Land of Dust and Hope de Michael Downing

de Michael Downing - Género: English
libro gratis Land of Dust and Hope


Welcome to Happy, Texas—a small Panhandle town with a name that doesn't always ring true.

Discontent is brewing in Happy as Brother Bob questions his beliefs as pastor of a church. Jen, his choir director, flounders in her unhappy marriage while caring for her mentally ill sister, Cheyenne, and cowboy James struggles between what is right and finally finding true love.

When an elder Hispanic member of their community—Joaquin—learns his granddaughter, Angelica, has fallen into the hands of traffickers, this unlikely group of townsfolk unite and embark on an epic journey to save her. Angelica is being held by coyotes—the frightening human kind—across the river from the West Texas town of Presidio on the Mexican border. It will be a miracle if she survives long enough for her grandfather and his Happy crew to rescue her.

With poignancy and humor, Land of Dust and Hope deftlyillustrates...

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