The Opposite of Memory de Mary E. Lowd

de Mary E. Lowd - Género: English
libro gratis The Opposite of Memory


Can losing your memories make you stronger? Can it be a form of recreation? What happens when the difference between memory and reality becomes blurred?

From hard science-fiction to space opera with a taste of fantasy and the surreal along the way, this anthology explores the intersection of memory, technology, identity, and reality.

Contains the following stories:

Forget Me NotThe Screen SaviorThe Most Complicated AvatarA Second Enchanted Evening"Viewers Like You"We Can remember It For You RetailThe Opposite of SuicideSmall Smooth PebbleOn the Eve of the ApocalypseMy Magic, My SpellAnger is a Porcupine, Sadness is a FishReturning the LyreThe Fish KiteMemory SpritesCrystal and RainbowNecessary as a RoseFlowers Want to Be FreeTechno BabelThe City In Your Toaster OvenThe...

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This collection of stories was previously published in 2014. This time, the author has added new stories and reissued the collection.

I frankly found it a mishmash of stories; some so short that they could be classified as flash fiction; the writing is good, but somehow some of the stories do not make a lasting impression, and I found the scope a bit off-putting at times, such as a pebble with which you can blow up the universe.

Some I d well enough to perhaps publish again in a longer form, the story about a pill you can take to forget your pain, loss and grief.
On a philosophical level, you can look at who we are without memories and a past, and what makes us human. The film Total Recall explores this further - suppose your memories are false; what does that do to a person? And who are you without your memories?
There were also many stories about being uploaded into a game environment, or cartoonish speech bubbles suddenly appearing.

I had a classical education with Latin and love these myths, so my favourite story was the myth of Orpheus.
Orpheus looking back - despite the warning - and then seeing his beloved Eurydice disappear into the underworld again.

However, I ‘’struggle‘’ with the stories that were probably added later. They seem rather personal in nature, although I am not quite sure.
As a novelist, I think you have to think about what you want the reader to get out of your story.
I seriously wonder who is waiting for stories about babies dying shortly after birth and ‘parents who have learned’ how to deal with the loss of one child so that they can deal with the loss of another.
Maybe I missed the point of the story, but losing a child is something you NEVER get used to - it leaves a hole in your soul and it seriously f*** you up for the rest of your life.

2.5- 3 stars.arc booksirens Sanjib Dash BookishDramas500 9

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