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In this sci-fi adventure, the beloved author of Dragon Ops takes readers on a thrilling and heart-pounding journey through a high-stakes video game world.

Now safely back at home, Ian and Lilli are free to return to normal life. Except there's a major problem: Ian keeps seeing the big bad boss dragon Atreus everywhere, and he can't tell whether it's real or in his imagination. So the internet is no longer an option. That's right. Ian, king of online gaming, is out on the soccer court instead. When Atreus shows up . . . everywhere, he knows he needs his sister. But he's legally obligated to never say Dra-er, the name of the game, so how is he supposed to ask for help?
When Ian and Lilli finally sign back online, it's clear that Atreus has truly been released on the open web—and even worse, Ikumi has been kidnapped and imprisoned in a video game. It's back into virtual reality, but this time it's to Mech Ops, a...

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Dragon Ops, Dragon vs. Robots by Mari Mancusi
2nd book in the Dragon Ops series. Best read in order. MIDDLE GRADE fantasy. Male protagonist.
Ian hasn’t been online gaming since he and his sister escaped from the virtual reality game Dragon Ops. When he receives a message of “Help!” from a friend, Ian and his sister Lilli are again immersed in a virtual reality game. Robots, quests, game leveling and a dragon or two.

An engaging quest that’s fast paced with plenty of twists and surprises. Not as much peril as the first book, but more real life situations such as Dad working with Lilli on a project and Ian not being a pro at soccer.

Includes lessons on teamwork, talking about problems, and not giving up on the first try.
I had a good time with this adventure and the storytelling. children-middle-grade clean cmcon22-reading-challenge ...more46 s Liz Friend979 95

The story: Still traumatized from their harrowing experiences while trapped in the Dragon Ops VR game, where they were hunted by a cunning AI dragon and forced to fight their way out or literally die, siblings Ian and Lilli have signed an NDA and are laying low when they overhear the news that Ikumi...an in-game friend from Dragon Ops...has been kidnapped and is being held captive in Mech Ops, a different VR game designed by Admiral Appleby, one of Dragon Ops’ main competitors. Discovering that they can sign up to be beta testers for Mech Ops, they team up with Starr, a professional gamer, Yano (their dragon guide from the previous game who has mysteriously traveled the interwebs into the new game) and Ian’s soccer nemesis Josh, who just happens to be the Admiral’s grandson. Making their way through the various levels, the kids bounce back from destruction time after time, determined to rescue Ikumi. The biggest thing standing in their way really IS the biggest thing: Atreus, their AI nemesis from Dragon Ops, has tracked Ian to this new VR world, and unless Ian can confront his own fear, the quest will be doomed.

June Cleaver's ratings: Language PG; Violence PG; Sexual content G; Nudity G; Substance abuse G; Magic & the occult G; GLBT content G; adult themes (sci-fi violence) PG; overall rating PG. Good for grades 4-7.

Liz's comments: In this sequel to the author's "Dragon Ops", fast pacing and one dangerous situation after another provide an exciting read for fans of sci-fi VR games; and boys, who are the target audience for this story, will appreciate having a main character who is also a boy--and even better, a boy who learns to admit to and deal with his fear, and play from his strengths to overcome his weaknesses. Although not as do-or-die as volume one, readers who enjoyed the first book will be happy to get their hands on this one too.action-adventure science-fiction1 Colin Richey39

Wonderful book. I just couldn't stop reading. I just felt an urge to read it every time I saw it. Would definitely recommend but read the first book first( the first book is also amazing).1 1 comment Ellie Burns2

Compared to the first book- I hated it.
Everything that was set up in the first book (ai has a conscience, evil game devs, etc.) was not payed off in the end. They made their sidekick the villain, and the main antagonist just a “SiLlY lItTlE aI tHaT wAsNt fOlLowInG PrOgRaMiNg” It absolutely infuriated me.
I still read it in a day though, and there’s still able stuff in it, but I personally didn’t it.
Also, no hate to the author. Personally I think this series could’ve been a one and done type thing, but it was still a fine book. It had some great plot points, and the main characters trauma was done well (up until the end)This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.Show full review Kayla Pitoniak174 3

With pacing that severely drags in the middle, I do believe Dragons vs Robots does contain a few good character moments as well as nicely incorporating PTSD and a need to talk through anxiety with a mental health professional (which I always think is something nice when tackled in children's literature). A severe lack of Derek though; I was actually disappointed about it. Geneve Loughmiller108 1 follower

The first one was good but this one was even better! I was always exited to read it. I d the way my hardcover book was bound as well. There was a good plot twist and the whole book was exiting and new. I am really happy about it. Great book Just Heather172 4

After thoroughly enjoying the audiobook of book 1, my daughter & I were keen to listen to this next adventure and found it just as good. The narrator, Gary Tiedemann, did a fantastic job.
We both enjoyed the gaming references, thinking about virtual reality and other technologies.audiobook borrowed Alex5,754 1 follower

I LOVED the first book, but this one wasn't nearly as fun or as good, which stinks. Ethan159 7

This was a good sequel to the first book. I really hope there are more in the series. Michele Knott3,855 184

Gaming, robots, and dragons. This series is definitely enjoyed by readers!dragons gaming middle-grade ...more Ian1 reviewRead

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.Show full review Miriam50 1 follower

This is a great sequel to the first in this awesome series with basically the same ups and downs. Amisha285

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