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As the world teeters on the brink of apocalypse, the Bayou Bishops must rally against chaos and destruction. Kaphas, a hybrid of AI and humanity, stands at the forefront, his Kevlar-coated cells and kinetic energy backlash abilities put to the ultimate test. Beside him is Zodak, the Syphon King, who drains life forces with a mere look. Amidst this turmoil, vigilante justice ignites the nation, and cities crumble under the weight of anarchy. The Bishops' sanctuary in the swamps becomes a last bastion of hope, but as Kaphas undergoes a critical transformation, the stakes rise higher than ever. Can the Bishops survive the hellfire of the apocalypse, or will they be consumed by the darkness that threatens to engulf them all?

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No Place I'd Rather Be than in Bane's Bayou

Lucian Bane has done the seemingly impossible by masterfully combining the follow-up to "The Syphon King: Bayou Bishops Book 16" as well as the follow up to "Quantum Kings Series” into a beautifully intricate narrative with "Kaphas: Bayou Bishops: Book 17." It begins with Quantum, Harlow, and a group of Creole Kings and Seer traveling to Quantum castle, aiming to replace Zodak’s severed hand and repair the damage done to Zeen after her near-death experience from being over-siphoned.

The creation of Kaphas is completed after their arrival. His existence began in the mind of Augustine as what they thought was a mental disorder that gained more abilities and control. Wanting his own body to be a real brother, he began as a result of a tragedy, emerging from profound pain caused for what turns out to be the noblest reasons. Celeste, the beautiful, vulnerable, and lonely nun, finds Kaphas and becomes a beacon of light in his overwhelming darkness. Kaphas’ life is a crash course in discovering what it is to be human; what love is and what he is willing to do to maintain the connection he has forged with not just Celeste but Kult, Pain, Butterfly and all of those who are a part of him. Love with all of its warmth and beauty can also be filled with immeasurable pain and longing for things that may never be.

Lucian Bane excels at writing about the affection shared between men and the women they love, and he proves it once again with "Kaphas." This book is a testament to his unparalleled ability to capture the essence of that love. There is amazing tenderness between the pages of this book, even in the most graphic and what may seem the most rage filled passionate scenes. Never are the women in Banes’s story not cherished by their men. They are never safer than when they are in the arms of their husbands. This story is not short on romance and heat. It’s one of the spicier books in the recent series offerings. Be prepared for some breathless moments as well as the most tender and gut wrenching as well. I may have been fanning myself frequently, but I was reaching for the tissues almost as often. Yet again, Bane delivers another masterpiece.
Trish633 3

Another Gem from the Bayou!

If you've read this book, without starting with the first one, go back and follow the path through the Bayou. This series is totally addictive. The characters bring you close, and draw you along into this incredible world author Lucian Bane has created. Each book introduces you to a few characters at a time, so you get to know them. You can't help but feel you know them. You'll cry over their traumatic scenes, and cheer for their triumphs. If you're A fan of a strong, and very passionate bond, between men, and women as a married couple, look no further. Some elements of the supernatural world. Gifted people, strong religious belief with some characters, that are favored by God. Plus some amazing surprises in the later editions. I can't recommend this series enough. Or this author. Writer, artist, and now he's creating music videos for each character, on YouTube. Multi talented man. Start reading, go back to book one. If you're a fan, you know what I've said is true. Rhonda Hicks4,198 74

What is it Bishop says? Mon Dieu! I swear, Lucian Bane continues to bring more with each book he writes 'Kaphas' is a complete adrenaline rush and that's putting it mildly. It takes off running where book sixteen, 'The Syphon King', left off and held me riveted until the end of the book. Handy goes through a metamorphosis that even Quantum is amazed over. This is an epic installment of a great series! Mr. Bane once again gives birth to his creative imagination and shares his phenomenal world with us. Ronnie E Brown112

Happy Birthday again

I began a list of who belongs to who. I started it during the first books of the Bayou Bishops and have added to it as we've gone along. It is becoming rather lengthy. Kaphas is a complex character to say the least and he may never celebrate another birthday as long as he lives but who can blame him. Its always been a fast moving, sexually charged, highly entertaining and intriguing series but it is about to go off the chart and I can't wait. I really enjoyed my character in this book. Do you have a picture of Vex?? Elise Jordan448 1 follower

I'm spinning!

This one had me on the edge of my seat! It's a fantastic book and I really was amazed at Kaphas and his mad gifts. He really tore at my heart too...Also Syphon King has some powerful changes in him and it seems it's all coming together!.. Now, the war is ahead and all forces are together.. I really am not one for long series but this one is amazing! Never ever a dull moment in the Bayou and now it's really going to rock! I'm loving all the characters that have come together and cannot wait for the next book! Stacey Bates382

Lucian Bane out does himself again! In this installment of the outgoing saga, we continue to see bonds and relationships grow and become intertwined..We meet Kaphas and watch find himself and where he fits in…..There are so many twists and turns and ups and downs….I felt all the emotions, I laughed out loud and cried my eyes out!! I sit in pins and needles to find out what is next!! Jill23


Another amazing ride in the Bayou Bishops series. Another layer of crossover with the Quantum Kings. the rest of us petites you give that small scream when you turn that last page realizing you devoured the whole book in a day and now have to wait on the next installment! Love, love this incredible series ❤️
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