Just Past the Present de Liam Lawless

de Liam Lawless - Género: English
libro gratis Just Past the Present


Alexander is reeling. The world of the past is different from how he remembered it. The people, places, times, and dates are all wrong. There's nothing for him to do but adapt and attempt to soldier on in the epic war against the High One.

Their journey takes them to the enigmatic city of Iulune, where they seek the aid of the Lord Duke Aurelius. With time running out and the High One's forces amassing, Alexander and his companions must forge alliances and prepare for the ultimate showdown.

But internal conflicts threaten their unity. Lorelei's rivalry with Fiona, and the team's struggle with their own doubts and fears, could shatter their resolve. As they confront their darkest challenges, they must decide whether to fight as one or fall divided.

"Just Past the Present" is a high-stakes fantasy adventure filled with intense battles, complex characters, and a race against time. Will Alexander and his team rise above their personal...

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