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libro gratis Totality : Eclipsed Evolution: Phase 2


Kim Harrison Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group, Year: 2024 ISBN: 9780593816240

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3.5 Stars2024-audiobook-challenge audio-book science-fiction10 s Montzalee Wittmann4,806 2,300

Rtcscience-fiction-fantasy9 s Jen165

The mystery deepens, sinister forces come about, and someone is (hopefully) /very/ close to getting what they deserve. Can't wait for the final installment.

Thank you for the advanced listening copy on Libro.fm!audio2 s1 comment ☕️Kimberly (Caffeinated Reviewer)3,255 724

I recommend listening to this series in the order of its release. Totality picks ups where First Contact left off. In this installment, we learn more about the Neighbors and their history with Earth. We also get to know key individuals better. While both sides claim the Neighbors are here to save their planet, we learn some doubt that.

The Eclipsed Evolution trilogy is the perfect summer listen, from interesting characters to the interactions and tensions created by the Neighbors’ arrival. Have you ever wondered what first contact would be ?

Dr. Renee Caisson continues her role of interpreter, and much discussion is made about how to reveal the Neighbors’ presence to humanity. August and Renee’s interaction intrigued me. The two are moving into the friends category, and I am curious how that will influence decisions. The characters are interesting from optimistic to calculating and I was curious to learn about the players, especially after the debacle that took place during First Contact. What Noel learned about the Neighbors’ leaders built up suspense as did errors made my humans.

Once again I slipped into this science fiction tale and am excited to dive into Emergence, the final audiobook. Fans of science fiction and first contact stories will want to listen to this audio first series. Xe Sands does a wonderful job bringing these characters and their emotions to life.
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I really this series but i would have appreciated it as one book.2024 audio1 Stewart125

4.5 stars
Middle book syndrome? I really d this book- the audio is only 5.5 hours- I buzzed through it in a day. The story & the characters progressed but I wanted more out if it.
There's lots to resolve in the third book- looking forward to it.library1 Kristine2,775 35

4.25 Stars

The second installment takes off immediately where the first left off. We are getting a better feel for Renee. She is a strong female that luckily does not have to kowtow to the military brass, even though it is a fine line that she is walking.

I d that we got to better know August and that we are getting some behind the scenes information on the "true" goals of the Neighbors. Jackson is developing into a really able character, and it feels Renee is bringing out the best in him.

Some of the little breadcrumbs that were sprinkled in during the first book are beginning to make a little bit of sense after this book - (the ring.....hmmmm). And we also are learning that not everyone has good intentions.

So far so good, I'm just bummed that the next installment is not going to be out until June.


audio-version fiction paranormal ...more1 Shakila (BooksandThemes)629 26

Thank you #prhaudiopartner @prhaudio for my free audiobook copies.

I d it a lot! We continue to find out more about The Neighbors as Renee gets closer to August. They begin to form a friendship far beyond just being 2 different species. Renee continues to be an interpreter but also a protector as things ramp up and the neighbors begin to be in danger.

This quick series was so interesting and I was hooked. I really binged these moving from audiobook 1 to 3, back to back. I’m hoping that we get more of this series! Not only that. I hope that, if there is more, Xe Sands is the narrator because she was amazing!1 Susie9

I am enjoying the books in this series, but it bugs me that they have been presented as 3 separate books versus 1 book. There just isn't enough in each individual installment to warrant them being stand alone.1 Anne - Books of My Heart3,403 205

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I loved the continuation with the scientific aspects of learning about the Neighbors and August learning about the plants and animals on Earth.  We are seeing things from Renee's point of view, which is naturally more focused on the scientific wonder of this opportunity.

We start to learn more about the political and business thoughts.  I don't know if I trust any of these folks with their greed and controlling attitudes.  But I get it.  The military will rightfully be more cautious about protecting Earth and our people.  It feels repressive to Renee (and so us also) but Renee is compassionate and a bit impulsive.  I agree with her wishes to make them more comfortable and certainly not to use them for science experiments.

The Neighbors are trading out personnel now. Noel who has headed the project for the Neighbors now has "higher ups" controlling the narrative and forcing her to do things that make her uncomfortable.  We start to get some of Noel's point of view now.  She is sent to Earth and ordered to bring August back.

Xe Sands is a favorite narrator. I appreciate her distinct voices for the different characters, and even aliens.   The most active characters are Renee, August, Major Jackson and Noel, but there are others.  I listened comfortably at my normal 1.5x speed.

2024 7arcs a-prh ...more Darcy13.3k 516

I was so so on the first book, went back to listen to it before starting this one and things made more sense the second time around.

With this one, it seemed a bit of a time jump. Both groups are together, but the one group really not doing so good and they were able to go home, which amazed those still there. It was great to see Renee still working with the Neighbors and excited about it. Even Jackson was good with them. Sadly there were others that weren't and one of the Neighbors in power, Noel, wasn't looking highly at what had gone on.

It didn't help with what was discovered at the end. Jackson did a good job of communicating the info and how upset he was to see things, but and it's a big but, things weren't left good. It will be interesting to see where things go from here.2024 audio-book listened-to-at-work ...more BradleyAuthor 5 books4,485

Totality picks up from the first novella, deepening all the relationships, learning more about the Neighbors' world, what they seek to accomplish on our planet, and generally pulling off a normal first-contact kind of story.

However -- it feels it has been done many times before. The only twist is some people behaving badly and a strong ecological theme. And on top of that, I am getting the distinct impression that these three novellas ought to have been packaged as a single longer tale, that they may have been split for marketing reasons.

I can't say that it would have made it a better tale, either way, but that's my impression.

The story is mild. A slight three-way kind of thing, but really more focused on friendship building. For some readers, this should be a high selling point.2024-shelf sci-fi8 s BethFishReads536 55

More a 3.5.

The continuation of an interesting human-alien contact story.

As I said for book 1 in the series, I'm not going to include a plot summary because I don't want to give anything away.

In this part of the story, new issues (or guessed at, hidden agenda) come to the surface. We begin to see whom our main characters should trust--even if they themselves are unsure. The interplay between underlings and bosses (in both worlds) becomes more important in this audiobook, and I'm curious to see how disagreements will be resolved.

Narrator Xe Sands is a stand-out. Again, I'm impressed with her ability to convey the characters' feelings as well as her sense of pacing.

Thanks again to PRH Audio for the review copy. Bookish801205 12

Book one is followed by "Totality", with a bit slower pace, and "Emergence" in which action really picks up as the search for missing and captured Neighbors continues.

I loved the first impression of Earth through the eyes of Noel, one of the Neighbors. Things we take for granted are indescribable beauty to her kind. In this book intrigue and anticipation build up about what happens next to August and Noel.

All in all, this was a very attractive, exciting and unique listen. It had just the right amount of SciFi to not be overwhelming and a great modern fantasy element to those who enjoy the genre. Trudy Dowling2,434 53

The suspense is building with Phase 2. Some of the neighbors (visitors from another world) have been found and it isn't good. Is it possible some of those working with them is at fault? The world will soon know about them, disaster is just around the corner.

Sending the bodies home makes things even worse. Someone that has been working behind the scenes comes to the forefront. Things are going to get very interesting.

I can't wait to find out what happens next.

This was such a thrilling listen. The narrator does a fantastic job of keeping me on the edge of my seat. Brenda Rezk241 21

This is the second novella in the Eclipse series. I the characters. I the premise. This installment doesn't feel a full book. It's more the middle of a serialized story.

Neighbors and humans learn more about one another. The listener learns some secrets that few of the characters have knowledge of. There's a potential for an intergalactic incident. There are enemies to fear within the ranks. I'm eager to see what happens next.

(I was somewhat annoyed that they said two solar eclipses crossed over Carbondale, Indiana when it was actually Carbondale, Illinois.) Maria1,533

I Kim Harrison’s books but this one is a little slow and doesn’t actually have a specific conflict that is its own (it’s just a continuation of the previous).

There is no reason other than publisher greed for these books to be three separate ones. They’re not distinct enough to count as separate plot arcs. This one is a slower read than the previous and is not even a “middle book” in that there’s no natural cliff hanger even to justify 3 books. Mystic Forest Crafts376 2


This book picks up right where book one finished and it goes fast. It is fascinating to watch two cultures try to learn about each other without giving away their own darker aspects.


With the books seeming short episodes I worry that some things will be glossed over to save pages/time. Jessica148 3


I started reading this as soon as I woke up and found it on my Kindle app.

I hate Taylor. She needs to be taught a lesson. Loved the way the story progressed. Having contact between the Neighbors and humans continue, even with some bad things happening.

The next step in what happens is going to be fascinating. Laura741

3.5 stars. I enjoy the creativity of this Earthlings/aliens ("Neighbors") series. The second installment was a bit less interesting to me than the first, but I'll still want to listen to the next book.audiobooks libro-fm science-fiction Amber142

Keep these books coming! I absolutely love everything about this series. There are so many themes, great development of each character, and teaser plot lines with perfect twists. It's got everything I didn't know I needed. Bobbi1,059 3

3.5-4 stars. In my opinion, not as interesting as the first book. I found the first half of the book to be boring- my mind kept drifting as I was listening to it. Then around the 48% mark it picked up and the rest was good. Angela Kennedy1 review

I am invested!

I love Kim Harrison’s Hollow Series and The Shadow Age series. This one took a minute to understand (in the first book) but after a few chapters, I was hooked. The second book has me on the edge of my seat. I am anxiously awaiting the next book! Sue1,043 7

Grim.... Colleen3

It's a good story, but I am so annoyed by her overuse of the word nicitated!!! Ugh!!! Sharon515 11

We find out more about the Neighbours and I really feel for them!2024 arcs audiobooks Mel444 58

This review is about ALL three books. I was disappointed in this series. The heroine does stupid things that put others in danger. Also, this should have been ONE book instead of three novellas.aliens audible my-2024-reading-list ...more Diann143 5

Continues to be a really great series. Andrea138

I'm looking forward to the next book Julia Wilson215 1 follower

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