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Love can take you by surprise when you make a house a home...
Kate is stuck in a rut. She works a dead end job, lives in a grotty bedsit and still pines for the man who broke her heart.
When Kate inherits a house in a small Cornish town, she jumps at the chance of a fresh start. A surprise letter from her grandmother persuades Kate to open her home and her heart to strangers.
But with friends harbouring secrets, demanding house guests, and her past catching up with her- can Kate really move on? And will her broken heart finally find a home?...M.F

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Great book! I got an ARC copy and dove right in. This was the perfect break I needed from some hard hitting stuff that’s happening in my life atm.

This story is about the main character finding her footing in life and figuring herself out. It kept me guessing a bit as I wasn’t sure exactly where it was going to end up.

This is a cute, light book, that’s easy to read but super enjoyable!3 s Rosie SloaneAuthor 19 books31

ARC reader copy recieved for an honest review.

I adored this book, I devoured it in less than a day. It reminded me that smut and horror aren't pre-requisits to a good story.

It was just what I needed right now.

Loved and hated characters, felt emotions and angst. It also had me laughing out loud in places.3 s Laura B15

This was a very pleasant read, especially while being very ill.

The book follows Kate through a move to her estranged grandmother's hometown after inheriting a house. She turns it into a air BnB and meets new people from town and outside of it along the way.

What a shit summary but you get it.

Some of the stories explored felt a little shallow but maybe that was due to the fact that I didn't relate to them as much as I did to others.
My main gripe with romance novels stands, the main characters tend to be incredibly daft and refuse to communicate directly, i also dont think its a great message for readers to have Kate take rude or even borderline abusive behaviour and brush it off as "oh thats my friend, its fine!"

Overall a lovely concept, having people's lives brush past each other that only to leave a lasting impression.

Edited to add 2 quotes I really d:

"It's funny, you know, I'm not sure you ever grow out of needing your mum, whatever they're ."

"I don't know. Things can never be how they used to be, can they?" "No, of course not, but there's no reason they can't be good."1 Pam Thomason66 2

Warm, cozy, hopeful

Just what I was looking for, in this overly saturated world of graphic sex and violence….this book gave me the desire, once again, to move to the UK and start my life over. It was hard reading how the main character let the man in her life treat her the way he did, but I get it, based on her upbringing. Happy she found a better life in a different world, which is exactly what I hope to do. 1 N.S. FordAuthor 6 books27

This review first appeared on my blog - https://nsfordwriter.com - on 18th September 2022.

A warm-hearted contemporary novel with a wonderful sense of place. It's not my usual kind of read but I d the story and characters. It was interesting to read a book set in the town of Bodmin. I've never been there, but now I feel that I have!

The protagonist is 30-year-old Kate, who is left a house in her grandmother's will. Leaving behind her dead-end job and awful ex-boyfriend in Bath, Kate moves to the Cornish town of Bodmin, rebuilding her life and her confidence as she renovates the house. She turns it into a guesthouse with the help of a new friend, her solicitor Bob. However, crises occur and she has to make some important choices.

The story is told with much empathy and humour. There aren't any major twists as such and you know that everything will be resolved by the end, but it's an enjoyable journey. I wasn't quite sure about the occasional chapters where we follow the guests instead of Kate, as they were so fleeting that we didn't get to know the characters. The text used American spellings of some words although the book is British, so I think that could be corrected. These are only minor issues, however. I would certainly recommend this book to anyone who wants a lighter read or a novel set in Cornwall. It is a different kind of book to Queenie of Norwich - I do admire authors who can write more than one genre!1 Courtney Wade17 2

I absolutely adored this book! It’s such a privilege to be an arc reader for such a great novel.

The main character, much myself, is struggling to find her place in life. The book has its Funny moments alongside some deeper ones.

It’s beautifully written, light and just an all round enjoyable read! Definitely recommend that people get their hands on this on the 1st of September!
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