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May Cobb Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group, Year: 2024 ISBN: 9780593546840,9780593546826

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May Cobb is the queen of guilty pleasure; however, this one missed the mark.

Cassidy, a 20-something young lady, goes to LA to recover after a bad breakup. She works as a personal assistant to a Hollywood couple when one of them ends up dead.

While Cassidy is supposed to be a young lady, she acts more in line with a mature 30ish year old, going to The Container Store for an exciting night out on the town (sadly not an exaggeration). And I just wanted her to be a bit more irrational and diabolical! Give me a wild Cassidy!

The book also seemed a bit slow, which is strange for a guilty pleasure book.

There are two timelines: a later and a now timeline. And the later timeline is really inconsistent.

This book was ruined a bit by reading Daemon Voices by Philip Pullman, a collection of essays on storytelling. Of course, the exact quote eludes me, but it is something to the effect of “Don’t start a story with the cheap trick of ‘She entered the slowly darkening room’ because readers will instantly be annoyed wanting to know who she is.” Ugh. This book essentially implements this trick and stuck to it a dog with a bone for 75% of the book.

Now, don’t kill me here because I am going to share something that you may not have noticed before, but you will now be on the alert. For some unknown reason, the word “click” was used 29 times! 29!

Well, I didn’t click with this one………

May Cobb --- I still love your work; we’ll get the next one!

*Thanks, NetGalley for a free copy of this book in exchange for my fair and unbiased opinion.

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It’s perfect that this book is set in Hollywood, because my mind feels it’s been in Lalaland while reading this!

Cassidy is a wannabe romance novelist from Texas fresh off a break-up, when her bestie Lexie uses her film industry connections to get Cassidy a personal assistant position for glamorous Hollywood power couple, Nate Sterling and Marisol Torres.

So begins a bizarre personal/working relationship between Cassidy, Nate and Marisol where we go from “You’re a complete stranger who I just met” to “I trust you implicitly with every aspect of my life” in about 5 minutes. But do you really know who you’re working for, and do they really know you? This trio all have their secrets and motivations.

In a book where pretty much everyone is playing each other, booze seems to be the main staple of breakfast, lunch and dinner, and every bush/tree/window from every angle no matter where you are allows you a PERFECT view into all the naughty activities you might want to creepily spy on, I feel I just went on a short break from ALL reality!

Those who enjoy an OTT, soapy, sexed-up mystery spotlighting the extravagant lifestyle of the Hollywood rich and famous - this may be just the book for you. I could see why many readers will have fun with this. In fairness, I’m just the wrong audience for it.

Let me break down where I struggled:

Length/Pacing: This didn’t need to be 400+ pages. The first half particularly felt slow and could either be tightened up or spiced up to keep the reader engaged.

Plot: A murder is alluded to. You don’t find out who the victim is until the 80% mark. The story leading up to it is pretty slow and uneventful. Cassidy is doing her job and fantasizing about all the hots she has for Nate. And spying. The story after the murder felt predictable. I saw where this train was headed and hoped Cobb would turn it in an unexpected direction. She didn’t.

Characters: Not one likable character. ANY would’ve been appreciated. If unhinged women are your thing … here you go. Some readers love that!

Dialogue: Cassidy and Lexie speak to one another in ‘cool girl' slang “prolly”, “ridic”, “superhot”, “obvy” and Lexie’s go-to word for Cassidy “chica”. Please make it stop. Cassidy also frequently talks in exclamation marks as if she’s in a perpetual state of excitement!!!!! that. Unfortunately there was plenty of cringey dialogue to go around. Maybe this was intentional to highlight the shallow reputation of Hollywood? I could see that.

Ending/Epilogue: A couple decent twists that may work for less seasoned thriller readers. It did the dreaded villain monologue (aka Scooby Doo ending) where the baddie confesses at length when they could’ve just kept their mouth shut smart people. Also, I wish the whole epilogue didn’t exist. Ugh. It didn’t need to go there. Let the reader use their own imagination. Ambiguity can be so delicious!

Here’s the GREAT news. There are many strong ratings and so far that prove there’s an audience who will LOVE this book, so PLEASE read those before deciding on this.


Thanks to Berkley Publishing, NetGalley and author May Cobb for this digital ARC to honestly review. It’s due to be published July 9, 2024.fiction mystery-thriller power-dynamics ...more132 s100 comments Nilufer Ozmekik2,589 52.7k

Juicy, spicy, naughty, twisty, stimulating, hot as hell! Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present the best book by May Cobb so far. While "Hunting Wives" held the title of my favorite, "Hollywood Assistant" surpassed my expectations, throwing the smartest, most scandalous twists my way and cranking up the wild ride potential a notch. Despite a slightly slow start, a few chapters later, things got intriguing. I felt a little fish, Nily, hooked by the author's line, allowing myself to go with the flow. The last third had me screaming with amazement, especially the latest twist I never saw coming, even though I usually pride myself on my high-alert spidey senses. This time, they went out of radar.

The plot execution was successfully crafted with balanced but mostly fast pacing, keeping readers guessing about the secrets characters hide. Whose side should you pick when the main character is unreliable and shows some obsessive tendencies (even though she emphasizes she's a neat freak, punctual Virgo, giving off some Scorpio vibes)? All these women in the book exude a femme fatale Scorpio charm that leaves you torn between despising and respecting them, mostly both.

Now, let's dive into the plot, set in my favorite city that I simultaneously love and hate wholeheartedly: La La Land! Even though it's a dreamland where only villains or villanelles may survive!

Enter Cassidy Foster, twenty-nine, a Texan Belle, book smart, shy, mediocre in looks, recently dumped, finally finding the courage to move to Los Angeles for her new gig as the private assistant to Hollywood power couple Nate Sterling, a successful, charismatic movie director, 45, and his exotic, joyful, Mediterranean pearl of a wife, Marisol, in her early thirties—a social butterfly contrasting her husband's old-school loner style.

Cassidy is paid 4K monthly for mostly doing nothing but a few errands, shopping, and organizing Marisol’s clothes in exchange for more designer clothes. It seems everyone's dream job, too good to be true. She's happy with the Sterlings, even though she accidentally witnesses their fights and make-up sex. Her attraction to Nate grows as he takes an interest in her, encouraging her screenwriting career. You might be asking, what's the catch? Nate finally reveals the main reason she's hired, and Cassidy realizes she might be entangled in secrets, betrayal, a dark scheme with the Sterlings. The more she stays in their circle, the more she's doomed to be ruined, a moth to flame.

The second half of the book is a crazy, wild ride that had me exclaiming, "What the actual hell?" several times. I shoveled more popcorn, sipped more Chardonnay, gave my villanelle laughs, and read more! What a fantastic time I had! I wholeheartedly recommend you read this dark, sexy, unconventional, steamy, smart mystery.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Berkley Publishing for sharing this wonderful book's digital reviewer copy with me in exchange for my honest opinions. Freaking fantastic job, May Cobb!

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Thank you to Berkley @BerkleyPub and Netgalley @Netgalley for the e-arc.


Cassidy takes a personal assistant job in Hollywood after a horrible breakup. She’s broken hearted, and just fed up, so she jumps on the opportunity.

She finds that all she has to do at her new job is show up for a few hours, run a few errands, and she’ll be fine, with some designer things thrown in for variety. However, things aren’t always as they seem and there are always strings.

Nate, the husband to Marisol and her employer, seems to take interest in her. Cassidy can’t believe her luck, even more so when he has her read and summarize scripts for her.

Turns out, her employers aren’t the perfect couple they’d people to believe. So when one of them is found dead, Cassidy, as their closest person by default, is the prime suspect.


I love May Cobb so much and this book did not disappoint me at all. It feels every book she writes, she gets better.

This one left me so happy just reading about all the twists and turns and delightful ways people are horrible. This book grabbed my interest straight from the start, and then it sucked me into the pages. I didn’t want to come up to take a breath because I was so immersed.

May Cobb writes amazing characters, and I feel that even if you wouldn’t typically relate to them, you always can and then you are taken on a wild ride. I particularly that she writes them all with flaws, while showing their good side as well. She writes them as whole people, not just glamorous ones. They are just so well written and captivating.

I feel that this book was long, but it didn’t feel that it was long enough, it felt the perfect length. The pacing was on the faster side, but not so fast that I got lost or overwhelmed. I do wish a few things were further explained, but I did enjoy this one a lot. I did particularly enjoy the ending and it was a fun way to wrap up the book. Not what I anticipated at all.2024 netgalley netgalley-202430 s Dennis891 1,817

THE HOLLYWOOD ASSISTANT IS MAY COBB'S BEST BOOK YET. I said what I said. If you've been a fan of May Cobb since The Hunting Wives, you are in for a real treat.

Cassidy Foster is left heartbroken after breaking up with her boyfriend Carter, but when her bff Lexie offers her a job placement in Los Angeles working as an assistant to actress Marisol Sterling and her director husband Nate, she jumps at the opportunity for a new beginning. The pay is great, Cassidy loves working for them, and she can finally clear her mind and start fresh. Marisol and Nate are the perfect couple and Cassidy is so intrigued by them. However, when Nate begins to show interest in Cassidy romantically, she realizes that their marriage may have some hiccups that she didn't expect. Nate is attractive and Cassidy clearly feels the same, but she knows that this relationship is inappropriate. When Cassidy finds out the true reason for her hiring, she must make the decision to continue with the Sterlings, especially when one of them is found dead.

This book is spicy, over-the-top dramatic, and all kinds of fun. This is the summer beach read of your dreams! THE HOLLYWOOD ASSISTANT is my favorite by May Cobb yet! I truly feel Cobb is at her best with this book and you must prioritize it in your summer reading. THE HOLLYWOOD ASSISTANT will be in my top reads of the year for sure. 2024-pub 2024-read psychological-thriller ...more21 s Creya Casale | cc.shelflove453 374

Thank you to NetGalley and Berkley Publishing Group for providing a digital copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

May Cobb does it again! Interestingly, this is her first book that is not set in Texas. Don't fret—the main character is from Texas, transported to sunny LA for a job opportunity. When she begins working for a famous director and his wife, she quickly realizes one thing: her bosses are a little nuts. Okay, A LOT nuts, but they take care of Cassidy so nicely, throwing her money and designer clothing... is it too good to be true? I thought Cassidy was a relatable character. Her social awkwardness and internal need to please others was very real. And Marisol's closet? UGH. It's me.
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