Snatched Up By A Midwest Gangsta For Xmas de Monaye, B.

de Monaye, B. - Género: English
libro gratis Snatched Up By A Midwest Gangsta For Xmas


Monaye, B. Publisher: S.Yvonne Presents, Year: 2023

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nice very nice

This update Christmas standalone is lit. It’s sad how Smurf didn’t open his mouth and say he wanted his spot back instead of doing all of that sneaky shit. I’m glad killa didn’t leave my girl Nik over so fuck shit that she been trying to get done with her husband by getting him to sign the papers for a divorce. Streetz got him a real one I’m glad he want his girl to stay here as well for them to leave Atl and move to Chicago. U did good on yet another book and I’m looking forward to reading more of them. Sitting here patting my feet while sipping on Pepsi while eating popcorn while waiting on the next book to read Keywanna Revell857


Awesome Christmas Romance collection

I just wish could've been more about the couple Christmas time Spent so much time on someone trying to take them out only to be his so called brother Smurf... And there mom..

I needed more of there relationship So hopefully we get updates on this couple Helen Clark909 3

Short but Sweet

I was very happy with the chain of events. I was sad to see the betrayal of people that say they care about you, but in return, will snake you.

No should've put Killa up on game, but we will have missed the big finale.

Great story! Wanted to know more of the back story. Denetta Banks3,650 19


A good read with a great storyline. This Xmas story that I couldn't put down, once I started reading. I loved these characters and all of the drama that came with them. Secrets come to light, and they were a few. This author definitely delivered a five star read. Syretta Hines Adams2,070 5


Good read. I would have never thought it was Surfside trifling jealous self. Annika know she should have said something but I'm glad he forgave her. And that momma was a trip. Loved it Bo'Tina Jackson683 7

great read

I knew Smurf was moving funny but I didn’t see that then to have their own mother delivered the notes is wild but crackheads will do anything for a fix but I need more from killa and nika lol Monica Byrd349

not sure

The stories bounced around a little too much for me. Trinady should’ve told him about Smurf before he killed him. Shelima Theresa Maynard1,332 3

Loved it

I had a feeling Smurf was a snake. It's always your own. I am just happy that no one got hurt. I hope everyone gets married soon. Great Read! Shannon D. Wilkins329 1 follower

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