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Lynette Rees Publisher: Boldwood Books, Year: 2024 ISBN: 9781805490074,9781805490067,9781805490050,9781805490081,9781805490098,9781805490005,9781805490012,9781805490036

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This delightful saga takes place alongside the first in this series "The Winter Waif" and tells the story of Enid Hardcastle, Betsan's friend she encounters when first venturing into the part of town called "China".

Enid and her family are forced into the workhouse and are thus separated, but Enid's story is only just beginning as she is boarded out to work in service with the Clarksons. But alas, circumstances conspired against her and she was sent back to the workhouse and then onto Cardiff, where she confided in the house mistress there who encouraged her to write to her former employer explaining what had happened.

Henceforth, the letter lead to a meeting which then lead to greater things for Enid in the form of a respectable position in a far welcoming household. She made friends and something of herself as she was promoted to upper housemaid, to whom all the other maids answered and looked to.

But life was no easy by any measure. She was separated from her family and longed for her childhood sweetheart, Jimmy Corcoran. But the one who had ruined her life was to enter it once again but this time Enid was ready for him.

A delightfully easy read, it was lovely to meet up with Enid, Jimmy, Mags and even Betsan again. I knew little of Enid's story from Betsan's in The Winter Waif" but it was good to see it expanded on so we got to know her better.

A wonderful read.

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A beautifully designed historical saga following Enid Hardcastle as her family end up in the workhouse. Enid gets a place of work in a prestigious home where she is set upon by the son of the manor who in his mother's eyes can do no wrong. The struggles that are overcome in the story are horrendous and show the strength of young Enid. She is also a kind person and always has a smile for everyone. An emotionally charged tale of love and the end of this one was rather abrupt so I am thinking that there will be another book. I really hope so as I have loved both of the books in this series. Yvette Salmon356 16

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