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Magazine crafts editor Anastasia Pollack may finally be able to pay off the remaining debt she found herself saddled with when her duplicitous first husband dropped dead in a Las Vegas casino. But as Anastasia has discovered, nothing in her life is ever straightforward. Strings are always attached. Thanks to the success of an unauthorized true crime podcast, a television production company wants to option her life—warts and all—as a reluctant amateur sleuth.

Is such exposure worth a clean financial slate? Anastasia isn't sure, but at the same time, rumors are flying about layoffs at the office. Whether she wants national exposure or not, Anastasia may be forced to sign on the dotted line to keep from standing in the unemployment line. But the dead bodies keep coming, and they're not in the script.

Craft tips included.

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Magazine crafts editor Anastasia Pollack receives an offer that’s almost too good to be true. A film production company has seen the podcast of her sleuthing life and wants to make it into a TV show. But when the producer ends up dead on her doorstep, she’s glad she refused the deal. His relatives and employees enter the mix as suspects while Anastasia and her husband team up with the police detective to solve the case. Who’s putting on an act and who isn’t among the wacky characters? Lois Winston serves up another fast-paced cozy mystery that will have you chuckling through to the end. Add to your beach reads basket for a fun escape!mystery2 s Eva33 8

Hurrah for the middle-aged protagonist! I read a fair amount of romance and mystery novels, and it gets tiring when the main character is a 20-something woman who has no responsibilities beyond her cat and her happy-hour plans. I was that woman, and it was a lot of fun, but it's not where I am in life anymore. It's nice to enjoy a book with a lead who is somewhere around my age and life experience level and is interesting in ways that don't have to do with her shopping habits.

I'm not generally a fan of reading a book in the middle of a series first. It's showing up to the middle of a conversation and knowing you probably missed out on some important context. But at the same time, you're the person who doesn't want to be a pain so you just go with the flow. This happens to me periodically because I don't pay close enough attention to book order or someone says: "you should really read this," and they don't have my issue with middle books. This time, I ended up at book thirteen and let myself just enjoy the book and hoped that the author would give me enough of the context. It turns out that Ms. Winston does give enough context, so I didn't feel left out.

The other end of the spectrum is having read the earlier books and feeling the level of backstory is exhausting and annoyingly repetitive when you've actually started the series at the beginning. I think Ms. Winston finds a decent balance between the two, and there's enough backstory to be helpful (and have sympathy for the main character), but I didn't feel I was being treated a dummy. Not an easy balance to strike. We'll see how I feel about it later when I go back to the beginning of the series.

I enjoyed Sorry, Knot Sorry as a standalone novel. It was funny and well-paced, and I enjoyed the characters. I felt I would probably be friends with several of the characters if they were real, and I wanted to high-five Anastasia and her family a few times throughout the book. There were a few places where I think the book could have used a little bit of additional editing for clarity, but nothing terrible that made me want to throw the book at the wall or anything. I d it enough that I'll definitely go back and read the earlier books in the series, though knowing what we know now, am I going to be able to tolerate her first husband???beach-reads2 s Kara Marks334 71

This is the 13th book in this delightful series; I believe I’ve read only the last 3, but I would still to go back and read the series from the beginning. This book can stand alone, but I think reading some previous books for background enhances the reader’s enjoyment. Anastasia is a unique character—she’s the widow of a man who gambled away all their money and she has 2 sons who sound they’re in late HS or just out. For some reason she feels obliged to let her horrible card-carrying Communist former MIL live with her, even though she recently remarried a great guy. Her new husband is supposedly only a semi-famous photojournalist, but Anastasia suspects he also secretly works for one of the alphabet agencies. Since she stumbles onto dead bodies on the regular (and does a great job assisting the police in solving the cases), her new husband definitely comes in handy. Meanwhile, she’s working full-time at a woman’s magazine and does the craft section, which is a fun aside with cute ideas. Her sons have created a true crime podcast about her adventures (without her knowledge) and she has to decide whether or not to allow a company to buy her life story. She could pay off all her debts, but she’s not sure the exposure would be worth it. Then someone is murdered leaving her home and she’s in the middle of a huge case again, with plenty of suspects. This is a well-written book with plenty of humor and I enjoyed it so much. I can definitely recommend this book and the series; I received an arc, which I really appreciate, but these opinions are my own. Kathleen1,624 10

This is the thirteenth book in the series. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I d how there was very little Lucille or Flora, aka mama in the book.

The author moves the story along quickly while providing an entertaining mystery. I love that Anastasia believes her husband is a CIA spy and not just a photojournalist. Theses stories just keep getting better and better. I am glad to see Anastasia is making headway towards reducing the debt her dead husband left her. She has a strong supporting cast in her friends, children, and husband, Zach.

I also enjoy the relationship between Zach, Anastasia, and the detective. It’s nice that the police are not portrayed as incompetent.

In this story, there is a death outside of her home. The man had just left her home. As in true cozy mystery style, Anastasia feels compelled to figure the crime out to keep her family and neighborhood safe.

There are plenty of twists, turns, and mis-directions to keep the reader guessing. An added bonus for the crafters is the macrame tips at the end.

I was given an advanced readers copy and these are my opinions. I am not required to leave a positive review.

Meesh79 12

Another enjoyable Cozy Mystery. Even though I haven't read any previous stories about Anastasia Pollack it was pretty easy to understand why she finds herself engulfed in another murder mystery, sadly this one was right in front of her house!! Still trying to come back from her husbands death and the immense debt he left behind but now married to an even greater guy, Anastasia is not woman who takes things lightly with her Crafting articles as well as her life. Any other person would jump at a chance to have their podcast (that she didn't know was created by her sons) being made in to a series but Anastasia doesn't want that much notoriety. I definitely recommend reading this book. It's easy to read and enjoyable from start to finish. I really love her quips throughout the story and the crafting recipes at the end of the book. L.M.Author 4 books12

Some of the other seem to miss the point of a cozy mystery. They are full of hijinks, heroines that can be more than silly at times, and puns, but if you’re lucky, you’ll come away with a recipe, or in this case, knowledge of macramé!
This isn’t my first Lois Winston read, nor will it be my last. Although this can be read as a standalone novel, it’s best read as part of the series. Anastasia has moved on from her previous husband (as explained in earlier books) but is wondering if her current one is more than he seems. As she’s still working on paying off the debt of that first husband, you do wonder at her taste in men! She gets what most folks would find the chance of a lifetime, to be a TV star, but after a dead body appears, she finds there may be strings attached to the offer.
A good cozy mystery read with fun and slightly ridiculous characters.
Jeanne1,164 6

Sorry, Knot Sorry is book #13 in the Anastasia Pollack Crafting Mystery series by Lois Winston.

I can’t believe this is book #13 in the series. Anastasia sure has grown and her life has changed since the first book. This was an entertaining story. I love how she still thinks her husband is more than a photojournalist and has to deal with her former mother-in-law and her friends. Life is interesting for her. I enjoyed the investigation and it was pretty complex with a lot of twists. I d how Anastasia was included in the investigation and not being told to stay out. I was guessing on who was guilty up until the end.

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Amary Chapman1,541 25

Great Crafter's Cozy
Ms. Winston crafts an intriguing and engaging series of a crafter with an aptitude for solving mysteries with crafting tips included at the end.
Anastasia recoverered from a bad marriage...except for still having to deal with ex-mother-in-law. She's raising two teenage boys with the love of her life and together they aid a local overworked detective solve the murders Anastacia happens upon.
Moves quickly with just the right amount of detail to make this a winner. I highly recommend for any lover of cozies.
I received an arc gratis and offer my honesy opinion in the same. Grab this one!cozy Barbara Hackel2,318 38

Another wonderful book from Lois Winston about Anastasia Barnes, murder magnet. A series known for humor, murder, and leading lady who thinks quickly and usually one step ahead of everyone. When anyone else would kick up their heels and scream, Anastasia manages to handle job, family (including the mother-in-law referred to as the commie), and more while assisting the police with solving a murder that literally happened in her front yard.
Marvelous characters, intriguing plot, and humor mix for a book that will give readers a challenging experience trying to figure everything out. Don't miss this terrific book! Debra GoldsteinAuthor 23 books392

Once again, Lois Winston's Anastasia Pollack unwillingly becomes involved and manages to solve the crime when someone is murdered - this time in her driveway. Winston's writing moves the plot along quickly, mainly because she creates engaging characters as sleuths and suspects. This is book 13 in the series, but it remains as much fun as the first one. The reason: because the characters and their abilities grow from book to book. A delightful read. Disclaimer: I received an ARC to give a fair review to - all opinions and ratings are my own. Pamela Mitchell1,594 12

Anastasia is one of my favorite characters and so relatable she could be my friend and neighbor who is a woman's magazine crafts editor and reluctant amateur sleuth. Sorry Knot Sorry kept me entertained from the first word to the last and I couldn't seem to turn the pages fast enough to see what was going to happen next. If you enjoy a can't put down mystery with laugh out loud moments, great twists and turns, don't miss this one. Mysterybookreader40 1 follower

Another great mystery!

Anastasia once again finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation when the victim is shot dead in her driveway.
Fast moving story, mob connections, gorgeous Zach and her side kick Clovis, makes this a great read with the pulse pounding ending with a confrontation with the killer. Excited for the next book! Alicia Kozak312 2

I've read some earlier books in this series, and then missed some in between, but had no trouble picking back up with this one. It's a fast read, the plot moves steadily, abs the mystery just complex enough to keep you guessing without introducing too many possible suspects. And there's still the ongoing "mystery" of whether Zack is really a spy. Anastasia does make a good case for her theory! Melissa Borsey1,715 35

I can see from the other that I am quite the outlier. While the plot sounded very good, the writing just wasn’t for me. Slightly entertaining. I thank the Cozy Mystery Review Crew for the opportunity to read and review this book.20 s Kathy67

Sorry Knot Sorry is book 13 of a series but is also great as a stand-alone. I say that as I haven't as yet read the previous books but I am planning to go back and read them now.
This well written book has lots of twists and turns that kept me guessing but also has humor thru-out. As an added bonus, there are tips on macrame at the end of the book.
I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily. L R15 4

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