Rugged Alpha: M/M Mpreg Shifter Romance de Lorelei M. Hart

de Lorelei M. Hart - Género: English
libro gratis Rugged Alpha: M/M Mpreg Shifter Romance


Lorelei M. Hart Publisher: Decadent Publishing LLC, Year: 2024 ISBN: 9798893200348,9798893200355

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"It’s said that Franklin is a magic matchmaker"

This is book 5 in the series, Omegas Inn Love, by the writing team of Lorelei M Hart. I started this journey with book 1 and I snap them up whenever they appear on Booksprout to read and review. These are quick sweet reads and there is always a guaranteed HEA.

The series revolves around a widowed owner of the Bearclaw Inn, Franklin. Franklin has the uncanny knack of finding fated mate couples that he pairs together for a weekend getaway at his inn. In this story an Alpha bear named Bjorn meets a rudderless Omega wolf shifter, Lennon, who is trying to figure out what to do with his life after dropping out of college.

A matchmaking inn owner, fated mates, a cute baby Ethel Nesson647

Under the wide open sky—the best!

Alpha Bjorn loves the wide open skies in the desert where he lives and works. Will Bjorn be able to convince Omega Lennon, a city dweller, of his devotion while walking and talking under the beautiful skies near the Bearclaw Inn? Enjoy their willingness to go beyond their own comfort zones to connect in direct and steamy ways!!! Margaret 898 5

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