Saint Joan of New York : A Novel About God and String Theory de Mark Alpert

de Mark Alpert - Género: English
libro gratis Saint Joan of New York : A Novel About God and String Theory


SAINT JOAN OF NEW YORK is a novel about a math prodigy who becomes obsessed with discovering the Theory of Everything. Joan Cooper, a 17-year-old genius traumatized by the death of her older sister, tries to rebuild her shattered world by studying string theory and the efforts to unify the laws of physics. But as she tackles the complex equations, she falls prey to disturbing visions of a divine being who wants to help her unveil the universe's mathematical design. Joan must enter the battle between science and religion, fighting for her sanity and a new understanding of the cosmos.

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I was swept up right away in Joan’s smart, no-nonsense voice, a nice change from the snide, jokey first-person voices of so many teenaged narrators. Alpert does a good job of sketching in her sad life on the Upper West Side and then turning every aspect of it on its head. What I love most is the way Alpert leaves it up to us readers to decide for ourselves what’s the work of God and what’s the work of the imagination, where inspiration leaves off and genius begins. The helpful introduction to string theory – that was a bonus.3 s Angela5 1 follower

Gripping until the end, with a fascinating mixture of physics, math and psychology popping up in the story. The credible parts are the best. The more incredible are perhaps the author's comment on string theory ;) Plenty of food for thought in this book, but no answers!2 s Mansoor683 17

If you wanna get a picture of the current status of theoretical physics in nontechnical language, I highly recommend author's introduction. On to the story itself, I wouldn't recommend it.1 MarkAuthor 16 books193

Here's my latest novel. I hope you it!1 Antonio De1 review

The author misleads the reader, when he writes or authorizes a summary of the novel. It can be classified as a thriller mixing science and religion, but never as a version of Saint Joan d?arc living in the 21st century.
He does not hide that using writers freedom he may write some heresies in his novel. But all the time he hints that he respects the generaly accepted christian beliefs.
That is not true.
The last thirty pages are disgusting, and he takes a decision on behalf of the heroin of the novel, which is not consistent with her behaviour along the book's story.1 Steve Walker305 115

Hmmm...meh....interesting idea, however...many authors, including ones claiming to be Christian, have never really read the Bible or read author’s works where God shows up....i.e. G.K. Chesterton..Stephen King is correct. If you want to write, you need to read a LOT. And you need to write and read every day!2019-release scifi springer-scientific-novels ToriBeth85 19

I thought this was a really interesting book about grief and betrayal, the clash of science and religion and free will. A very good thriller / mystery with a few unexpected twists and turns. fiction religious-fiction Mike Klymkowsky24

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