The Shepherd: An Epic Space Opera Adventure de Kerns, Robert M.

de Kerns, Robert M. - Género: English
libro gratis The Shepherd: An Epic Space Opera Adventure


Kerns, Robert M. Publisher: Knightsfall Press, Year: 2024

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A great first book in what I hope is the start to an epic series of interesting takes on the boy gets abducted by aliens and ends up transitioning into a more capable human being, I enjoyed this slice of life, I hope his romantic efforts with the lady's happens and he doesn't remain such a clueless shmuck in most of these books. Pamela Baird84 1 follower


I loved this story. All the characters are very engaging. The whole concept of the aliens was delightful. There is a lot more story to tell and I am looking forward to the next chapter. Black19

Great beginning...... but where will it go...

what I've read so far and I have hopes it will not be a quick crash and burn .....

But we shall see Dr. Curtis1 review

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