Chivalry of a Failed Knight: Volume 2 de Misora, Riku

de Misora, Riku - Género: English
libro gratis Chivalry of a Failed Knight: Volume 2


Misora, Riku Publisher: J-Novel Club

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I've never really understood how an author, having an infinite possibility to create a fantasy world, creates a world full of evil, bullying, jealousy, problems that make this alternate reality world a dystopia. Why create a world that is as bad as this one? Isn't it due to a total lack of imagination and positive values?
Both main characters, Ikki and Stella Vermilion are shy and low in the emotional intelligence range. I find it hard to believe that a failed Knight is someone who will always be failed (because of the bad title for the light novel series). Failed Knight could mean that the person failed at the beginning, the end, or fails constantly, but because the title cannot really be changed, then the bad title, Failed Knight kind of curses the series to be in an infinite failure cycle.
This is one of the older Light Novels published in English by Sol Press in 2013. It has a "school" background but it seems they never have any classes. More important to the author are the feelings and emotions of the characters, and the fighting towards the big 7 tournament for the Blazer Mage Knights.
If you are wondering (as I was) why were Stella's clothes torn on the cover, it was because it was a desired illustration by the author (confessed in the afterword).
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The chivalry of a failed knight is a pretty great interesting manga! Really love the art and character designs and great story!
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