Rules for Second Chances de Maggie North

de Maggie North - Género: English
libro gratis Rules for Second Chances


Brimming with heart and heat, Rules for Second Chances explores the hardest relationship question of all: can true love happen twice...with the same person?
Liz Lewis has tried everything to be what people want. But she's always been labeled different from everyone else in the boisterous world of wilderness expeditions—that is, if anyone notices her at all. Her marriage to popular adventure guide Tobin Renner-Lewis is a sinkhole of toxic positivity where she's the only one saying no. In a mountain resort town built around excitement, introverted Liz gets...spreadsheets.
When she gets mistaken for a server at her own thirtieth birthday party and her last line of communication with Tobin finally snaps, Liz vows to stop playing a minor character in her own life. The (incredibly well-researched and scientific) plan? A crash course in confidence...via improv comedy class.
The catch? She's terrible at it, and the only person willing to practice...M.F

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Second chance romance is one of my favorite tropes, and I’m so excited every time I find a book with this trope (we definitely deserve more SC romances!). So I was really excited to read this. But I couldn’t even enjoy this book. You want to know why? Because it was so, so confusing, I’m lying in bed wanting to read a cute, heartwarming romance, but all I did was get a headache from trying to understand this book.
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