Summer Vibes With A Birmingham Boss de Larry, K.

de Larry, K. - Género: English
libro gratis Summer Vibes With A Birmingham Boss


Larry, K. Publisher: Twyla T. Turner, LLC, Year: 2023

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I loved this read!

This was such a fun and cute love story. Chello, a young, handsome and influential club promoter had the world at his feet. In addition to his club promoting, he worked with his dad in marketing their family owned whiskey business. All that changes in a blink of an eye when Chello suffers a life altering stroke.

Chello becomes an angry and bitter person, pushing away a lot of people. The only people to remain rooted by his side is his best friend, Josh and his devoted nurse, Nancy. Chello even pushed her buttons and Josh’s but they told him he needed to boss up and regain his strength and get out of that depressive funk he was wallowing in.

A chance encounter brings him and Aimee together. Even through initially they got off on the wrong foot, Aimee’s budding candle business would manage to bring the two together. Being that both of them were burned by their exes, the two connect on an even harder level.

I loved the love story of these two and the ending was everything. Excellent read! 10/10 stars Secret Gaines1,116 4


Man Chello my new bae. That ninja doesn't care what he says. I'm so glad he and Aimee went through their storms but was able to catch the rainbow together. Omar and Kendra know they some ain't shit mutha fuckers. Be careful what you ask for. Clearly they forgot that KARMA is that BISH!!! tyaisha leary46

this a must read

I have to honestly say, I loved every bit of this book from the beginning to the end of the middle. You’re a great writer. I’m trying to write my first book and it’s scary and I really need help but you’re an inspiration. Rishonda Brooks76

Needs New Title

Love how Chello and Aimee actually BUILT a relationship, not just dive right into sex and think that's love. The title needs to be different though. The relationship didn't even start in the Summer. Still a great read though. Sandra Lynn Jackson 103

Loved how Chelly and Aimee took their time to build their relationship. His parents should be ashamed of themselves that was their child and they should have been there for him every step of the way. Omar and Kendra were trifling. Robbie Burnett409 5

Dark Places

This story line is different from the other books in the series but still great. I love the sibling bond and forging a family by friendship. Shelby2,044 5

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