parker, Seville Slayers MC enforcer, Ex-military, single dad & Vanessa ‘Tank’ Monroe’s, pet shop supply owner, notorious biker bitch and enforcer for the Hell on Heelz MC enemies to lovers romance story. I love that the story is told from a dual first person perspectives. The plot is full of drama, lies, secrets, betrayal, fight for power and control, emotional scars, lot of action, intense and with dangerous characters. This is not your normal biker romance, it is so much more and I highly recommend picking it up and read it. I can’t wait to see what the author write next between the Heelz and the Slayer’s. Amanda M2,245 16

I absolutely loved this book. I really d how the main characters were from different clubs kind of rivals but turns out to be something more. How they get there is something you'll have to read in this book. It's got a great solid storyline and it's well written. This book is about Tank and Boiler. And let me tell you these two are quite the pair. I loved the banter between them. I also really d the pacing of this story, the action, chemistry, secrets, truths and a few surprises. Absolutely recommend reading. Christine Woinich2,428 21

Quite a steamy intriguing read. I had a hard time putting it down. Tank had found the strength to rise above her abusive past though her heart was sealed off. I loved her determination to be the best person she could be, her loyalty to her club and sisters, and her caring heart and softy insides. Along came Boiler who was gruff and in his own world of pain. He felt peace when he was with Tank despite the uneasy truce between their clubs. Toss in his son and these two found their way to an HEA.

I received an ARC, and this is my unsolicited review.arc Ann L4,118 27

Loved this, years before the Hells and Slayers had the tentative truce thanks to Brat and Riptide, Tank came across and accident that involved two Slayers, one didn’t make it but she stayed with Boiler staunching the blood until the ambulance arrived effectively saving his life.

Years later and he’s never forgotten and has always d Tank and vice versa but having been enemies it was hard now they can see where things go but she finds it hard to trust and he swears he’ll show her she can.

Easy to read and loved every moment from the start.reviewed J Andrade185 2

Tank saved the life of Boiler a few years ago, and has never spoken of this because they were from two rival clubs. These two clubs, Hell on Heelz and the Seville Slayers, are on shaky ground with a new truce between them. Bearing the emotional scars of past abuse, Tank is willing to go it alone than have to face the pain over again. Boiler is determined to claim Tank as his own but first he must get past the walls she has built. This ends with a HEA. Looking forward to the next book Biker Bride! Spunky N Sassy5,204 112

Spunky N Sassy Rating: 5.0

~~~~~~~~~~~Tracy's ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review~~~~~~~~~~

When two rival clubs come together the Seville Slayers & Hell on Heelz MC their is bound to be some trouble but a shaky truce is happens. Boiler sees Tank and he knows what he wants and its her, they have a dark past but he wants more than that. Tank hasn't had it good life so she doesn't trust easily but there is something about Boiler she can't resist. I loved this story, it was sexy, gritty, powerful, dramatic, sweet and rough. 5-star tracy-reviewed Doris2,884 115

Raw and Steamy

When two enforcers from different clubs come together you know sparks are going to fly in a fierce way. Tank has had a tough life and has walls up around her heart. Boiler is a single father and after being saved by Tank years ago he knows what he wants. Now with their clubs in an uneasy alliance they have a chance at something real.

This book was full of steam and healing with an HEA they all deserved. It was just a bumpy road to get there which made this a big page turner.arc biker booksprout Shannon Godwin2,570 26

The writing is great. I didn’t enjoy this book I did the others. Tank & Boiler hold the same position but in different clubs. Their clubs have come together and made peace which makes it easier for these two to be together. However Tank has walls up so high it’s hard to get around them. Will Boiler be able to knock the walls down? This story is more of Boiler working to win Tank over. As I said, it’s a good book but definitely not my favorite. Merry Jelks-Emmanuel7,850 120

Years ago, Tank saved Boiler's life. They are from rival MC's but now have a truce. Sparks ignites between these two, but Tank has a solid wall around her heart and feels that love will never come for her. Boiler is determined to find a way to her heart. Will they get their chance for a happily ever after. This heartfelt story had me from the first page.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Debbie Earley2,496 16

Once again Morgan Jane has brought another story that I couldn't put down. From the beginning I was invested in Broiler and Tank's story. They both have demons in their past, but a little cutie helps break down the walls built around a heart with steel walls. I loved going on this journey with them as they built a future together. Their story made me laugh, cry, cheer and want to kick some butt myself. Congratulations Morgan Jane on another smash hit. SALLY22

Morgan Jane Mitchell did a fabulous job on these two characters. Tank and Boiler are the same rank but in two different clubs. These two clubs, Hell on Heelz and the Seville Slayers, are on shakey ground with each other with a new truce between the two. This is a great read and I can't wait for the next installment of The Hell on Heelz. Phyllis Wolford1,559

Tank and. Broilers story starts with the trust between the two clubs. It’s not an easy trust , but it seems to be working.
Broiler and Tank are attracted to each other, but both are careful not to let their feelings grow to fast. They argue, party, and start a dance that leads to the very best love around. They and the clubs are there for them and each other. Joy Whiteside4,466 96

Wow, what a read. This book has got everything that you need to make for a fantastic read. It moves along at a great pace that is perfect for the flow of the story. The characters are great and you will fall in love with them no matter what and the story will not disappoint you and keep you interested and reading until the end. This book is a must read, no doubt about it. Debbie Bolay627 2

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