Second Time's the Charm de Liam Lawless

de Liam Lawless - Género: English
libro gratis Second Time's the Charm


The future isn't set in stone. Who's to say the past is any different?

Alexander wouldn't consider himself much of a hero. He does, however, follow a hero. Lorelei, the savior fated to stop the High One.

Or at least, that was the plan.

It seems that destiny doesn't mean very much. At every turn, the heroes have been defeated. One after another, each of Alexander's companions have perished. Now, Alexander and Lorelei stand alone against the unending hordes of the High One.

There's only one option. Send back the hero. Send back Lorelei to stop the High One and prevent all the mistakes of the past.

Lorelei disagrees, and the next thing Alexander knows, he's falling from the sky and waking up to a much younger version of his close friend.

Trapped in the past from everything he knows and loves, Alexander is facing multiple threats. Enemies from the past, a loss in his former...

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