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My name is Sage McAllister and my life is about to change remarkably.

I own a thriving yoga studio in Los Angeles.

I have a celebrity client list a mile long.

I’m followed. Fawned over. Adored.

And I’ve just been offered a TV show that could rocket me to stardom.


The choice should be easy.

I have absolutely nothing to lose.

Until a student walks into my class that sets my heart aflame.

Olivia Nguyen, my high school sweetheart.

And the woman I’ve loved my entire life.

Inhale. Exhale.

My name is Sage McAllister and I’ll be your yoga teacher this evening.

Let’s begin. 

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I listened to the complete audiobook book for FREE on the Read Me Romance Podcast

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Website ➝ www.readmeromance.comread-me-romance15 s Rochelle ♡391 211

Breath of Fire isn't terrible, however it isn't engaging. It featured far too much yoga and reminiscing, but not enough relationship advancement, leaving this second chance romance undesirable.

I listened to this for free via Read Me Romance *

Follow me on: Blog | Instagram9 s Michelle Claypot_Reads2,341 61

This one was a sweet easy to read novella. Second chance romance with a touch of laughs, heat and humour. I really enjoyed this quick read. novella second-chance7 s Steph's Romance Book Talk2,807 1,380

OMG, I never thought the description of a yoga pose could be so freaking HOT!! I got the pleasure of watching the FB Chat between Tessa Bailey and Kathryn Nolan the night before I actually listened to this story. It was so much fun and really set the tone for actually reading the book. I could hear all of Kathryn's enthusiasm, sexiness, and love for Sage and Olivia's journey. Sage and Olivia were high school sweethearts that went their separate ways to follow their dreams when fate brings them back together. This story was my introduction to Kathryn's writing and I am super excited to read more from this author.

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artist-of-any-kind erotica funny ...more6 s L. McCoy742 3

I can’t think of a beginning for this review. Shit, this is awkward, let’s move on.

What’s it about?
Sage is some sorta yoga celebrity and he’s back in his hometown. While there he meets his ex-girlfriend/high school sweetheart. Now that they see each other they start falling in love again.

The characters are interesting and well written. At first I didn’t really care but they eventually grew on me.
This book can be quite humorous at times.
The romance is sweet and interesting.
It’s very well written. Nolan is definitely good at making the words seem beautiful in a way!
This book gets pretty damn emotional throughout.

The story is cheesy. Not necessarily terrible but definitely cheesy.
I hate saying it but one problem I’ve had with almost all these romance books is how predictable they tend to be, this is unfortunately no exception.
This book is a little slow for my taste.
So many romance novels there’s quite a bit of sex and other things to be sexy but unfortunately it didn’t do anything for me here. Don’t get me wrong that’s not very important but it does nonetheless fail at something it attempts IMO.

It’s okay and is a good free audiobook to help pass some time while doing stuff but nothing special.


Jessica T.387 9

3.5 stars. This story was a nice second chance romance between a yoga instuctor and an artist. I was a little confused at first because the guy's name in the story is Sage and I think of Sage as being a woman's name so I thought this was an F/F romance. After I got past that initial confusion, the story was fine. As for the narrators, the female narrator was fine but I did not the male narrator in this. 4 s Rochelle1,601

I listened to the professionally narrated audiobook on the Read Me Romance Podcast for FREE!rmr4 s KateAuthor 4 books29

I love that anytime I read (listen in this case) Kathryn Nolan’s work she has a knack for entertaining me while at the same time making me think about shit. Life shit. Deep shit. Shallow shit. All kinds of shit.

Through her ly unique (and therefore delicious breaths of fresh air in a romance reading addict’s world) characters and their path towards their HEA (and with Kathryn, this is usually as individuals as well as a couple - which I also love) I find I can’t help but self-reflect.

Will I take up yoga after this steamy second chance romance treat? Meh, unly...LOL...but I can tell you I inhaled and exhaled with right along with Olivia during every one of Sage’s instructions.

Smart. Steamy. Sexy. Loved it.read-me-romance4 s GimmeAllTheWerdssss593 241

Audio read via Read Me Romance

Safe, sweet, second chance romance that the MCs handled adults. They were both mature when discussing the past break up and when they were reunited. Unfortunately it just wasn’t for me...a lot of focus was put on all things yoga.just-ok safe second-chance-romance3 s Jessica FrancesAuthor 26 books400

Such a sweet story! Great narrators again and a very easy story to listen to. Loved the ending, plus that last line was awesome! Definitely recommend everyone checking out the Read Me Romance podcast.3 s Sarah1,519 38

2 stars.

It's me, not the book.
I couldn't connect to it - not to the story and not to the characters. And there was a lot of talk about yoga. A lot.

I listened to it for free (!!!) on the Read Me Romance Podcast. I love this podcast!2-stars audiobooks second-chance ...more3 s Ally Reads Romance653 67

I loved everything about this novella! The characters were well developed and full of heart! It was sexy and swoony! I can’t wait to read all of Kathryn Nolan’s books❤️❤️❤️2 s Becky3,168 129

I wasn't a huge fans of the narrators, which in turn might have colored my opinion of the characters and the story...maybe if I'd just read this one I would have d it better? Maybe not though...overall it left me with an eh...this one was just okay feeling.

Rating: 2 1/2 stars / C

I listened to the audio version on the Read Me Romance podcast.audiobook contemporary novella ...more2 s Kimmy371 64

♥ ♥ ♥

I listened to the professionally narrated audiobook on the Read Me Romance Podcast for FREE!

Read Me Romance FREE Audiobooks ➝ https://bit.ly/2PzD65g

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iTunes ➝ http://geni.us/A888vRA
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Stitcher ➝ https://bit.ly/2yX2zeH
Website ➝ www.readmeromance.comadult-fiction contemporary erotica ...more4 s Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey)1,478 474

This is a case of its me not the book. The writing was good, the characters fleshed out, no insta love. So what was the problem?

For me, I didn’t connect with the characters. There were long conversations about what they’d been up to or his yoga class and I wanted more of them.

However, I don’t think that would have helped if corrected.

I’m all for the nice guy. I prefer those heroes over assholes. But I an alpha man meaning driven. Sage didn’t make me swoon. I didn’t his name. I didn’t his profession. The fact that he dropped out of college and took a class to instruct yoga (which could or couldn’t not stick in a society who wants the latest fad. Yes, yogas has survived so far, but it doesn’t seem a career to me) seemed wishy washy. I couldn’t really find him all that sexy. He came off more I want to do my sexy pool boy but not the guy I want to marry.

And for those reasons and lots of not very important dialogue in this one, I just didn’t connect.

Unfortunately, this also doesn’t inspire me to read more.

However, I would recommend this author to friends who sweet romances.audio library read-me-romance2 s Amy556 31

*sigh* yet another book that begins with me sighing. I hope this isn’t a sign of my luck in the reading department this coming year. This was my first time reading/listening to Kathryn Nolan and sadly I think it will be my last. I found myself rolling my eyes - to the point of having to be careful because I was driving. The story was just meh for me. Nothing great or notable about it.

Now to the narration — it was just not good. The female narrator was decent. I’ve listened to others by her and they were good. But the male just didn’t do a thing for me. The inflections of his voice were odd and the way he narrated the sex scene left a lot to be desired. #sorrynotsorryaudiobook2 s Amara2,292 71

As a CYT myself, no male yogi has ever been sexy. They're all crusty hipsters that smell patchouli and Thai Crystal deodorant (meaning sweat and BO), and I couldn't get over that. Sorry. It's not you, it's me.audiobooks-read-aloud erotica-contemporary rmr2 s Stephanie RoseAuthor 29 books2,886

I loved this hot and sweet tale of high school sweethearts finding each other again. Kathryn Nolan knows how to write scorching hot scenes that are somehow so tender and heartwrenching. I listened to the podcast then read the extra material in the novella. A must listen and must read! 2 s Tara180 9

Listened on Read me Romance podcast. The male narrator ruined this for me. He mumbled a lot and his voice was just so distracting (in a bad way). 2 s Resch Reads1,133 36

Another new-to-me author this week on the Read Me Romance podcast, with Kathryn Nolan. Unfortunately for me, I don't think I will be picking up her work in the future as this book didn't do it for me. While the story wasn't awful, it was very meh, there wasn't any substance or meat to it. The entire plot line was based around reminiscing and when they finally had sex, it went on forever... I was bored and looking at the screen wondering when it was going to end. And I mean both the sex and the audiobook.

Six years is a long time to spend apart. People change and I would have really d to see Sage and Olivia get to know each other. But this book hit other pet peeves of mine as well, primarily lets have unprotected sex but never discuss protection or if we are clean once. Yep, that sounds an excellent idea...for an unplanned pregnancy! In addition, the audio on this book was pitchy as f*ck for some reason, it sounded at times that the narrators would be whispering and then screaming into the mic, overall just not a fan. 1 Kim2,439 416

I’m a sucker for a good second chance story. Olivia and Sage’s was entertaining and I can’t help but wish I got a little more from them. The book dragged a bit, but I think that was more the fault of the narrator than the story itself. The male narrator just did not work for me. He was mumbly at times and almost shrieky at others and it was a turn off. I feel it kept me from really connecting with Sage. What I will say is there are a couple hot AF yoga scenes and the ending was really sweet.

I will be looking for more from this author for sure. novella-or-short-story read-me-romance1 Juleah34 7

*3.5 stars*

Really cute. You can tell that Sage and Liv has an undeniable chemistry. I really enjoyed the beginning however the end sort of got a tad bit boring and the sex scene wasn’t that HOT
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