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A young couple gets more than they bargained for when they buy an abandoned house with a haunted, windowless room.
Kate and Derrick have just bought their first home in the sleepy town of Millston, MA. The previous owners of the house mysteriously vanished years ago, abandoning the home to foreclosure. Ready to give the house a new life, the young couple soon realize not all is as it seems. There’s a room on the first floor of the house that has been kept sealed away for decades. An odd, dusty little room without windows. A shadowy, disused space that’s somehow colder than the rest of the house. And what about that strange smell? It’s not the dust, but something deeper underneath. Something ominous and threatening. Bad things have happened in this room, and what’s been left in its wake is an overwhelming sense of loss and despair. Welcome to The Dread Room.
Strange noises and eerie sensations soon begin to emanate from the room, inexplicably centered around Kate. Is she losing her mind? Or does she have a latent psychic ability that allows her to detect such phenomena? Plagued by terrible visions and horrific apparitions, Kate becomes determined to uncover the truth behind the Dread Room and what happened to the house’s previous inhabitants. But the deeper Kate digs, the more things seem to escalate. Are the Dread Room spirits trying to hurt her and Derrick, or are they merely crying out for help? With their new home and her very sanity on the line, Kate needs to find the answer–no matter how sinister it may be–before the Dread Room drags her into the darkness for good...M.F

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Kate and Derrick have just moved into their first home together. Everything is perfect, apart from the fact one room fills Kate with dread every time she goes inside. She starts to research the house and finds that not only did the previous owners' infant son die in that very room, but they also had gone missing without a trace three years ago. Soon, it becomes more than just a feeling, and she starts hearing and seeing things. But what does it all mean?

I loved everything about this one. I know, I know... I always say I'm not a big lover of paranormal stories, but I've recently found a few I've loved, and this is definitely one of them. There were a few scenes that genuinely had me feeling a little freaked out. It also had me thinking this would make a great horror movie. There were a few twists, one of which I had figured out a little while before Kate did. But, that ending... I didn't see it ending that way at all.
This was such a great read, and if you love haunted house stories, this one is for you.6 s Trisha Tropiano16 1 follower

Kate and Derrick finally buy their dream home, but it quickly turns into a nightmare for Kate. As events escalate, Kate questions whether or not what she’s experiencing is real, and begins to dig into the history of the house and its previous occupants. Mike Handy does a great job building suspense and keeping readers interested! It captures your attention right from the start, and finishes with a solid ending. Thanks so much to Mike for the ARC, I really enjoyed reading The Dread Room!3 s Ali O118 8

This is such an amazing book! I enjoyed it from the beginning to end! It’s a cool twist on a haunted house story, with the Dread Room as the haunting room. There’s lots of feelings and emotions in this book, as well as surprises and thrills! This book is very well written and has a great storyline. I was surprised by the ending and definitely didn’t see how the story would play out.3 s Milt Theo906 66

This was one of those haunted house books (well, haunted room to be precise) immediately playing in your mind a movie. The writing is wonderfully descriptive, putting every necessary little detail right before your eyes, so that the story is very easy to follow. What's  more, it's hugely entertaining, full of suspense and creepiness. Handy knows how to give it the perfect build up, so that you get the revelations bit by bit, exactly as the main character discovers them. The pacing is brilliant, the characterization extremely well done (you'll probably recognize a lot of these characters from people in your own life, if you've lived in suburbia), but what makes the book stand out is the creepy and uncanny phenomena happening in the "Dread Room": yep, it's an actual room, one which, even if you confirm it's empty, a child's giggle may come from it the moment you shut the door; or even worse (but more fun for us horror lovers!) dead people may open the door and peek out, perhaps watching you walking around the house! Although the build up often comes at the cost of subtlety (there are several moments the author intervenes to prepare the reader for a future disaster; this doesn't always work as intended), it all makes sense in the end, and I for one really enjoyed the book and appreciated the harrowing ending. Well done!2 s Jesse Bollinger308 21

I’ve always been scared of the paranormal and haunted houses. I’m one of those people that always says they want to research the phenomenon, but I know I’d be terrified and probably run screaming. I’ve been a fan of horror, my whole life. It takes a lot to scare me. This book gave me literal goosebumps! The whole time I was reading it it was I could see the movie in my head. Some books are just cinematic in nature and this one definitely was. I hope it becomes a movie someday. I really got attached to our main characters and wanted them to survive this crazy situation. this is without a doubt, one of the best haunted house books I’ve ever read! I can’t wait to read more from this author, including his debut novel, which I’m definitely getting!2 s Anschen Conradie1,171 68

#TheDreadRoom – Michael Handy
ISBN 979 8861 438 544 (ARC)

Haunted houses are common phenomena in the horror genre; a single room in a house being haunted, however, is a rarity. This is the dilemma of first-time homeowners, Kate, and Derrick.

Their acquirement of the house follows the mysterious disappearance of the previous owners. Everything seems idyllic, except for one aspect: A room in the house is windowless. It did have two, but both have been boarded closed, and sealed, creating the impression that they have never existed.

If that had been the only issue, Kate would have been able to accept the strange little room, but the door opens by itself, and inexplicable low temperatures, an intense fear, woeful cries, and disgusting smells of rot reveal themselves shortly, all emanating from the room. And Derrick does not believe her.

If criticism is to be leveled, it would be aimed at the omnipresent narrator. Utilizing ‘showing’ instead of ‘telling’, would have improved the text in several instances. For example: “The next morning, Kate and Derrick both woke up hungover.” (38) is a statement of fact that the reader must accept, whilst a description would have been more subtle and less patronizing. wise, the reader is constantly reminded that Mr. Cooper is the “man from across the street”, and warnings ” ...both women unaware of the disaster waiting to unfold” (169) dilute the element of surprise. Repetitions of character names also result in clumsy sentences, such as “Kate assumed she was getting Manny’s mail, and Kate quickly turned her head away.... Kate swiftly got out of the car...” (192)

The plot and linear storyline are both well executed, the mounting dread as the events escalate and Kate becomes increasingly isolated, compels sustained reader attention. The closing scene was delightful, slightly unpredictable, and quite nerve-wracking. Despite the reservations, the novel is an entertaining read for lovers of the genre.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #Uitdieperdsebek2 s Corey Cooper65

I want to begin by saying I’m not the biggest fan of supernatural stories. I feel nearly every storyline regarding spirits and past lives has been explored and rehashed to exhaustion. That being said, The Dread Room did introduce a couple refreshing elements to the genre. Handy employed a somewhat formulaic approach at the start of the book, but kind of used the well-known tropes against themselves cleverly. I especially appreciated the way the investigative team-angle was handled. The conclusion of that particular aspect was entirely unpredictable and quite revitalizing.

I don’t always expect literary surprises in stories of this ilk, but I do think this one provided enough breadcrumbs along the way to guide the reader in the proper direction. Whether or not that was intentional isn’t paramount since it was handled with a sense of grace and command. Even with “ghost stories” not being my cup-of-tea, I still found enough substance here and character development to feel something.

I will say if anyone hasn’t read Handy’s first novel, Chigger Lives Here, I implore you to do so. It was, in my opinion, a masterpiece and did an exemplary job keeping the reader engaged and disturbed. Comparing the two isn’t easy because the content is starkly dissimilar, but he shows a new style with this offering that demonstrates his ability to paint nightmarish scenes in the mind of the reader. Mike hit the nail on the head once again and continues to deliver to horror readers what they so desperately seek. I’m looking forward to reading more from him as he continues to hone his craft.
1 Josette Thomas933 1 follower

I think this book had all the things I in a haunted house book. There were spirits (both kind and malevolent), there was revenge, there was a character that had questionable personality traits and a protective dog to keep the owner safe. The pace of this book was excellent. I d that the story provided details but not too many as to spoil the ending. I was so upset when Frisky got lost because he kept Kate safe from the entities in the room. Derrick was sure an unsupportive partner that’s for sure. He only seemed to want Kate to think she was imagining things (for reasons we find out later in the book) and acted as thought she was mentally unbalanced. I, as the reader, felt the utter terror Kate experienced from the Dread room, I would probably have done just about anything to avoid this room. I lived in a haunted house but we did leave. Bad experiences in a house do make that house susceptible to malevolent happenings. As a whole, this book deserves 4.5 out of 5.1 Rhian41 5

I had the honour of receiving an ARC for this one.

I wanted to love it. It started off so well, I love haunted house stories.

The characters were good, d the story, but the pacing for me was too slow.

There were definite good points, and if you love slow burn supernatural stories, then this will absolutely be up your street.

There are scenes that definitely play on your mind and leave you with a feeling of unease.

I've given it a 4 star because there are so many good points, and if this is your bag, it may well be a 5 star!

Please do give this a go. It may be your favourite of the year.1 Samantha Barnes94 3

The Dread Room by Michael Handy
This is such an amazing book and if you ghost stories, this is a must read! I could NOT get enough of this book, after being in a book slump for a long time, this was the reboot I needed.
There's so many twists, there's so many questions, it's a mystery/haunted house thriller. As you read this, you will get sucked into the pages ;) and feel the numerous emotions with the main character, Katie.
This book had me guessing with every chapter and I didn't lose interest once.
Mike Handy, you did an amazing job!1 Angela Brewington 38 3

I was gifted this ARC. This was such a good read! I started it yesterday on a short road trip with my family and would have finished if I didn’t have other plans. Once I got rolling today I could not put it down! There was great story and character building to the point that I could visualize what was happening as if it were a movie. I will admit that I did “figure it out” before the big reveal, but I had to keep reading to see how it played out. Bonus points for the unly hero at the end!arc1 Jacinta Williams29 4

Loved it ! Really good haunted house or should I say “Room” story ! This book will take you into your biggest fears !1 Thaddeus Jansen16

A fascinating story of heartbreak mixed with deep dread. When you one shot of building a life you want turns into an ending nightmare. Mike builds the suspense til you get to an ending where your breath is taken away. This story will make you reevaluate your relationships and just who you can trust. 1 Lisa Slojewski33 4

Thank you so much to Michael Handy for sending my an ARC copy of this book to read for review.

Well this is honestly the best paranormal haunted house book I have ever read. I literally could not put it down.

Kate and Derrick bought a house to start their lives together. Weirdly there was a room in the house with the windows bricked up. Kate always had a feeling of dread in this room and tried to stay away from it. But as time went on she started to hear noises and see things in and out of the room. She dug deeper into the history by speaking with Manny from across the street and looking into papers at the library etc, and was surprised by what she had found out.

The twist in this story was unbelievable, I did not expect that ending at all. I went through all emotions, even made me tearful.

While reading this book, I could see it in my mind. It would make a great horror film.

This is seriously a must read!!

Looking forward to reading more from this author. Danielle Meier17

I was super lucky to be chosen as an ARC for The Dread Room!

This book had so much build up to it and I LOVED it. You will think it is going one way and NOPE, hard jerk in a different direction. Then comes the actual plot twist and when I say my jaw dropped, I am not kidding, I made an audible noise because I did not see it coming. I had no clue in the slightest, no inclining not even the thought crossed my mind. I finished over half the book over the weekend because I could not put it down. I was so enthralled into this book by the halfway point, it was all I could think about. I was frantically trying to finish it before bed. This book also provoked a lot of emotions from me, ones I would not expect from something in the Horror genre.
Also Frisk, *Chef's Kiss*.

1 Sammi Dyer269 7

The Dread Room written by Michael Handy is a freakishly fantastic story. The paranormal events described throughout the haunting will make your blood run cold, and have you jumping out of your skin. I enjoyed this story immensely from beginning to end. Whoa, that ending was twisted to say the least, I did not see it coming. It left my head spinning. So trust me, when I say; if you the supernatural genre then is a click “Buy It Now” on the release day - July 2nd 2024 1 kasey culp21 21

A couple moves into a small fixer upper in the small town of Millston, MA. There’s this room that stays shut containing nothing but a chair that remains shut at all times. The wife Kate begins experiencing strange happenings regarding the room including noises and banging. As Kate delves deeper into the mystery of the home and the room things get more strange. What is it about the dread room? Emily Haynes698 31

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