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Mateo Askaripour Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group, Year: 2024 ISBN: 9780593472347,9780593472354

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This book made me understand what people mean by “crackling prose.” It zips right along. It’s almost cinematic. The scenes tumble forward one after another. I’m not exactly the right audience for it in that I wished for more depth and nuance but that is not this book.202424 s emma2,166 69.8k Want to read

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4.5/5 stars - A stunning foray into the realm of speculative/dystopian fiction.

Set centuries into the future in the year 2529, "This Great Hemisphere" focuses on young Sweetmint, a young woman with the official name of Candace. She's an Invisible in Forest 26 of the Northwestern Hemisphere, just one of many dealing with the repercussions following an environmental and societal upheaval that has split the world into hemispheres, where individuals are either in the minority, lower-class population known as "vizzers" or are part of the the D.P. (Dominant Population), or "dippies". However, Sweetmint has been given the opportunity of a lifetime: a chance to work with Croger Tenmase, a renowned inventor known as the Great Architect, and she eagerly accepts the internship. It's her first chance to enter the D.P. community, but one that gets threatened when a shocking event happens: Chief Executive Rhitel, the leader of the Northwestern Hemisphere, is murdered - and the lone suspect is her older brother who abandoned her three years ago.

In the events that follow, Sweetmint attempts to keep some semblance of normalcy despite the immediate suspicion she's placed under. The story jumps perspectives to a number of other individuals with key roles in the ensuing political tangle, including Local Manager II Stephan Jolis and Hemispheric Guard Director Curts, as they try to reassure their citizens that justice will be met. All the while, we find out more and more about what happened in the centuries in-between that have passed, the true identities of individuals, and what has truly unfolded over time.

This novel is such a jarring, thought-provoking work that handles the concepts of race and class in a way I've yet to encounter. Despite the complete transformation of the world, the new societal and political rules in place - it's clear that the concept of minority and majority populations, and those with versus those without continue to hold true over time, and there are strong criticisms on gender discrimination and politics as well. While the plot is driven forward by the events that follow the murder of the Chief Executive, it leaves room for the detailed world-building and we're able to learn more about each of the main characters in this novel; Sweetmint's character growth and development by the end of the story is impressively done.

I did struggle with the sheer number of characters and names that were part of the storyline however (especially tough as they frequently have more than one name) and the complexity of this future world, which not only had new rules and structures, but also new languages and terminology that took some time to understand. The first half or so of the novel was difficult to get through because of this, but once the plot picked up towards the second half it was difficult to put down.

Very much a recommended read when "This Great Hemisphere" is published in July!

Thank you Dutton Publishing for the advance copy of this novel!2024-new arc black-authors ...more8 s1 comment Christopher115 7

Black Buck by Mateo Askaripour was one of my favorite reads in the past few years. It was creative and inventive, his new book The Great Hemisphere. Full disclosure: I do not gravitate towards books set far in the future, but I admire the work Mateo put into creating a world that was both different and yet similar to our world today. One of my favorite lines is, "The future forever echoes the past, growing distant from its source, but never without it." Race plays a pivotal role in the story that unfolds in the Hemisphere but takes on an exciting form that I did not see coming. This book is significantly different from anything I've read, which held my attention, but at times, the language, character names, and situations became distracting. Overall, this book will find an audience who can appreciate the book's inventive nature.6 s1 comment Yume KitaseiAuthor 6 books517

I love speculative fiction that makes you think, makes you a little uncomfortable, and sucks you down a wormhole into a whole weird world. This book by Mateo Askaripour is all of that.

Set in a far future where humanity has retreated into tightly controlled habitats, half of humanity is literally invisible. Feared and oppressed, this class of unseen people provide the labor for the privileged. Sweetmint, the main character, is invisible, but has won a coveted apprenticeship with one of the greatest hemisphere engineers, a position that promises to catapult her to into a place of comfort. But discontent is brewing, and Sweetmint's missing brother may be wrapped up in it. To save him, she will become entangled with conspiracies, cover ups, and a corrupt social order on the brink of change for better or worse.

THIS GREAT HEMISPHERE is a tense, urgent exploration of power in all its forms and how it corrupts. It's a story of America and subjugation and hope and all the things some may choose not to see. An allegory reminiscent of Colson Whitehead's INTUITIONIST and ZONE ONE, this one will keep your brain churning long after you've finished it.

Thank you to the publisher for providing me with an advance reader copy.litfic sff4 s Bbecca_marie878 24

This Great Hemisphere
By Mateo Askaripour

Thank you so much @duttonbooks #DuttonPartner for this gifted copy.

A speculative novel about a young woman—invisible by birth and relegated to second-class citizenship—who sets off on a mission to find her older brother, whom she had presumed dead but who is now the primary suspect in a high-profile political murder.

✨ My thoughts:
What a great read! I am a novice when it comes to Sci-fi and Speculative Fiction so when I find a novel a can easily follow, it’s extremely appreciated. This story hooked me from the beginning, mostly fast paced, and easy to follow. I found the invisibles to be fascinating and the world building to be fantastic! I’d say if you enjoy speculative fiction and sci-fi stories that’ll have you reflect on the world we live in now and the world it could look in the future, this is one book you’ll want to pick up this summer. Compelling, thought provoking, mysterious and even adventurous… This Great Hemisphere is out tomorrow 7/9/24!

Happy reading
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