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A powerful United States senator and his aide die in their office of cardiac arrests. The next day, a second senator dies of an aneurysm. Officials declare their deaths natural causes, but the FBI fears there is something sinister happening on Capitol Hill and looks to psychometric detective Aurora Donati to investigate. Rory's ability to get information from people or objects with a single touch uniquely qualifies her to explain the inexplicable. Only this time, she begins to wonder if she is up against forces that no one has ever encountered before.

The next attack strikes close to home and turns Rory's world upside down. She finds herself entangled in a deadly mix of terrorists, corrupt politicians, and secretive intelligence agencies in a web of deception and conspiracy dating back to experiments performed in a Cold War-era Soviet laboratory and perfected by modern science.

Someone else is pursuing the truth: Gabriel Marshall, CIA operative, who has an agenda and abilities of his own. They find themselves locked in a deadly game, stalked by a seemingly supernatural assassin who puts Rory and Gabriel's abilities to the ultimate test in a deadly duel. Time is running out and Rory must counter each move and play the game to its heart-stopping end in the halls of the US Capitol itself.

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2020 Summer Clearance Special

This is another of my quarantine purchases and I'm glad that I didn't resist the impulse buying! Mind you I know that I Lisa Shearin's writing so it made sense that I'd her new series. It seems that making up her own official agencies a la SPI (Supernatural Protection & Investigation) was no longer enough, she wanted to write a thriller with the FBI and CIA, the real thing. But being who she is, this thriller needs paranormal aspects and a romance element.

And you know, it works for me. I'm usually not a fan of the thriller genre, but apparently adding a paranormal aspect changes my whole view of things. I've recently had a similar conversion to cozy mysteries with supernatural aspects.

I'm not sure why a publishing house hasn't picked this up. Its better than a lot of traditionally published works. I certainly hope that Shearin is planning to write more adventures for Rory. I'll be keeping my eyes open for them.fantasy favourites female-authors ...more16 s Ami5,982 491

3.75 stars rounded up

I wasn't immediately sold to this story as I did with Shearin's other series, The SPI Files, probably because I wasn't too keen with the words "web of deception and conspiracy" in the blurb, and it clouded my judgment when I started. I didn't think it was as engaging.

But after a while, it got to me, and I was interested enough to get to the answers. Who killed the Senator and his aide, right at the same time, with cardiac arrest when none of the men had previous heart problem??

Rory's psychometric power was easy to to understand. I loved her relationship with her grandfather. The FBI agents that were on Rory's side were great. Gabriel Marshall, the CIA assassin was intriguing. Well, I pretty much enjoying these characters and the 'idea' of the story in the end.

It doesn't end in a cliffhanger kind - the killer who gets his psychokinetic power amped up by a science project, and becomes an assassin whose big target is the new President of the USA, is killed - although there's still a loose end that can be tied up in the next book, I presume. I think I might check out the sequel after all when it's released. mystery-suspense-thriller3 s Linda1,427

3.5 stars

Promising start to a new series, one that is quite different than Shearin’s others.

Aurora (Rory) Donati is a touch psychic who can glean feelings, images, and sometimes thoughts from things with which others come in contact. The talent runs in her family, and she and her grandfather run a specialized detective agency that often contracts with the FBI to solve difficult cases. The newest case hits close to home when one of the grandfather’s best friends, a powerful senator, dies mysteriously in his office and it appears a deadly psychic is responsible.

Both the characters and the premise are intriguing and, while the story didn’t for me become truly engaging for a bit, it picked up momentum to a fast and satisfying end. There is the tease of a possible new partnership/love interest for Rory that I look forward to seeing develop in future stories. I’ll keep my eyes open for them.3 s Ronnie107 2

A definite departure from her other two series. No real sass and humor. But then thrillers rarely do. While I GREATLY enjoy her two lighter series this engaged my attention and kept it. I look forward to further books and getting to know the many characters, primary and secondary, introduced in this one. And congrats to Ms Shearin for being brave enough to step outside her comfort zone to try something different... and succeeding.2 s Beth804 76

Strong story, good characters -- I the set-up.

Didn't quite pull me in as her other two series - they were maybe a tad lighter even with similiar threat & death levels -but probably couldn't get away with in a grittier universe. Still some great banter lines, but overall tone is less coping via humor & flirtation- still would recommend.kindle2 s Darcy13.3k 514

This was a good book for the first in a series. The characters were set up and were their extra special abilities. The relationship between Aurora and her Grandfather was great! I loved that they were able to relate to each other on a so many different levels. Aurora also had a great relationship with a couple of FBI agents, one that was quite unusual. I d that they were more than colleagues, but friends. When trouble came for Aurora they were right there with her to figure out what was going on and to help. Gabriel Marshall was a bit of a dark horse, but you get the feeling that in future books he has the potential to become a close team member.

The crimes they all were investigating was a bit crazy. Part of me sees that this skill would be great, but, and it's a big one, it would depend on the morality of the person wielding it or the person that called the shots and you can't always depend on good in either of those cases. I was glad that Aurora and crew were able to figure out what was going on and get the bad guy.2020 e-book psychic-gifts ...more1 Sunny1,440

4.5 stars
I'm a fan of Lisa Shearin's Raine Benares series, so I felt confident picking up this book. She did not let me down. It has excellent pacing, good tension, interesting characters. Lisa Shearin is a great storyteller. She left me wanting more! 1 Susan870 17

This is a really good political thriller! It's a page turner with great characters. I look forward to reading more! 1 Shannon131 1 follower

It was okay. I needed something to read that wasn’t too involved and I enjoy this writer’s style of plot. 1 Britt944 5


I love Lisa Shearin's work. This is the first suspense she's written (that I'm aware of) and it has a good blend of contemporary and fantastical to it. I d Rory and Berta and Gabriel and Rees, and I can't wait to see what they get up to next!1 Nervous Nellie Justice186 9

This was an AWESOME first of the series story!  New characters, new world, same strong and powerfully talented artist painting a movie for the mind through word!

This world is parallel of our world except for a female president, politicians that are actually acting for the greater good and, of course, the seedy underbelly of espionage.  There was no sex.  No foul language.  A strong set of main characters and a charming grandfather to boot.  The story sets in Washington DC and surrounding area.  Aurora Donati and her grandfather have special gifts that help the F.B.I. solve difficult cases.  This time when they are called in, it is more than they bargained for as there is a sociopathic killer priming the world for his grand performance.

I LOVED this book.  These characters are as dimensional as all the other characters that Lisa Shearin writes, but with more of a real world kind of "it could maybe happen here" kind of twist.  I cannot wait for the next in this series.  The characters took me on an investigation that could only happen in the political world and only with the C.I.A. and secret forces at play.

There was a good ending which I am always thrilled to see and good triumphs evil...at least for now.  This particular story could remain a player in an over arc of the whole series.  2020-reviewed E_bookpushers761 310

I received a copy from the author and then after reading and enjoying it I purchased my own.

Very different pace, style, and voice from her Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance/Fantasy books Shearin has been known for. I found myself intrigued by the characters and racing along with them to determine "who done it", "why", and "could they stop it before it was too late."

The amount of secrets, apparent crossing and double crossing between "friends" and "co-workers" made for lots of twists and turns. I enjoyed the relationships the heroine had with her grandfather and those few individuals who knew some of her secrets. I also really loved the cat and mouse between Aurora and another character that my inner romance really hopes develops into something a bit more.

Shearin has done it again, I am not hooked on a third series she writes. I can't wait for the next one.2020 arc assassin ...more Ashley1,029 37

This was a great start to a new series. I love Lisa Shearin's SPI Files, so I was excited to check out this new series. While it's quite different, it's just as entertaining and hard to put down.

Rory's psychometry skill was fascinating to read about, but, wow, what a stressful thing to have to deal with. To get impressions and to be able to sense emotions and events just from touching something would be so intense. But it's definitely an awesome skill for a detective her to have.

This was an absolutely compelling read. The confounding mystery had me flipping through the pages as fast as I could trying to figure things out. How was the bad guy killing? Why was he doing? I had to know! I was on the edge of my seat for the majority of the book. I highly recommend it if you're looking for a thrilling read.kindle mystery paranormal ...more Sandra3,048 12

I enjoyed the departure from this author's other traditional fantasy/urban fantasy series into the more straightforward thriller with only a hint of the paranormal through the introduction of psychic elements. I found the story engaging with both mystery and action and I really d the characters and their interrelationships too - particularly Rory's strong relationship with the FBI agents she works with and her bond with her Grandfather. Gabriel is interesting too and I am looking forward to reading more in this series. Joe129 4

Part of my issue with this book is that it's laying the groundwork for yet another magical detective book. Yes, sure, Aurora is psychic rather than magical, but same same. And the obvious "assassin with a heart of gold" thing - who, despite being all professional, starts calling her but her nickname halfway through the book with no real explanation - is a pretty obvious love interest, and a bit tired at that.

I enjoyed the Beranes books, and would love to dig more into the SPI, but I doubt I'll be back for Ms Donati. This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.Show full reviewfantasy Caroline582 2

An interesting book which I enjoyed more than I thought I would. It's written in the first person which I'm usually not a big fan of and with no romance. It centres around Aurora Donati or as she prefers to be known as Rory. She can obtain information about people/objects when she touches them or even if she is nearby. The story centres around the initial death of two people in politics and goes from there.

It's an interesting concept and I would be keen to read the next in the series when it comes out. Dusty340 5


I decided to try this book as I love all of the author's SPI file books. I was skeptical (given that I don’t read as many books with a thriller or suspense element) but I was pleasantly surprised about how much I enjoyed it. The main characters are full of personality, and the storyline moved forward at a comfortable pace.

I look forward to when the next book comes out! I also hope that they find a narrator for audiobooks of this series as talented as the one they found for the SPI files.
5-stars adult fantasy ...more Conniedee12

Just started this book. It seems okay, kind of plodding. The main character seems a bit too trigger-prone.

I'm also worried about Grandad, who's a consultant for the FBI's Art Crime Team. Does he really think Picasso is the artist who cut off his own ear? [Grandad's cat] "had been missing part of his left ear, so Grandad had dubbed him Pablo, as in Picasso, and had invited him in to join the family." I'm not sure I can trust this author to have checked 21st century misapprehensions against actual facts. Or am I missing some kind of ironical cultural statement here? Hannah13 1 follower


I thoroughly enjoyed this latest work by Lisa Shearin. It’s a great book, distinct from her last two series. A paranormal thriller, relatively light on the paranormal compared to other books in the genre and her past works.

I especially enjoyed the main character. She’s mature, level headed, experienced and self sufficient.

An excellent read all round and I’ll be looking forward to her next instalment in the series. JW USA1,013


Complex, interesting characters in a familiar world. This is an interesting setting as it is now and believable. Psychic powers seem very possible and the world of politics was quite real. The characters are all a joy. Each is gently revealed making you want to know more. Darby60 1 follower

I loved this first book of a new series! I couldn’t put it down. I was worried going into alphabet politics wouldn’t have the ‘life’ that the spi files series has, but I had nothing to worry about, I instantly engaged with the characters and was keep intrigued by the plot.
Can’t wait until the next one comes out! Lisa Schell56 3

I have been anxiously awaiting a new book from Lisa Shearin for a while. I love her writing and she is a terrific story teller. I love the new characters in this first book of what I will hope to be a series of books. This book is a departure from her fantasy works and is more serious in tone. I loved the thriller aspect and the unraveling of the mystery with the character building of the new players. It is definitely a terrific read. But if you are an avid fan of her fantasy work be warned this new series is a departure from that. But take a change it is a terrific read. Silara3 1 follower

An excellent start to a new series. The Entity Game brings you a gripping story and relatable characters. This thriller blended with the paranormal is not a disappointment. Anticipating the next one. Kat Klein916 27

This book feels more UF than her SPI series, but the same quality of writing is there in both. This one involves psychometry, and is a more recognizable world. I'm really enjoying my time in Aurora's world and looking forward to spending more time there. Myereading303 4

Great story

I am familiar with some of Lisa Shearin’s books and followed one of her previous series with pleasure. ‘The Entity Game’ is a great introduction to her new series. I lam looking forward to the next book. My only complaint-it was too short! Dee Martin236 22

I wanted to this better than I did but it was a good first book for a series. I have hope that now that the characters are set up and relationships established it will move forward in a good way. slightly paranormal mystery. I will read the next one. Debra Hunt16

Another good story

A different kind if story from what I am used to for this author, but none the less enjoyable. Her characters are strong and likable and the story moves fast and keeps the readers interest. Looking forward to the next one in this series. Shana Pare831 4

Another prime series by Lisa Shearin

This is a great new series that I am going to enjoy along with the other series by Ms. Shearin. Excellent characters and the plot was scarily realistic. I highly recommend the Entity Game. Sivakhami Sivanesan50 2

Another new series which draws you in

A great first book in the new series set in the halls of US power. Can't wait for the next one.
Pat Chrivia337 4

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