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Life for Emma isn’t good. The world knows her as Princess Anya on Dark Castle, but then her character gets the axe—literally. The cherry on top is finding her boyfriend in bed with another woman. She needs a break, and sanctuary comes in the form of Rosemont, a gorgeous estate in California promising rest and relaxation.

Then she meets the owner’s equally gorgeous grandson, ex–hockey player and current recluse Lucian Osmond, and she sees her own pain and yearning reflected in his eyes.

He’s charming when he wants to be but also secretive and gruff, with protective walls as thick as Emma’s own. Despite a growing attraction, they avoid each other.

But then there’s an impromptu nighttime skinny-dip, and Lucian’s luscious homemade tarts and cream cakes start arriving at Emma’s door, tempting her to taste life again…

In trying to stay apart, they only grow closer—and their broken pieces just might fit together and make them whole.

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As soon as I see the upcoming work of brilliant romance author Kristen Callihan who can write humorous, tempting sports romance novels ( “Game on series” are my favorites and but she can also write amazing contemporary series about musical industry- I highly recommend her VIP series as well) , I wanted to read it ASAP!
I was soooo excited!

Her new work is still good. Even though I was expecting hot, smoking, sizzling, sexy, angsty romance but this book’s genre was more sweet, soft, entertaining rom-com. There are still some personal heavy burdens characters carry over shoulders. The emotional, heartwarming parts are still there but I couldn’t find so delicious, pant melting chemistry between the characters. It was still intriguing with lovely plot , easy to read and enjoy your time! It was just a little different and lighter than her previous works.

Let’s check the plot line together: Emma is young, promising actress who plays at “ Dark Castle”, highly praised TV series. She is also lucky to have a handsome, loving boyfriend but fairy tal-ish beautiful life suddenly changes.

The screenwriters of her show lose their minds and turned her into mad queen and her character gets killed by her brother/ lover. And three eyed raven gets the crown! Oh, my bad, that’s another disastrous screenplay f*ck up!
Poor Emma is the only victim of the show! The vengeful writers killed her character and she cannot tell to anyone that she’s jobless till the last episode she played will air six months later.

She needs her boyfriend support but she finds out the bastard decided to support sexually to another woman. Busted!

Our broken hearted heroine leaves the town to spend her time at a gorgeous old villa of grandmothers’ friends. She’s going to pull herself together, enjoying scenery, reading books. Till she meets with deliciously handyman next door.

Okay, let’s tell the truth, handyman next door has a name: Lucian. Only calling his name gives you sexy vibes, doesn’t it? He’s successful hokey player who is forced to be retired after his sports injury. He hides in his grandmother’s villa, licks his wounds and improves his culinary skills. Yes my friends, our hero cooks hell of dishes. The plot cannot get so much better!

Then he bumps into Emma who thinks he’s driver- handyman- pool cleaner whatsoever! Too many awkward, absurd misunderstandings and hero’s rude manners later, they start to form a friendship and of course friends to lovers theme start to play out as a cue of their starting summer fling.

As I said before this book didn’t rock my world or affected me the author’s previous works I mentioned before. But I still have really wonderful time during my read. So I still recommend this book to the romcom and author’s fans.

I’m giving 3.5 and rounding up 4 great British baking show stars!

Special thanks to NetGalley and Montlake for sharing this review copy in exchange my honest opinions.202 s jessica2,577 44.1k

KC sure does make reading sweet.

this story is adorable. i adore the characters, adore the storyline, adore the growth. everything about this makes the reader want more.

and you know, ive never been a fan of stories where someone only finds life worth living because of an other person. i think people need to have other goals and dreams that do not revolve around someone else. and KC shows this perfectly - that sometimes it does take another person to give you a new perspective on whats important, but there are many things in life worth living for, not just a single person.

so i really appreciate the healthy relationship emma and luc have in this book.

overall, another super sweet story by KC.

4 stars160 s Lacey (laceybooklovers)2,133 11.8k

4.5 stars

I am such a huge Kristen Callihan fan, so when I heard she was writing a romance with a hero who BAKES, I knew I needed it in my life. (I always need more heroes who bake and cook.) So what do you get when you put one grumpy ex-hockey player with a hidden talent for baking and one actress whose character has been killed off from a successful Game of Thrones- show? You get fireworks, banter, and one deliciously swoony romance.

Emma has just been let go from her acting role as Princess Anya and is floundering. She decides to take a break from the acting world and stay at Rosemont. She comes across gorgeous, broody, reclusive Lucian, whose grandmother owns the estate. Despite Lucian trying to stay away from Emma, who is a temptation he knows he can’t resist, there’s only so much space in this estate and they come across each other again and again (with some meddling from Lucian’s grandmother Amalie), and sparks fly.

I absolutely adored Lucian and Emma. Their romance is not the easiest or the smoothest, but from the moment that they meet, there’s chemistry and an intense longing to know each other better. Lucian is struggling with his retired hockey life. Hockey is his greatest passion, but now that he’s lost it after too many concussions, he feels broken. Emma is the one bright light in his life and even though he knows her time at Rosemont is temporary, he can’t help but woo her through his delicious pastries. I was dying at all the baked goods Lucian makes for Emma – I’m a Great British Bake-Off fan and I was drooling over all the food descriptions!

If you’re looking for a foodie romance that will sweep you off your feet, Make It Sweet is it. Kristen Callihan is known for her sports romances, and even though this hero is retired, fans of her Game On series will definitely enjoy this book. If you enjoyed Dear Enemy, there’s some nice cameos of that couple in Make It Sweet. Overall, I just had such a fun time reading this romance and would love some more foodie romances from Kristen Callihan!


I'm crying, where do I find a man Lucian who will love me and treasure me and bake for me he does Emma? If you love foodie romance and/or the Great British Bake-Off, Make It Sweet will be pastry heaven for you. The romance is fun and full of banter, even with our grumpy ex-hockey player of a hero. Emma and Lucian were fantastic together and I enjoyed their story so much! 4-4.5 stars.


A NEW BOOK FROM KRISTEN CALLIHAN. And the hero BAKES!adult blog-review celebs-royalty ...more115 s Dilek VT1,545 1,554

Kristen Callihan’s books sometimes work for me and sometimes don’t. Unfortunately, this one was pure torture for me. I now wonder why I insisted on finishing it... momentary lapse in judgement, maybe...

Here is why I didn't this book:

First of all, it is SLOW… "making you sleepy" slow... And nothing much happens in the book. It is all about the hero's whining about his lost career. It is really annoying.

There are too many inner monologues and not enough dialogues, which makes it even more boring..

However, the reason why I didn't the book is mainly because I HATED the hero, Lucian.

Lucian was an ice hockey player. He is now retired due to a concussion syndrome and it is too risky for him to play again. He believes that being an ice hockey player defined him and all along the book, he acts as a sulking child who whines about his dream life being taken from him.

He has another passion: baking pastry. He bakes for the people who stay at his grandmother’s mansion. However, he cannot accept it as a new life goal that could replace ice hockey. He misses ice hockey and being on the ice and that's why, he can never be happy without it. He is never really happy until the last few pages. It is both depressing and infuriating to watch him not enjoy his life anymore because he can't be on the ice.

When he meets the heroine Emma, who is a famous actress, he is attracted to her but he doesn’t want a relationship so he pushes her away. He pushes, pushes and pushes her away until he can’t.

When they start getting intimate, I thought he was going to be a little bit more likable but nope, he starts to freak out by his own strong feelings and goes back to being an ass again and pushes her away.

Then he misses her and begs her to give him another chance. She does. She is such an angel but she is too good for her own good. And for a while, they are kinda happy but then again Lucian thinks he is not a whole without ice hockey and he once again leaves her to go try playing ice hockey although it is a life threatening job for him now.

Until the last few pages, he doesn’t come to his senses and realize what he has lost and what else he will lose if he tries to chase this dream and this life. All along this infuriating process, Emma is as patient as a saint. I would have kicked his sorry ass out of my life already.

And in the end, when he comes and says that his life is Emma and he will try to be a chéf, I am sorry but I didn’t believe him. I can never trust such a man who pushed away such a wonderful woman so many times. The book has a “happy end” but I am not buying it with this sorry excuse of a human being. He will break her heart many more times, I am sure. I would be happier if she had found someone else.


The book is full of pastry and sweets. I mean it is really full of them. Everyday he bakes an interesting pastry and feeds her with it. One, two, three would be all right but no… maybe more than 20 or 30 times, you read what he has baked and how it tastes.

I didn’t understand how she stayed as thin as she was with all of that pastry she ate.

And to be honest, I felt sick reading about sweets all the time. Why did the book focus on sweets so much???


There are side characters that are there to contribute to the story but other than Sal, I didn’t feel the others did any contribution. They remained as flat characters for me.


I don’t want to sound a prude but I didn’t that Emma was the star of a TV series where she had lots and lots of sex scenes in which she appeared nude and once Lucian and his team mates watched her and fantasized about her. Even before he saw her naked in his bed, he knew how her tits looked etc.

And there is this time when he thinks of a scene from that TV series and remembers how the hero f*cked her from behind while her tits were bouncing on the TV screen and now he wants to touch them and kiss them.

Why was this information there? It certainly wasn't hot or sexy.


There is a stupid scene with Emma’s ex. I thought it was written to make Lucian jealous when he sees her with him but that scene is so meaningless that I still don’t know why it was written the way it was written.

There is another scene – this time with his ex and that scene makes more sense even though it still isn’t good enough.



No cheating, no OW/OM drama



Dual point of view.
320 pages.
Slow and dragging.
Boring, annoying and infuriating.



Nope, I wouldn't recommend this book at all, sorry.


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This was what happened when liking someone mixed with attraction.
I'm a sucker for anything Kristen Callihan, and although this book was sweet (no pun intended), it was predictable, a little cheesy and quite generic.

After getting the axe from one of the most popular tv series (read: Game of Thrones) and finding her boyfriend cheating in her own room, life for Emma isn't good. Wanting to escape the public eye when her last season on the show airs, she runs away to Rosemont, a gorgeos estate in California promising rest and relaxation. Little does she know she's not the only one hiding away here. Ex-hockey player, now handyman and brilliant cook, Lucian thinks he lost everything the night his lights went out on the hockey rink. Fearing another hit might end his life, he hangs up his skates and moves to Rosemont unsure of what to do with his life. Charming, but secretive and gruff, Emma can't help but feel attracted to the man. Although trying to avoid each other, they only grow closer, and realise Rosemont might just be the best place to redefine dreams.
- Queue we all know what happens next..

The first half of this book was a solid 4 stars, which I read with a smile on my face even though the instant attraction is a bit over the top (we get it, they're both pretty damn attractive), but the final half was closer to 3 for me and it took me twice as long to finish it compared to the first part. I just lost interest as it felt very repetitive, and although there were a lot of interesting aspects to the story, it felt very little was done with it domestic abuse, loosing fame, cheating etc.

I do appreciate the older characters (27/28 years) actually behaving adults for the most parts (I think it's a sign that I'm getting old), and I that the conflict wasn't solved it is in most romance books with the heroine leaving the hero, and then the hero has to chase down the heroine and beg for forgiveness. As I said, it felt the characters were mature enough to act their age.

It was an ok feelgood book, but there are other Kristen Callihan books I'd recommend before this (The Hook Up, Idol).76 s EmBibliophile600 1,871

This was sweet at times, a little bit cheesy at others. It was just okay. A simply written story about a former hockey player and an actress who have just been axed from her major role. They both chose a lovely isolated place to lick their wounds. Then they start getting close. It was such a sweet simple story nothing special about it, but not bad either. It also have a meddling grandmother who s to play matchmaker and I freakin love those!!

Special thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing this copy.3-stars67 s aly ☆彡370 1,598

"I loved you, Em. Almost from the beginning. But I didn't love me"

Well damn. But also damn.

Make It Sweet is a story about two well-known individuals whose careers are in jeopardy and how they overcome it, in which the loss of a treasured career had left Lucian shattered, while the loss of a prized role has left Emma devastated and worried about her future. But they do, however, work together to overcome their fears and support one another. And doing so let them discover each other and themselves between jokes, countless conversations and tender moments of delighting in each other's company and eventually love.

Emma is sassy, mischievous yet very sweet and understanding. If I have to pick the most favourable character, it would be her. I especially love how she always come to understand and tolerate Lucian on one of his mood swings, at the same time knows when to stand up for herself.

Meanwhile Lucian? Simply put: sometimes stupid. His redeemable character would be that he is a good bake and his pastries always sound so heavenly. Put the food bribery aside, he can be such an annoying prick for all his dumb slip. , I understand it's a slip but I still think it's dumb. He can tone down the hurt he inflicted on Emma and tried to think for once before saying anything insensitive. For that, he is probably not my favourite book boyfriend of all time. [congrats, Lucien].

If you haven't read many romance novels, you might enjoy this one. But I've been reading romance for a long run to the point I've become accustomed to it. Which also made me more ly to seek out something thrilling and different, and this book does not fall into the category. I found the entire narrative to be flat and non-distinctive.

There was a point where I wished they would get it over and be done with it, but the author purposefully prolongs it by coming up with a new conflict. And I am bored, to say the least. Not to say the whole reason Emma went to Rosemount was to take a break and find herself (in which they also mentioned it as a vacation). However, whatever she did was far from it because you can see she went hiking once (thanks to Lucian) and then nada. She either stays at her guesthouse, flirts with Lucian or eats his food, there is no in-between... And how would you find yourself that way or even call that a "vacation" then? It's probably because I have lots of expectations on what the vacation is supposed to be; with adventures filling and affair but it was nothing that.

The good thing is that I definitely enjoyed reading the part when Lucian realized what his heart yearns for and come back to Emma (Also, listening to Olivia Rodrigo's Happier at the time made me a bit emotional in return). As much as their relationship is built on mutualism, I felt it's always a double-edged sword for Emma, so if one person deserves to be happy, it's her. On thata account, this part specifically was rather satisfactory.

Nonetheless, the epilogue was indeed unwarranted because who ends a book with a smut scene when we have so much of it already in the book lol. Even though it does leave readers with the directions of the characters and their endings, I believe it can be written in a better way than what was offered.

It was not that bad as I did enjoy some scenes in the book, as well as the dynamic between the characters, but it also does not leave me with any good deep impression. This book is pretty forgettable.

[2.5/5]57 s Jessica 2,282 15k

2.5 stars

I think I'm just not make out for cute contemporary romances any more. If there isn't angst, I'm bored. And this book made me so bored! I did how they met at an estate where they're both at a point in their lives where they have no idea what to do next. He can't play hockey because of concussions and she's cut from a show she loved (she's an actress). So they meet. And they hang out. He bakes. And that's it. It was cute the first few times that the hero made baked goods for the heroine, especially when she didn't even know it was him, but that can only be entertaining and cute for so long. Sure they had good chemistry, but then the hero made a really frustrating decision at the end and didn't think about anyone but himself. After his experience with a family member and spending time at this estate, it was frustrating how he would try to do something that would hurt not only him but the ones he loves too. I listened to this one on audio and it dragged by and I just wanted to be done because I wasn't engaged with either one of the characters. The audiobook was 11 hours long and not a whole lot actually happened in that time...audiobook51 s Christy4,172 34.9k

3.5 stars

Make it Sweet was just that. A sweet friends to lovers romance. I d this book, but it didn't hit my love buttons I expected it to. I think a large part of that is me and not the book, I just read one of the best friends to lovers romances ever so this one didn't quite measure up to that.

Lucian is a recently retired professional hockey player and Emma is a famous actress who ends up at his grandmother's estate after getting killed off on a super huge show (think GoT). They both need the time to recharge and find a new direction and end up becoming friends, then more during that. There was a conflict towards the end I wasn't crazy about, but aside from that this was an enjoyable listen. I especially d some of the side characters.

Audio book source:
Story Rating: 3.5 stars
Narrators: Ava Erikson and Jacob Morgan
Narration Rating: 4.5 stars
Genre: Romance (Sports/Actress)
Length: 11 hours
2021-audio50 s Cristiina♡Reads580 3,445

Yet another Kristen Callihan romance that I have been seriously waiting for...

ARC kindly provided by Montlake Romance, in exchange for an honest review coming closer to release date...

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