Perception de Lianne Downey

de Lianne Downey - Género: English
libro gratis Perception


Of course we're not alone. So what are they waiting for? A speculative suspense novel that may change the way you view your life on Earth.

"...Time will tell whether this fantastic work of fiction is real and should be integrated into the future of science."-Avi Loeb, bestselling author of Extraterrestrial and Interstellar, and director of Harvard University's Institute for Theory and Computation

Minda Blake has kept the government's UAP secrets for too long. Now it's killing her. For years she used her psychic skills as a remote viewer to help Blackthorn, a government black ops contractor, to recover and conceal extraterrestrial debris after UFO sightings around the world. But she can't do it anymore. Her conscience won't allow it.

Her doctor says she's suffering from a new kind of PTSD that affects drone assassination pilots who violate their sense of "what's right" day after day. Suicide is their common...

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I just love original books that don’t follow a format. This one takes you on a mental journey into possibilities you might never think of on your own. The book is lean and keeps you wanting more, but not filled with violence and bodies. When I finished it, new ideas about life on earth stayed with me and a sense of pure enjoyment. I would recommend it to any reader. Graisi513 13

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